Volume 4 Issue 5 May 2015

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Effective Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Degrading Rhizobacteria with PGP Traits from Plants Growing on Fly Ash in the Premises of Thermal Power Station
Authors: M. Poornachander Rao, A.B. Rajithasri, T. Ashokvardhan, K. Satyaprasad

Mushrooming Humors in Modern Trends of Advertising - An Overview
Authors: Kajapriya R, Surya R

A Rare Case Presentation of Papillary Serous Cystadenofibromain Paraovarian Cyst
Authors: Kavitha Garikapati, Lakshmi Narayana Kota, Premalatha P, Jyothi Melam

Investigation of Mechanical Behavior of Ultra Light Weight Nano Composite for Aero-Crafts
Authors: S. Gajalakshmi, K. Sriram

HSR: A New Lightweight Hybrid Source Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Authors: Varun Pandey, Somesh Dewangan

The Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Physical Parameters and Proximate Composition of Tomatoes
Authors: Kalyani .B, Manjula .K

Production and Economics of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Under Drip Fertigation
Authors: Abdullah Tasal, D. D. Pawar

RFID Enabled Secure Certificate
Authors: Sonali Singh

Growth and Development of Valuable Threatened climber species Calamus tenuis Roxb. in District Meerut, (U.P.) India
Authors: Dr. Yashwant Rai, Dr. A. K. Shukla

Zeros of Polar Derivative with Respect to A Real Number
Authors: G. L. Reddy, K. Anoosha, K. Sravani

Work Facilities as a Determinant of Occupational Stress and Employee Performance
Authors: Rev. John Karihe, Prof. Namusonge, DR. Mike Iravo

Adsorption of 4-Chlorophenol onto Optimum Activated Carbon from An Agricultural Waste
Authors: Zaharaddeen N. Garba, Afidah Abdul Rahim

Achieving Data Confidentiality and Authentication in Cloud Computing
Authors: Abhilash S Nath, Reshna T

Color Transfer Between Images By Minimizing Corruptive Artifacts
Authors: Anjali A. Dhanve, Gyankamal J. Chhajed

Comparison of Detection Techniques in Spectrum Sensing
Authors: Salma Ibrahim AL haj Mustafa, Amin Babiker A/Nabi Mustafa

Organochlorine Residues in Bees and Hive Products in Karnataka
Authors: Chandrama Singh, Sivaram Venkataramegowda

Impact of Oxidative Stress on Reproductive Hormones in Fertile and Non-Fertile Females
Authors: Ekta A. Andriyas, Sapna S. Lal

A Review: On Number Plate Recognition
Authors: Atul Kumar, Sunila Godara

Removal of Basic Dye Rhodamine-B by Activated Carbon-MnO2-Nanocomposite and Activated Carbon-A Comparative Study
Authors: M. Santhi, P. E. Kumar

Energy Efficient Routing Protocol in MANET
Authors: Nikitha V Suvarna, Chandra Naik

Application of Graph Theory in DTN Routing
Authors: Madan H. T., Shabana Sultana

Estimation and Design of Rainwater Harvesting Structures to Siddharth Group of Institutions, Puttur
Authors: Veluru Sailaja, Dr. S. Siddi Raju

A Study on Setting Processor or CPU Affinity in Multi-Core Architecture for Parallel Computing
Authors: Saroj A. Shambharkar

State of Water Quality of Two Tropical Urban Lakes Located at Mumbai Megacity
Authors: Ratheesh Kumar R, Purushothaman C S, Sreekanth G B, Manju Lekshmi N, Renjith, V, Sandeep K P, Pandey P K

A Framework for Secure Cloud Computing Based on Homomorphic Encryption
Authors: Ravneet Kaur, Harmandeep Singh

Efficient and Secure Data Storage in Cloud Computing Through Blowfish, RSA and Hash Function
Authors: Nirmaljeet Kaur, Harmandeep Singh

Algorithm and Control Strategies for Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Authors: Rohini T Jasud, Aparna A Dhavlikar

Optimization Studies on Degradation of Endosulfan by Indigenous Soil Bacterial Isolates
Authors: Jayanthi P, Prabhu S

