Volume 4 Issue 5 May 2015

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Applying Utaut to Evaluate the Acceptance of Mobile Learning in Higher Education in Iraq
Authors: Huda Hussein Mohammad Jawad, Zainuddin Bin Hassan

Condition Monitoring of 3-? A.C Induction Motor Using PLC
Authors: Praveen Kumar Shukla, Ankur Namdeo, Abhishek Dixit

Effect of IAA and IBA on In vitro Rooting of Banana (Musa paradisiaca) Cv.Grand Naine
Authors: Miilion Paulos M, Varsha G. Khandagale, Bhagyashri H. Nadkarni

Failure Investigation of Tawila Dam in North Darfur, Sudan
Authors: Magdi M.E. Zumrawi

Lead Time Reduction In Camshaft Manufacturing
Authors: Govind Janakiram K, Gukan Rajaram

Postpartem Psychosis with Sheehan
Authors: Dr. Mahendra Wawhal, Dr. Vajed Mogal, Dr. Mahendra Sonawane, Dr. Pratap Gole, Dr. Aniket Kurhade, Dr. Anirudh Londhe

Complete Postparturient Uterine Prolapse in HF Cross Bred Cow
Authors: Shwetha. K. S, Premkumar. R, Kantesh Jaller, Imamahusen R Gudur, Narasimha Murthy, Krishnaswamy .A

Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete One-Way Slabs with Opening using CFRP Strip in Flexural
Authors: Wissam D. Salman

Constrain Control of Trigonometric Rational Quadratic Spline with Shape Parameters Based on Function Values
Authors: Mridula Dube, Meenal Priya Singh

Fluidity of ADC12 Alloy Based On Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Authors: S. Vinith, A. Uthayakumar, S. Senthur Rajan, G. Guru Prasadh

Review on Detection of Clone Attacks inWireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Nikita R. Kitey, Dr. M. S. Ali

Scrap Management in Punching Staion of Sheet Metal Industry
Authors: P. Kannan, Gukan Rajaram

Cyberbullying, Sexting and Establishment of Risky Contacts by Czech Children within the Internet Environment - Research and Prevention
Authors: Kamil Kopecky, Rene Szotkowski

Potentiometric Study of Hydroxamic Acids in Non- Aqueous Media
Authors: Piyush Kumar Thakur, Sandhya Patre

Performance Analysis of Hybrid Multilevel DWT Coding for Optimum Quantization Factor Determination
Authors: Rashmi Singh, Sugandha Agarwal

Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Furazolidone in Pharmaceutical Formulations and Human Blood Samples with MBTH
Authors: B. Ramachandra, N. Venkatasubba Naidu

Prevalence and Factors Influencing Anemia among Adolescent Girls: A Community Based Study
Authors: Dr. Mallikarjuna M, Dr. Geetha H H

Synthesis of Some Novel Surfactants Based On Di-Oleamide and Evaluation of Their Performance as Corrosion Inhibitors for X-70 Undersweet and Sourconditions
Authors: M. A. Migahed, A. M. Al-Sabagh, E. S. Gad, A. H. Halawa, H. M. Abd EL-Bary

Object Tracking Using Wireless Sensor Network and Performance Evaluation of Dynamic and Static Sensor Node
Authors: Snehal Andhare, Sachin Deshpande

Research in Application of Case-based Teaching Method in the Enterprise Management Courses
Authors: Jie Rong

Efficiency Improvement Opportunity in Boiler Without Changing GCV of the Coal
Authors: Vinay Sati, Dr. Anirudh Gupta

Review On design and Implementation of Enhanced Security in Multicloud Storage System Using Distributed File System
Authors: Priyanka R. Raut, Vaidehi Baporikar

Power Flow Analysis of Long Transmission Line Using SVC, SSSC and UPFC Integrated with Wind Power
Authors: Pradeep Kumar Tiwari, Pratibha Tiwari

Denoising of Images Corrupted By Mixed Noise Using Improved WESNR Method
Authors: Rooby M, Harish Binu K P

Anatomical Variants of Circle of Willisin South Indian Population: A Study by Using Magnetic Resonance Angiography
Authors: Dr. Arjun Bahaddur, Dr. Chandan G

Development and Validation of the RP-HPLC Method for the Analysis of Chloropyrifos
Authors: K. Vinod Kumar, B. Ramachandra, N.V.S.Naidu

AgNPs Synthesis, Characterization and Antibacterial Activity from Salvia splendens Sellow ex Roem. & Schult. Plant Extract
Authors: R. Rajendran, A. Lakshmi Prabha

