Volume 4 Issue 5 May 2015

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Minimization of DDoS Attack using Firecol an Intrusion Prevention System
Authors: Bhagyashri Kotame, Shrinivas Sonkar

Challenges for HDFS to Read and Write Using Different Technologies
Authors: Sunil Kumar S, Sanjeev G Kanabargi

Real-Time Monitoring Of Agricultural Activities Using Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Saleemmaleekh Attar, Sudhakar K N

Review on Optimization of Injection Molding Process Parameter for Reducing Shrinkage of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Material
Authors: Harshal P. Kale, Dr. Umesh V. Hambire

A Comprehensive Study of Autonomic Dysfunction in Hypertension by Assessing Autonomic Function Tests and HRV
Authors: Chiranjeevi Kumar Endukuru, Sharan B. Singh

Analysis of Heat Transfer in Turbulent Channel Using Grooves
Authors: Mayank Bhola, Dr. Satyendra Singh

Heat and Mass Transfer in MHD Oscillatory Flow Between Two Inclined Plates with Radiation Absorption and Chemical Reaction
Authors: Mamta Goyal, Kiran Kumari

A Review Study on High Speed Adder for Image Processing Applications
Authors: Parul Jaiswal, Rahul Gedam

Effect of Mesua ferrea Flower and Carica papaya Seed Extract on Haematological Studies in Female Albino Rats
Authors: N. Raja Naik, P. Indira

Predicting the Bus Arrival Time Using GPS and GSM Technology
Authors: Sudhakar K N, Rashmi K

Types of Conflicts that Require Management by Pastoral Counseling in the Mainstream and Pentecostal Churches in Nakuru County of Kenya
Authors: Christine Julie Nabwire, Micah Chepchieng, Aggrey Sindabi, Risper Wepukhulu

Mentoring Young Minds: Responding the Needs of Gifted Children
Authors: Jyoti Sharma, Ketaki Bapat

Project Quarterback Rating to Assess Performance of Construction Project
Authors: Ravi Ranjan, Dr. G. A. Hinge

Design of Wide Band Patch Antenna with DGS L Structure
Authors: Anil Kumar Dubey, Ruchika Doda

Privileged Cloud Storage By MaaS JuJu
Authors: Sarita Shankar Pol, S. V. Gumaste

Effectiveness of Intermittent Normal Saline in Maintaining Patency of Peripheral Intravenous Cannula in Children: An Experimental Study
Authors: Maj Shila Samuel, Lt Col Kabita Jana

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring In Pune City
Authors: Sachin Patil, Sagar Gawande

Fully Pipelined High Throughput Cost Effective FPGA Based Implementation of AES Algorithm
Authors: Athira Das A J, Ajith Kumar B P

Recovery of Sodium Hydroxide from Trona Ore and Calcium Carbonate as Raw Materials
Authors: Mubarak A. Eldoma, Mohammed .N. Almaghrabi, Salah Eldeen F.Hegazi

Peaked Soliton (Peakon) in Degasperis Procesi Equation
Authors: Muzzammil Ahmad Bhat, Gautam Johri, Nand Kishore Pandey

Incorporating Google Cloud Based Pub/Sub in Implementation of Identity Concentrated Encryption
Authors: Shilpashree K S, Harshavardhan L

Evaluate and Identify the Age Related Complications Behind the Failure of Iris Based Recognition System
Authors: Namrata, Shekhar Sengar

A Prospective Study to Assess the Morphology of Pedicles of Lower Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebrae using Computerized Tomography Scan Measurements in North-Indian Population
Authors: Gurinder Singh Gosal, Avneet Boparai

Effects of Cutting Parameters on Surface Roughness during End Milling of Aluminium under Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL)
Authors: Okokpujie Imhade P., Okonkwo Ugochukwu C.

Phytoextraction Potential of Datura Inoxia for the Removal of Selected Heavy Metals in Soil Samples
Authors: Shahanaz Begum S.A, Ramakrishna Naidu Gurijala

Reduction of Ammonia and Turbidity in Wastewater of Pharmaceutical Industry
Authors: Bharat Janaji Dighe, Dr. P. R Patil, Dr. Maheshwari Mishra

Statistical Study to Classify ?-Thalassaemia diseases in Erbil City at Thalassaemia Center by Using ROC Curve Analysis
Authors: Aras Jalal Mhamad Karim

Scaling Up Exclusive Breastfeeding among Mothers in Enugu East Local Government Area Nigeria- A Health Intervention Study
Authors: Ajuba M, Nwala E

Health Management Information System for Decision-Making in Nigeria: Challenges and Resolutions
Authors: Grace Omole