Example Based Color Transfer with Corruptive Artifacts Suppression
Authors: Nasreen Pottammel

Detection And Mitigation of Distributed Denial of Service Attack by Signature based Intrusion Detection System
Authors: Hardik M. Shingala, Mukesh Sakle

Pyogenic Granuloma of Hard Palate Masquerading as Papilloma
Authors: Viresh Arora, Bhushan Kathuria, SPS Yadav, Sharad Hernot

Cloud Computing: Different Approach
Authors: Chethankumar.T, Gururaj HL, Dr B Ramesh

On a New Subclass of Harmonic Meromorphic Functions
Authors: Waggas Galib Atshan, Raghda Naser Abdul-Hussien

Multiple Laplace Transform of the Product of Generalized H- Functions
Authors: Dr. P. Prasanth

Medical Diagnosis for Liver Cancer using Classification Techniques
Authors: Reetu, Narender Kumar

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Retention of Fetal Membranes in HF Dairy Cows
Authors: Shwetha .K .S, Chandrashekaramurthy V. C.

Preventing Cache Based Side-Channel Attacks for Security in Cloud over Virtual Environment
Authors: S. Vengadesan, B. Muthulakshmi

Cytoarchetectural Changes in Cerbral Cortex Toxicated With Dimethoate in ALBINO RAT
Authors: Devisrilakshmikala.S, Jacob doss.P

Effect of Scapular Position in Computer Professionals with Neck Pain
Authors: Jyoti Dahiya, Savita Ravindra

A Real Time Event Detection using Probabilistic Method and Analysing through Twitter
Authors: Shruti M G, Sameena Banu

Implementation and Analysis of DoS Attack Detection Algorithms
Authors: Rupesh Jaiswal, Dr. Shashikant Lokhande, Aditya Gulavani

Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil using Lime
Authors: Shailendra Singh, Hemant B. Vasaikar

Synthesis, Characterization and Antifungal Activity of Some Organotin (IV) Derivatives of Octanedioic Acid
Authors: Iornumbe E. N., Yiase S. G., Sha

Fuzzy Based Current Harmonic Suppression and Reactive Power Compensation in a Grid Connected PV System Using Shunt Active Filter
Authors: N. Sreerami Reddy, SK. Hameed

Transient Stability Control of Power System with Windmill Interaction
Authors: Ashish Baral, Abhijit Mandal

A Novel and Integrated Assessment of Security Challenges in Cloud Computing
Authors: Mohd Muntjir, Mohd Rahul

Performance Enhancement of DCA Using CRN
Authors: Mohammed Kamal Eltoum Barakat, Amin Babiker A/Nabi Mustafa

Performance Evaluation of DCA-GA Using Matlab
Authors: Mohammed Kamal Eltoum Barakat, Amin Babiker A/Nabi Mustafa

Effects of Base Station Radiations in Sudan
Authors: Ahmed Freabi Mohammed Ahmed, Amin Babiker A/Nabi Mustafa

Shareholder Value Analysis: A Review
Authors: Dr. Megha Pandey, Deeksha Arora

Impact of Facility Based Dietary Management on Severe Acute Malnutrition in Children Aged 6 to 60 Months Admitted in Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre of KLES
Authors: Siddharam G. Ningadalli, Mubashir Angolkar, Veena R. Herekar, Agre Deepchand Hirachand, Jitendra Kumar Sah, Santosh Madikar

Seroprevalence and Clinical Correlates of Toxoplasma Gondii Infection among Patients in Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Gohel Tejash, Turbadkar Dilip, Baveja Sujata

Embedded Based Electronic Safety Device for Bike Riders
Authors: Sushma V R, Jayaram M V

Vegetation Degradations of Wildlife Sanctuary Danau Pulau Besar Danau Bawah Siak District Riau Province
Authors: Tri Handro Pramono, Bintal Amin, Syafriadiman, Radith Mahatma

Inferring user Search Goals with Feedback Sessions using STC
Authors: Asha P, Ambily Balaram

Incentives for the Development of the Automotive Sector in Morocco and the Truth of Local Stakeholders
Authors: Fatine Elharouni, Rachid Benmoussa, Abdellah Ait Ouahman