Albertson’s Conjecture on Crossing Numbers
Authors: Tessy Cardoz, Renukadevi .V, Malarvizhi .P

Modeling the Distribution of the Height of Chestnut Trees in the Forests of Gilan
Authors: Atefe Karimiyan Bahnemiry, Kambiz Taheri Abkenar, Hassan Pourbabaei, Mehrdad Mirzaie

Symptoms and Causes of Despair in the Poems of Forough Farokhzad and Nazoko-Almalaeke
Authors: Mohammad Raouf Khezri

A Survey on the Design of Fuzzy Classifiers Using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms
Authors: Praveen Kumar Dwivedi, Surya Prakash Tripathi

Multivariate Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Pregnancy Outcome: A Hospital Based Study
Authors: Divya Goswami, Praveen Tyagi

Performance Evolution of Combine Approach of MFCC & DTW Technique for Speech Recognition
Authors: Nilesh Patel, D. G. Agrawal

Empowerment of Islamic Worlds Medias in Contrast with Media Streaming of the West
Authors: Afshin Bavafa

Deconstructing SCSI Disks Using Dub
Authors: Dr. Abdelrahman Elsharif Karrar

Hydrogen Production by Using Composite Membrane (Nafion/Al2O3) in PEM Water Electrolysis
Authors: E. L. Santhi Priya, V. Himabindu

Unilateral Gingival Enlargement - An Unusual Case Report
Authors: MotazAtia, Yosra Ali, YasirYousif

The Education Based on Applied Optical-Physics in Opticianry Programs in Turkey
Authors: Derya Gemici Deveci, Caner Yaz?c?oglu

Survey of Different Clustering Algorithms in Data Mining
Authors: Subodh Shrivastava, Brajesh Patel

Design of Tri-Band Microstrip Patch Antenna
Authors: Muhammad Salim Garba

Review of Different Types of Over-Current Protection Circuits used in Various Applications
Authors: Ashish Kumar Saxena, Er Amit Kumar

Soldier Monitoring and Health Indication System
Authors: R. Archana, S. Indira

Diagnosis and Classification of Liver Cancer using LIBS Technique and Artificial Neural Network
Authors: Ashraf M. EL Sherbini, Mohamed M. Hagras, Hania H. Farag, Mohamed R.M. Rizk

Study of Academic Achievement in Mathematics in Relation to Brain Hemispheric Dominance
Authors: Parvinder Singh

A Survey on Scalable Big Data Analytics Platform
Authors: Ravindra Phule, Madhav Ingle

Properties of Concrete by the Addition of Plastic Solid Waste
Authors: M. Muzafar Ahmed, Dr. S. Siddi Raju

High-Strength Structural Concrete with Recycled Aggregates
Authors: Arem Naresh, Dr. K. Chandrasekhar Reddy

A Study Focused on Ab-Initio Study of SrTiO3 Perovskites
Authors: Dubey Gaurav

Synthesis of Pyrimidine Derivatives of Carbazolo and Azacarbazolo Fused Quinoxalines
Authors: Neelam K. Yadav, D. Kishore, Bhawani Singh

Need for Agribusiness Management Education in the Current Global Business Era
Authors: Nandini Francis

Lightweight Key Distribution for Secure Routing and Secure Information Propagation
Authors: Anubha Goyal, Geetanjali Babbar

Effect of Reactive Magnesia on the Properties of Alkali Activated Slag Cement Pastes
Authors: H.A. Abdel-Gawwad, S. Abd El-Aleem

A Novel Low power and Area Efficient Carry-Lookahead Adder Using MOD-GDI Technique
Authors: Pinninti Kishore, P. V. Sridevi, K. Babulu, K.S Pradeep Chandra

FNAC Diagnosis of Lymph Nodes: An Institutional Experience
Authors: Mangala Goneppanavar, Rajendra Singh Dhaka

Review on Different Types of Power Efficient Adiabatic Logics
Authors: Vijendra Pratap Singh, Dr. S.R.P Sinha

Efficient Query Evaluation over Wide Sparse Table
Authors: Akshatha Dange K, Siddanagowda G R

Study of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Leach,Teen and Apteen Routing Protocols
Authors: Jigisha Parmar, Ashishgoud Pirishothm

Green Synthesis of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Nanoparticles Using Ocimum Tenuiflorum Leaves
Authors: Sagar Raut, Dr. P. V. Thorat, Rohini Thakre

A Survey on SQM for Sat-Nav Systems
Authors: Sudarshan Bharadwaj DS

Effect of Plant Growth Regulators (Indoles) on Germination Percentage and Seedling Growth of Rauvolfia serpentina (L.) Benth. ex Kurz.
Authors: Namita Sharma, Surchi Tyagi