The Ability of Generic Science at Observation and Inference Logic Prospective Chemistry Teacher in Organic Chemistry Experiment
Authors: Prof. Dr. Sudarmin, M.Si, Dr. Sri Haryani, M.Si

Effect of Soil Cracking on 2D Electrical Resistivity Measurements
Authors: Dr Asem A. Hassan

Modal and Thermal Analysis of Gas Turbine Multi Stage Rotor
Authors: Ganipineni Sai Krishna, Venkata Ramana Nynala

Asymmetric SRAM Memory Cell for Power Reduction
Authors: Elizebeth Mohan, Sarabdeep Singh

Design of Universal Automatic Robot for Nutrition Management in Controlled Agriculture
Authors: Pranay Gopal Umate, Dr. A. M. Agarkar

Phylogenetic Analysis of Dietary Flavonoids Against COX-2 Protein Causing Colon Cancer
Authors: Meena Sharma, Shallu Kalia

Effectiveness of Oil Massage Therapy on Weight and Neurobehavioral Response among Low Birth Weight Infants
Authors: V. Suganya, M. Suganthi, Sella Kumar

Construction Equipment Management for Construction of Dam Site
Authors: Kunal R Ghadge, Ashish B Ugale

Region Based Energy Efficient Clustering In Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Naveen Kumar Tyagi

High Efficiency Unity Power Factor Compact Fluorescent Lamp with Energy Conservation Dimmer for Commercial Applications
Authors: S. Sivaram

A Query-Based Summarizer based on the Context
Authors: Divya Vidyadharan, Anju CR

Smart Type-Ahead Search in XML
Authors: Supriya. N. Chaudhari, Vaishali M. Deshmukh

Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (mCIMT) for Children with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy to Improve Upper Extremity Function: Pilot Study
Authors: Dr. U. Ganapathy Sankar

FIR Interpolation Filter for Multi-Standard Digital Up Converter Using FPGA
Authors: Chaithra M. R., Yashwanth N

Design and Simulation of Auto Tuning of PID Controller using MRAC Technique for Coupled Tanks System
Authors: Baljinder Singh, Vijay Kumar

Study on Causes and Effects of Employee Turnover in Construction Industry
Authors: Justin Thomas

Confrontational Naming Task for Children: A Tool for Research and Clinical Practice
Authors: G. Swetha, B. S. Premalatha, Divya Swaminathan, Nidya Seles. J

The Continues Improvement and Its Role in Achieving the Competitive Strategies
Authors: Dr. Hamed Omar Abdalla

Energy Efficiency Building Codes and Green Pyramid Rating System
Authors: Dr. George Bassili Hanna

Oxidative Stress in Parkinson's Disease
Authors: Mancheva-Ganeva Velina, Manchev Lachezar, Ganev Iordan, Manchev Ivan

Influence of Process Parameters on Depth of Penetration in GMAW Process by Using Taguchi Method
Authors: S. D. Ambekar, Sunil R. Wadhokar

Misbehavior Detection Embedded with Agent Based Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks
Authors: K. Deepika, Sujatha S G

Maintaining Privacy in Location Sharing Using LOCX
Authors: Syeda Maimuna Afreen, Shameem Akther

Environmental Change and Forced Migration: A Critical Issue of Kazakhstan
Authors: Anand R. K.

Grain Size Characterization of Lagoonestuarine System: Eastern Coast, Sri Lanka
Authors: A. M. N. M. Adikaram, H. M. T. G. A. Pitawala, D. T. Jayawardhane

Isolation of Different Candida Species from Clinical Samples and Comparison between Conventional and Hicrome Technique of Identification
Authors: Sagar K, Mangalkar S, Gohel T

Investigation of Strength of Concrete Containing Locally Available Industrial and Agriculture Waste
Authors: Archana Khare, Archana Tiwari

Self-Esteem and Psychological Distress among Sexually Abused and Sexually Non-Abused Adolescents
Authors: Joslyn Henriques, Shivakumara K.