A New Method for Ranking Exponential Pentagon Fuzzy Numbers with Using Assignment Problem
Authors: Dr. S. Chandrasekaran, G. Kokila, Junu Saju

Organizing Exercise Items in Mathematics Learning
Authors: Kristina Widjajanti, Moechammad Sarosa, Mila Kusumawardhani

Histopathological Analysis of Uterine Lesions in Hysterectomy Specimens
Authors: Vijay Domblae MD, Shivanand Gundalli MD, Sonali

Quality of Life of Patients with Chronic Liver Disease
Authors: Jyoti Srivastava

Study of the Occurrence of Cancer Cervix and Health Status of Women in Rural India, Andhra Pradesh
Authors: Dr. Rajini Uday, Dr. Chaitra .S

The Effect of Using the Internet to Learn to Read and Write in Different Classrooms
Authors: Dr. Magdi Mohammed Mohammed Ahmed hamoda

Nonparametric Estimation of a Truncated Regression Model with an Application to GATE Program
Authors: Hariyanto, Ira Madanisa, Julham Efendi Nasution

Radiation Safety Awareness and Practice in Sudanese Medical Facilities: A Descriptive
Authors: Afaf Mohamed Taha Elamin

Adiposity in Menstruating and Non-Menstruating School Girls of Punjab
Authors: Ramandeep Kaur, Promila Mehta, Ginjinder Kaur

Security Enhanced RDH Image Steganography by RRBE
Authors: Saranya .M, Aswani .K

Prevalence of Consanguinity in Muslim Community-A Review
Authors: Shamshad. S

Cloud Computing Security Issues and Control Mechanisms
Authors: Shital B. Patil, Dr. Shashi U. Ghumbre

Comparison of Design & Seismic Behavior of RCC SILO
Authors: Suvarna Dilip Deshmukh, Rathod S. T.

A Power Efficient Design of Reversible RAM Using Pseudo Reed-Muller Expression
Authors: Shibinu A. R, Rajkumar .P

Review of Phase Separation of Water in Oil Emulsion using Electro-Pulse Inductive Coalesce
Authors: Ezadin. B. Farhat Alkateb, Satyendra Nath, D A. K. Nema

Automatic Mapping of Lineaments Using Shaded Relief Images Derived from Digital Elevation Model (DEM) in Kirkuk Northeast Iraq
Authors: Shaheen Alhirmizy

Distributed Direct Neighbour Comparison Based Approach
Authors: Pankaj Singh Chouhan, Brajesh Kumar Shrivash, Nidhi Bajpai

Study on the Eco Processed Scouring Liquor Effluents of Bharat Merino, Sandyno and Coimbatore Kurumba Wool Fibres
Authors: Dr. Mrs. Jayalakshmi. I

Blood Parameters that Affect Awasi Sheep Production
Authors: S. H. Alsamarrae

Diversity of Antipyretic plants in Mizoram, Northeast India
Authors: Ramachandra Laha

Measurements of Wideband Spectrum
Authors: Shahane A.R, Kale N.V

Ranking of Heptagon Number using Zero Suffix Method
Authors: Dr. S. Chandrasekaran, G. Kokila, Junu Saju

A New Approach to Solve Fuzzy Travelling Salesman Problems by using Ranking Functions
Authors: Dr. S. Chandrasekaran, G. Kokila, Junu Saju

Detection of Abnormal Conditions of Induction Motor by using ANN
Authors: Rajashree V Rane, H. B. Chaudhari

Diagnostic Utility of Overnight Video Electroencephalography (VEEG) to Routine EEG in Case of Seizure Disorder
Authors: Dr. Mazharul Haque, Dr. N. C. Borah

Knowledge and Practice on Partogram among Staff Nurses
Authors: Geetha .C, Saranya .S

Performance based Seismic Evaluation of RCC Framed Building using Shear Deformation Model
Authors: Krishna Kumar

An Improved Feedthrough Logic for Low Power and High Speed Arithmetic Circuits
Authors: Avinash Singh, Dr. Subodh Wairya