Nonlinear Refraction and Optical Limiting Behavior of Eriochrome Cyanine R Dye Chromophore Under CW He-Cd Laser Illumination
Authors: Monica S, C.I.Muneera

Structural Study of Mechanically milled nanocrystalline Fe1-xAlxalloys using XRD
Authors: Shabnam Khan, Ranjeet Brajpuriya, Anupam Vyas, Anil Kumar

Neural Networks Design for Classification of Epilepsy EEG Signals
Authors: J. D. Dhande, Dr. S. M. Gulhane

Secret Fragment Visible Mosaic Scheme for Secure Transmision
Authors: Nayan A. Ardak, Nitin A. Shelke

An Analysis on Human Settlement of Haldia Municipal Area in West Bengal
Authors: Anirban Baitalik, Sridam Samanta

A Comparative Study of Lipid Profile in Patients of Hypothyroidism and Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Om prakash, Mathur Ranjana, Yadav Monika

Design of CMOS Tapered Buffer for High Speed and Low Power Applications using 65nm Technology
Authors: Ankur Saxena, Payal Kaushik

Formulation and Evaluation of Functional Food Mixes As A Nutritional Approach For Chronic Diseases
Authors: R. Usharani, U.K. Lakshmi

Digital Image Forgery Detection with Motion Blur as Cue: A Survey
Authors: Pornima M. Birajdar, N.G. Dharashive

Comparative Analysis of Growth Vs Value Stocks
Authors: Dr. Vani Kamath

A Comparative Study of Thyroid Function Tests (serum T3, T4 and TSH) in Normal Pregnancy and Preeclampsia
Authors: Yadav Monika, Mathur Ranjana, Om Prakash

Statistical Analysis of the Relations between API, Specific Gravity and Sulfur Content in the Universal Crude Oil
Authors: Salih Muhammad Awadh, HebaSadoon Al-Mimar

Different Mobilization Technique in Management of Frozen Shoulder
Authors: Dr. Jayanta Nath

Energy Efficiency and Latency Improving In Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Vivekchandran K. C, Nikesh Narayan .P

Awareness about Special Education in Hyderabad
Authors: Husna Habib

Domino CMOS Implementation of Power Optimized and High Performance CLA Adder
Authors: Kistipati Karthik Reddy, Jeeru Dinesh Reddy

Environmental Pollution: A Three-Year Retrospecive Study of Wastewater Effluent Parameters of Some Industries in Kano, Nigeria
Authors: Abdulhadi Y, Salisu A, Kawo A. H.

Comparison of Physical Properties on Natural Cement Motor with Alkality
Authors: Reshma .S, Dr. S. Siddiraju

Phytochemical Analysis of Antioxidants From Abutilon indicum L. and Paederiafoetida L. Supported by TLC, FTIR and NMR Studies
Authors: Rajalaxmi Nayak, Ashok Panda, Luna Samanta, Santilata Sahoo

K-Even Even Edge Graceful Labeling and Some Complementary Graceful Labeling
Authors: M. Sudha, A. Chandra Babu

Males Inhabiting in Dark are More Preferred by Females for Sexual Pairing in Japanese Quail: Evidence from Ptilochronology
Authors: R. S. Karanjekar, P. N. Charde

Synthesis of Novel N1-(4-Fluorobenzoyl)-1-methyl-3-phenyl-4(N-4- sulfamoylphenylazo)-1, 2-diazole
Authors: Sumit Bhatt, J. S. Jangwan

Dental Pulp Calcification in Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases: A Review
Authors: Pavlina Aleksova

Study of Factors Affecting Performance of Construction Project
Authors: Saraf D. D.

TiO2 Nanofluid in an Enclosure of Composite Material with Various Based Fluids
Authors: Manal Hadi Saleh

The Impact of Incorporation of Essential Oil of Citrus aurantium Peels on the Texture, Sensory Properties and Kinetics of Liberation of Aroma of Biscuits
Authors: Dhekra Trabelsi, Myriam Ben Said, Manef Abdrrabba

Synchronization of Inflation and Unemployment and Poverty Increase in the Iraqi Economy for (1994-2010)
Authors: Hind Ghanim Mohammed Al-Mohanna, Dr. Hanan Abdul-Khidher, Fatin Aeyed Jassim

Rural Marketing
Authors: Preety Panicker, Anup Warrier

A Novel Method to Solve Travelling Salesman Problem Using Sequential Constructive Crossover Using Map/Reduce Framework
Authors: Anitha Rao, Sandeep Kumar Hegde