Optimization for a Distributed Query
Authors: Parminder Kaur

Role of Ultrasound of Hydatid Cyst in Human
Authors: Dr Ibrahim Abdalla Mohamed elshikh, Dr Omar Hassan Amer, Dr Abdelhamid Albaid, Zakaria Ali almushaiti

Role of Computed Tomography of Hydatid Cyst in Pancreas
Authors: Dr Ibrahim Abdalla Mohamed elshikh, Dr Omar Hassan Amer, Dr Abdelhamid Albaid, Mohammed al Shudoki

Role of Computed Tomography of hepatic Hydatid Cysts (HHC)
Authors: Dr Ibrahim Abdalla Mohamed elshikh, Dr Omar Hassan Amer, Dr Abdelhamid Albaid, Mansor Moala Al-Harbi

Role of Computed Tomography for Diagnosis Ruptured Hydatid Cyst
Authors: Dr Ibrahim Abdalla Mohamed elshikh, Prof. Dr Omar Hassan Amer, Dr Abdelhamid Albaid, Ibrahim al Nughaimashi

Effectiveness of Powered By Strategy on Brand Image with Special Reference to Reality Show
Authors: Jaypal Chauhan, Dhaval Garasiya

Study the Prevalence and Risk Factors of Metallo-Betalactamase Producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa from Teriary Care Centre
Authors: Gaikwad Vaishali, Bharadwaj Renu, Dohe Vaishali

Productivity, Profitability and Status of Growth of Micro Manufacturing Enterprises in West Bengal: An Empirical Analysis
Authors: Bhabasankar Das

Effects of Selection Practices on Employee Performance in Public Universities in Kenya
Authors: Agripina Muhenje Lukale Mwangale MSc, Dr. Hazel Gachunga PhD, George Chisese Mukhweso MSc

Effects of Succession Planning Strategy on the Performance of International Non-Governmental Organizations in Kenya
Authors: Wang

Review on Multi Document Summarization Using Ontology
Authors: Rajshree S Hingane, Devendra P Gadekar

Energy Efficient Multiple Access Scheme for Multi-User MIMO-OFDM System with Improved Gain
Authors: P. Venkata Sameera, K. Sudha

Geochemistry of Natural Water Systems in Ugwulangwu, Ebonyi State, Nigeria
Authors: D. C. Ozoko

Wireless Sensor Networks for Traffic Congestion Monitoring
Authors: Nitish R Chavan, Ravinarayana .B, Ravikumar .D

Optimizing Dynamic Dependence Graph
Authors: Toshi Sharma, Madhuri Sharma

The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership: The Convergence Debate
Authors: Elwardi Dhaoui

Marchiafava - Bignami Disease
Authors: Dr. Vajed Mogal, Dr. Sarfaraz Mohammad, Dr. Amit Rathi, Dr. Kulin Seth

Specific Relevance of Laboratory Examinations in Patients with Chronic Hepatic Disease-Our Experience
Authors: Nake Admir, Petrela Elizana, Kolpepaj Rajmonda, Hoxha Sabri

Offline Hand Writer Identification Based on Scale Invariant Feature Transform
Authors: Thasneem .P, Febina .P

Experimental Study of Heat Absorbing Packed Bed Regenerator for Space Heating for Industrial Purpose
Authors: Shivasheesh Kaushik, Dr. Anirudh Gupta

MHD Free Convective Flow Over A Vertical Porous Surface with Ohmic Heating, Thermal Radiation and Chemical Reaction
Authors: Mamta Goyal, Sunita Choudhary

Automatic Speaker Recognition Using SVM
Authors: Umer Malik, P.K. Mishra

Implementation of RSA Cryptosystem Using Ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics
Authors: Shahina M. Salim, Sonal A. Lakhotiya

A Routing Mechanism for Time Critical Applications in VSN
Authors: Abhishek Matmri, Sudhakar K N

A Multinomial Logistic Regression Analysis on Service Quality in Higher Education on the Behavioural Intentions of the Students
Authors: Maria Josephine W, Kirubashini B

IoT: Smart Vehicle Management System for Effective Traffic Control and Collision Avoidance
Authors: Rohini Temkar, Vishal Asrani, Pavitra Kannan

Application of Image Processing on DSP TMS320C6713
Authors: Vinodraj MS, Sanjay CP

Investigating for Contributory Factors to Traffic Congestion in Nairobi City, Kenya
Authors: Nzai Charles Chonjo Chama

Surgical Outcome of Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction: Comparison between Hamstring Graft Versus Patellar Bone Tendon Bone Graft
Authors: Dr Rounat Jadhav, Dr Sanjay Patil, Dr Amit Mahajan

BER & Quality Factor Optimization for Single Mode Optical Fiber Using Uniform & Non-Uniform FBG
Authors: Samarjit Biswas, Ashutosh Darmal, G. Aarthi

Bio Conversion and Recycling of Zea Mays L Waste Implementing Bulking Agents and Dry Leaves for Leachate Control
Authors: Shaktibala

A Review of Captcha and Graphical Passwords to Enhance Security and Usability to Next Level
Authors: Vikas K. Kolekar, Milindkumar. B. Vaidya

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