Purification and Characterization of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase from Trypanosoma Evansi
Authors: Dingwoke John, Humphrey Nzelibe, Abdullahi Sallau, Suleiman Albaba

Implementing Java Distributed Objects with JDBC
Authors: Bhawna, Sumit Wadhwa

Timeboxing: Hurdles and Solutions
Authors: Basant Namdeo

Performing Data Mining in (SRMS) Through Vertical Approach with Association Rules
Authors: Ambarish S. Durani, Vinay Kapse

Authentication Using Text and Graphical Password
Authors: Mayur H Patel, Nimit S Modi

Extended Approach of Visual Secret Sharing for Color Images
Authors: Khemutai Tighare, Chetan Bawankar

Optimal Placement of the DG in Radial Distribution System to Improve the Voltage Profile
Authors: P. Sindhu Priya, N. Chaitanya Kumar Reddy

Signal Processing Algorithm for Vital Sign Extraction of Trapped Victims
Authors: Utkarsh S. Verulkar, Dr. Abhay N. Gaikwad

Green Belt Zoning for Ulaanbaatar City
Authors: Munkhnaran .S, Bazarkhand .TS, Chinbat .B, Gantulga .G

Secure Text/Image Data Hiding in Images with Efficient Key Management
Authors: Anjaly Mohanachandran, Mary Linda P.A.

Implementation of Edge Detection Technique for Identification and Evaluation of Brain Tumor Metrics in MR Image through Lab VIEW
Authors: S. Sunita Ratnam, D. Suresh Kumar, K. Madhukar

SOC Based Cryptosystem Implementation Using RC4 and IDEA Algorithm
Authors: Surekha Pujar, Sleeba Mathew

Synthesis and Characterization of Some Coumarin Derivatives
Authors: Pravin Chowdhary, Vrushali Patil, Ashish Asrondkar, Anil Bobade, Abhay Chowdhary

Parametric Significance of Warm Drawing Process for 2024T4 Aluminum Alloy through FEA
Authors: A. Chennakesava Reddy

Spam Detection Techniques: A Review
Authors: Reena Sharma, Gurjot Kaur

Adaptive Deblurring and Parameter Estimation Using Dictionary Learning and Whiteness Measures
Authors: Sruthi M, Rajeev N

Assessment of Devolution of Project Management Functions on Organizational Performance in County Government in Kenya: A Study of Nakuru County
Authors: Winrose Wamuyu Mundia

Adaptive Reinforcement Learning Method for Sequential Decision Task: A Review
Authors: Pramod Patil, Ankur Verma

Multi-Level Complex Key Sharing For Secure Access and Authorization on Cloud Platforms
Authors: Jaskarandeep Punia, Rajesh Kumar Bawa

An Ontology-Based Text Mining Method to Develop D-Matrix
Authors: Poonam Jagdale, Devendra P Gadekar

Select Population Variables In Relation To Examination Writing Style Among +2 Mathematics Students
Authors: Jovinda George

Performance Evaluation for UMTS and WiMAX in Handover
Authors: Nagia Hussain Mohammed Hussain, Amin Babiker A/Nabi Mustafa

Authors: Ogunlade Joseph Olurotimi, Adeleye Joseph Olusola, Dr Scholastica C. O. Ekere

Effectiveness of Mulligan Mobilization versus Neural Mobilization in Patients with Cervical Radiculopathy: A Comparative Study
Authors: Dr. Mayur Solanki, Dr. Chandni Shah

A Comparative Study between WEP, WPA and WPA2 Security Algorithms
Authors: Tagwa Ahmed Bakri Gali, Amin Babiker A/Nabi Mustafa

The Efficacy of Pharmacological Intervention in a Subset of Hyperglycemic Pakistani Population
Authors: Adeel Ahmed Shamim, Nayla Ahmed, Asifa Alia, Najmul Islam, Bushra Chaudhry

Performance Evaluation of BTS Radiation for SP
Authors: Ahmed Freabi Mohammed Ahmed, Amin Babiker A/Nabi Mustafa

Synthesis and Characterization of NiO Nanopowder by Sol-Gel Method
Authors: Umbreen Ashraf, Bushra Khan

Dielectric Relaxation Study of Alkaloid (Caffeine) in Aqueous Solution Using Time Domain Reflectrometry Technique
Authors: A. R. Lathi, S. K. Popalghat

A Review on Heterogeneous Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Amarjit Kaur, Simarjeet Kaur

Microscopic Observation of the Effect of ZnO Nanoparticles Synthesized from Different Precursors on Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells
Authors: Najia Moukrad, Fouzia Rhazi Filali, Omar Zegaoui, Ikram Daou

On a Subclass of Spiral-Like Functions by Applying Fractional Calculus
Authors: Waggas Galib Atshan, Raghda Naser Abdul-Hussien

Assessment of Soil Available in Macro
Authors: R. Geetha, A. Kistan, Dr. A. Thaminum Ansari

Neurodegenerative Diseases and Oxidative Stress
Authors: Mancheva-Ganeva Velina, Gadjeva V, Manchev Lachezar, Ganev Iordan, Manchev Ivan

Attacking & Preventing an AI Based Disease Identification System
Authors: Prasanna Shivaji Shinde, Avinash Shrivas

Improving the Reliability of the Automation Framework based on Code Coverage Analysis
Authors: Snehalata Giraddi, Merin Meleet

Proprioceptive and Sympathetic Nerve Fibers Affection in Guillain-Barre Syndrome
Authors: Ibrahim K. Ibrahim, Mowaffak M. Abulhamid, Mohamed H. Imam, Naglaa A. Hussein, Radwa M. Awad

A Review on Big Data Management and NoSQL Databases in Digital Forensics
Authors: Nikhil Mangle, Prof. Praful B. Sambhare

Similarity Analysis of DNA Sequences Using BWT Technique
Authors: Syed Asma Andrabi, Dr. Manoj Kumar Gupta

Simulation Study of PWM Techniques for Voltage Source Converters
Authors: Mukesh Kumar Bairwa, Girish Kumar Dalal

E-Voting Using Face Detection and Recognition (FDR), One Time Password (OTP)
Authors: Vahbiz Pardiwalla, Danista. S. Shaikh, Pooja Bhosale, Prof. J. R. Pansare

Representation of Projection Operators on Fractal Measures in Weighted Modulation Spaces
Authors: Deepak Kartikey, Dr. S. S. Pandey

Fish Consumption Pattern and its Association with Household Characteristics in Select Coastal and Non
Authors: D. Madhavi, D. L. Kusuma

The Aware Home: Data Analytics for Smart Homes
Authors: Sachin Kumar, Sahana .V

Implementation of AES Algorithm Using FPGA & Its Performance Analysis
Authors: Sonali A. Varhade, N. N. Kasat

Innovative Protocol for the Synthesis of Acridine Derivatives using Ionic Liquid
Authors: Sangita Makone, Shreyas Mahurkar

Target Based Resource Allocation and Scheduling Algorithm for Systematic Workflow in Cloud
Authors: Lokesha K. R., Dr. K Raghuveer

Statistical Studies on the Quality of Drinking Water of Adjacent Villages of Dhar (M.P.)
Authors: Ram Prajapati, Jitendra Bhagore

Performance Management in Network Management System
Authors: Shankar N, Dr. Shantharam Nayak

Lock and Forward Hierarchical Routing Algorithm in MANET
Authors: Vikrant Verma, Dr. Manoj Kumar

Ameliorating Brain Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Clustering Techniques
Authors: Sana Tak, Toran Verma

BER Analysis of Wavelet Based OFDM Using Different Modulation Techniques
Authors: G. Sailakshmi, K. Sudha

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) for Children with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy to Improve Upper Extremity Function: Pilot Study
Authors: Dr. U. Ganapathy Sankar

Performance Evaluation of Clustering Algorithms for IP Traffic Recognition
Authors: Rupesh Jaiswal, Dr. Shashikant Lokhande, Aashiq Ahmed, Prateek Mahajan

A Compact Broadband Rectangular Microstrip Antenna with Slotted Ground
Authors: Rathod Pratik, Sanyog Rawat

A Review on Spectrum Mobility for Cognitive Radio Networks
Authors: Anuj Thakur, Ratish Kumar

Structural and Resistive Property of Cobalt/Silicon Thin Film as a Function of Thickness
Authors: Sumana Kayal, Ranjeet Kumar Brajpuriya, Anil Kumar

Implementation of Random Grid Visual Cryptography for Color Images
Authors: Snehal N. Meshram, Sneha U. Bohra

Detection and Prevention of Misbehaving Node using PDA and Enhanced 2ACK Scheme
Authors: Anil Rathod, Sherly Noel

Privacy Preserving Auditing For Cloud Storage
Authors: Nandini P. Wasnik, Mahip M.Bartere

Statistical Simulation for BIST Architecture using Cognitive Principles
Authors: Shradha Khemka

Cloud Storage with Added Data Security and Integrity
Authors: Reshmi Das M V, R Charanya

Survey on NMS Supporting Network Elements implementing Heterogeneous Protocols
Authors: Sheik Nousheen Taj, Dr. Sagar B M

Large-Scale Cost-Effective Secured Content Distribution in the Cities Using Vehicular Networks
Authors: Vinay M Naganur, Anand R

A CAN Bus Based System for Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis in Wind Turbine
Authors: Solankar Rajaram, Ambilpure Prasad

Analysis of Hypertension Factors in Diabetic Patients Using Mathematical Model
Authors: R. Jayakumar, G. Komahan

Development, Nutrient and Antioxidant Analysis of Probiotic Health Based Beverage Incorporating Musk Melon and Whey Water
Authors: V.Krishnaprabha, Dr. Lalitha Ramakrishnan, Dr. R. Vijayaraghavan

Internet of Wi-Fi Enabled Things
Authors: Hema P. N, Smitha G. R

The Unani Concept of Mizaj (temperament) and its Correlation with Biodiversity in Present Epoch- A Review
Authors: Azizur Rahman, Mohammad Aslam

Lifestyle Pattern of the Selected Obese Subjects in Coimbatore District
Authors: Dr. N. Tharani Devi, Dr. M. Amirthaveni

QoS Ensured Bandwidth Allocation in Mobile Cloud Computing
Authors: Mahesh D.S, Shalini Pawar

Dynamic Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing using Virtualization Technology
Authors: A. D. Gawali, S. K. Sonkar

Review on Leadership Style among TVET Lecturers
Authors: Anis Amirah Binti Muhd Suberi

A Novel Image Searching/Retrieving Approach using Sample Image and Text
Authors: Apurva S. Gomashe, R. R. Keole

Implementation of Design and Deployment of Secure Sharing Protocol using TTP via Cloud Computing
Authors: Kamini H. Gonnade, Fazeel Zama

Stabilization of Non-Linear System Using Single Input Neuro-Fuzzy Logic Controller Based on Radial Basis Function Network
Authors: Ravi Kumar Soni, Dr. M. J. Nigam

Utilization of Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) among Wood Factory Workers in Calabar Municipality, Southern Nigeria
Authors: Osonwa Kalu O., Eko Jimmy E., Ozah Hosea P.

Mineralization of Synthetic and Industrial Food Effluent Containing Acid Red18 by Electro-Fenton Process using a Graphite-Felt Cathode
Authors: Nouha Ben Hafaiedh, Nizar Bellakhal

Viscosity and Soret Effects on Unsteady Hydro Magnetic Gas Flow along an Inclined Plane
Authors: Y. Harnath, Dr. A. Sudhakaraiah

Vibration Analysis of Ball Bearing
Authors: Ravindra A.Tarle, Nilesh K.Kharate, Shyam P. Mogal

Teaching English Words of First Grade Textbook by means of Software and Traditional Method: A Comparative Approach to the Effects of Both Methods on High School Students
Authors: Jafar Asadi

A Suitable Model for the Forecast of Exchange Rate in Nigeria (Nigerian Naira versus US Dollar)
Authors: Oladejo Michael Olatunji, Abdullahi Bello

Financial Ratio Relationships: Evidence from Indonesia
Authors: Teguh Sugiarto

Isolation and Characterization of Internal Bacteria from the Mosquito, Culexpipiens from Egypt
Authors: Fatma H. Galal, Amany Abu Elnasr, Ibtesam Abdallah, Alaa Eddeen M. Seufi, Omaima Zaki

VLSI Implementation of 2048 Point FFT
Authors: Zena Vatsa, Sumaya

Study on High Utility Itemset Mining
Authors: Nilovena .K .V, Anu .K .S

Challenges and Opportunities of Small Scale Forest Nursery Operators of Diadi, Nueva Vizcaya
Authors: Nelson S. Latap

A Robust Technique of Digital Watermarking Using Hybrid Method of DWT & SVD on RGB Color Space
Authors: Simranjeet Kaur, Rana Gill

NVSS Scheme Based ATM Authentication Using Fingerprint Matching
Authors: Nasla K, Hemand E P

Secret Hiding Using Visual Cryptography
Authors: Rahul Gupta

Traditional Ethnoveternary Practices, Medicinal Plants from Satpuda Forest, East Khandesh, Maharashtra, India
Authors: R. M. Bagul

Some Antifertility Ethnomedicines Used by Tribals of Satpuda Forest Region of East Khandesh Maharashtra, India
Authors: R. M. Bagul

Time Delay Processing In Networked Control System Using Smith Predictor and ANN Based Error Predictor
Authors: Shubhasree .A .V, Dr. Vijay Kumar

Habitat Based Micro-ecological Analysis of Urban Space in Mountain Environment with Special Reference to Woodland and Grassland Habitat-An Appraisal of the Gangtok Town, India
Authors: Rajeeb Samanta

Energy Efficient Cluster Head Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Chirag Prajapati, Nimit Modi

Financial Performance of the Ethiopian Banking Sector
Authors: Habtamu Berhanu Abera (PhD)

Relation of Parkinson
Authors: Rudra Prasad Dutta, Khushboo Agrawal, Dr. M. B. Patil

An Efficient Frame of Reference for the Selection of Best Cloud Service Provider
Authors: Bhushan N B

HMM Based Distributed Speech Processing Distributed Speech Recognition
Authors: Gauri A. Deshpande, Pallavi S. Deshpande

Cost & Time Control of the Project by Using Structural Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement
Authors: Sandesh S Pandit, Anuradha S Pansare

What Caused Marginalization: A Study of the Tea Plantation Women of Cachar
Authors: Ruman Sutradhar

The Ifugao Hudhud: Its Values Content
Authors: Michele J. Dulay

Estimation of Overpressures in Onshore Niger Delta Using Wire-Line Data
Authors: Kufre Udo, Mfon Akpan, Okechukwu Agbasi

Effects of Reward Strategies on the Performance of Staff in Public Secondary Schools in Kiambu Sub-County
Authors: Ng

An Idea of New System to Alert all Living Bodies before Earthquake
Authors: Nirmalendu Das

Correlation between Blood Pressure Recovery After Shuttle Run Test and Resting BP in Collegiate Men
Authors: Kulandaivelan S, Vasu P, Ravish Garg, Kalindi, Sonu Punia

Current Rebuilding Concept Applied to Boost CCM for PF Correction
Authors: Sindhu .K .S, B. Devi Vighneshwari

Environmental Changes of Nitrite Toxicity in Blood Indices of Hematocrit (HCT) and Mean Cell Volume (MCV) to Freshwater Fish Cirrrhinus mrigala
Authors: Yesudass Thangam, Mathan Ramesh

Assessment of Nematode Distribution and Yield Losses in Vegetable Crops of Western Uttar Pradesh in India
Authors: Rajendra Singh, Umesh Kumar

Urban Expansion, A Threat to Food Security in Nigeria. Case of Ado-Ekiti
Authors: E.B. Babatola, P.K. Babatola

Acute DiGuglielmo's Syndrome in a 2 Month Old Boy - A Very Rare Case Report
Authors: Dr Mirza Asif Baig, Dr Anil K. Sirasagi

Constraint Generation Tool for White-box Testing
Authors: Kshamata Shenoy, Madhuri Rao, S. S Mantha

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