Effect of Fly Ash on Strength and Durability Parameters of Concrete
Authors: Siddamreddy Anil Kumar Reddy, Dr. K. Chandrasekhar Reddy

Effect of Myofascial Release vs Low-Dye Taping on Pain in Patients with Plantar Fasciitis
Authors: Ruban Dhillon, Shivali

Probability Distribution Analysis of Rainfall Data for Western Maharashtra Region
Authors: Swami Shivprasad T., Anandrao Deshmukh, Ganesh Patil, Sagar Kahar

Prevalence of Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease (DPLD) and Associated Fibrosis in Northern Saudi Arabia
Authors: Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed, Thamer Awadh S. Alanazi, Hussam Ali A. Anazi, Abdulaziz Fahad A. Alfaraj, Fahad Mubarak F. Alshammary, Khaled Abdullaziz Alsunidy, Kheder Mohamed Altayep

Using Basic Morphology Tools in Improvement of Kidneys Detection
Authors: Yousif Mohamed Y. Abdallah, Masheel Abdallah

Modelling and Analysis of Scaffolding Structure Used in Aerospace Vehicle
Authors: M. Ganesh, K. Shiva Shankar

Optimal Resource Allocation and Load Distribution for Server Processors using Hot Spot Migration
Authors: Leema D.A, Dr. K. N. Narasimaha Murthy

Perception of Residents in Selected Compounds in Amassoma towards Early Marriage in Southern-Ijaw Local Government Area, Bayelsa State
Authors: Azebri Pereotubo Beauty, Lawrence Arunibebi Lamawal, Oweibo Sunday

Design and Simulation of Low Dropout Regulator
Authors: Chaitra S Kumar, K Sujatha

Design and Analysis of Asynchronous 16*16 Adiabatic Vedic Multiplier Using ECRL and EEAL Logic
Authors: C. S. Harmya Sreeja, N. Sri Krishna Yadav

Occupational Exposure to Wood Dust in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State, Nigeria
Authors: Osuchukwu Nelson C., Osuchukwu Easter C., Eko Jimmy E., Otareh Otareh O.

Storage Stability of Double Fortified Salt
Authors: Shikha Bathla, Kiran Grover

Effect of Nutrients on Different Changes Associated With Aging
Authors: Shikha Bathla, Tanu Jain

Housing Deficit and Environmental Challenges in Enugu Urban
Authors: ILOEJE Amechi Francis, ANIAGOLU Celesine Obinna, OKWU-DELUNZU Virginia

A Study of Haematological Changes in Diagnosed Cases of Malaria in a Tertiary Care Hospital at Rajkot (Gujarat), India: A Study over a Period of Two Year
Authors: Dr. Hardika K Samani, Dr. Deepa P. Jethwani, Dr. Gauravi A Dhruva

Giant Fibroadenoma of Breast: A Diagnostic Dilemma
Authors: Sangamesh B Tondare, Siddaganga Mangshetty

Effects of Acid and Base Contamination on Geotechnical Properties of Clay
Authors: S. Prakash, Dr. P. D. Arumairaj

Impala: Open Source, Native Analytic Database for Apache Hadoop - A Review Paper
Authors: Prof. Pramod Patil, Amit Patange

Review on Message Authentication Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
Authors: Sarika A. Velukar, Dr. M. S. Ali

Effect of Limestone and Wooden Dust as a Filler Material on Fresh and Hardened Properties of Concrete
Authors: Ushama Z. Laliwala, Paresh N. Nimodiya

A System for Providing Highly Secured Authentication
Authors: Kishori N. Ushir, R. B. Joshi

Congregation of Sarus Crane (Grus Antigone) In Unnao District, Uttar Pradesh
Authors: Adesh Kumar, Amita Kanaujia

Heat and Mass Transfer Effects on Unsteady MHD Flow past an Oscillating Infinite Vertical Plate with Variable Temperature through Porous Medium
Authors: Prof. (Dr). P. T. Hemamalini, N. Suresh Kumar

Performance Improvement In MANET By Using A Modified BEB Algorithm
Authors: Aparna S. Mankar, Mangla S. Madankar

Effects of Recruitment Practices on Employee Performance in the Cooperative Sector in Kenya; Case of Kenya Union of Savings and Credit Co-Operatives
Authors: Dr. Samuel Obino Mokaya, George Chisese Mukhweso, Beth Wangari Njuguna

Runoff Computation on River Omi Catchment Using Spatially Distributed Terrain
Authors: Olaniyan O. S., Akolade A. S, Fasasi A. Y

Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude on Male Circumcision towards Reduction of HIV/AIDS among Residents of Ishaka Town Council-Uganda
Authors: Domnic Marera, Mercy Singoei, Cyprian Nyaribo

Skein and Threefish Implementation on FPGA
Authors: Litty.P.Oommen, Anas A S

An Improved Longest Approximate Time to End Algorithm using Dynamic Cloud Sim
Authors: Kirandeep Kaur, Khushdeep Kaur

Implementation of Decimal Matrix Code For Multiple Cell Upsets in Memory
Authors: Shwetha N, Shambhavi S

The Influence of Selected Human Resource Management Practices on Employee Satisfaction in the Technical University of Kenya
Authors: Beth Wangari Njuguna, Dr. Samuel Obino Mokaya, George Chisese Mukhweso

FPGA based Underwater System for Ultrasound Communication
Authors: Pooja Sabale, S.T. Khot

Comparison between Soft Handover and Hard Handover in UMTS
Authors: Nagia Hussian Mohammed Hussian, Amin Babiker A/Nabi Mustafa

Multi Agent Learning Styles Based Intelligent Tutoring System
Authors: Ifeanyi Isaiah Achi, Chukwuemeka Odi Agwu

Effect of Sorghum Based Resistant Starch Rich Product Supplementation on Glycemia in Healthy Individuals
Authors: E. Jyothsna, Dr. G. Kiran Kumar

Ethical Consideration When using X-ray Examination for None Medical Purposes
Authors: Domnic Marera

Cloud Computing: Cloud Adoption in Professional Practice
Authors: Nadhirah binti Nazri, Jamaludin Ibrahim

A Survey on Steganography Techniques
Authors: Amruta B. Bhojane, Priti A. Kodake

Review of Different Types of Power Efficient Flash Type ADC
Authors: Ashish Kumar, Deepak Mehra

Training Needs of Agricultural Assistants Working in State Department of Agriculture
Authors: Said Rafiq Hanif, Gokul Khanderao Waman

Plastination- A Boon to Medical Teaching & Research
Authors: Anant Dattatray Dhanwate, Madhavi Dattatray Gaikwad

The Effect of Work Environment on Employees' Productivity
Authors: Dr. Serhan A. Al-Shammari

Cow Dung for Improving the Ph of Highly Alkaline Soil and Indian Cow Importance from Vedic Scriptures
Authors: Sachin Jaiveersingh Yadav, Dr. Sunil Bhimrao Thakare

NPA as an Undesirable Output in Indian Commercial Banking: Additive Slack Based Efficiency DEA Model
Authors: Dr. Anil Kumar. K

Effect of Partial Replacement of Cement by Rice Husk Ash in Concrete
Authors: Rishabh Kashyap, Manu Chaudhary, Abhishek Sen

Area Efficient Fixed-Point LMS Adaptive Filter
Authors: Velloree Khuraijam

Antibiogram of Various Bacterial Isolates from Pus Samples in a Tertiary Care Centre in Rajasthan
Authors: Swati Duggal, P K Khatri, R S Parihar, Rajat Arora

Identifying Factors Affecting Construction Labour Productivity in Amravati
Authors: Anurag Sangole, Amit Ranit

Distributed Java Applications
Authors: Bhawna, Sumit Wadhwa

Potential Pistia stratiotes and Limnocharis flava as Agent Phytoremediation Coliform Waste
Authors: Muhammad Rijal, Rosmawati T, Surati

Impact of Ethylene Glycol Addition on the Physico-Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Alkali Activated GGBFS Pastes
Authors: H. El Didamony, A. Amer, M. Arif

On a New Subclass of Univalent Functions with Negative Coefficients Defined by Ruscheweyh Derivative
Authors: Waggas Galib Atshan, Ali Hussein Battor, Azhar Jawad Kadhim

Influence of Socio-Demographic Determinants on Credit Cards Default Risk in Commercial Banks in Kenya
Authors: F.K.Kiarie, D.M.Nzuki, A.W. Gichuhi

Clinical Study of Dyskinesias and Other Complications in Parkinson
Authors: Mancheva-Ganeva Velina, Manchev Lachezar, Ganev Iordan, Manchev Ivan

Effect of Calcium Supplementation on School Children
Authors: Budi Haryanto, Bambang Sutrisna, I Made Djaja

Low Complexity Graphical Framework and Power Optimal Solution for Resource Allocation in LTE Network
Authors: C. Rajamannar Reddy, K. Vijaya

Energy Efficient Cooperative Relay Network Design
Authors: Azhar Hussain Khan, G. Prapulla

Study of Fatigue Analysis of Vehicle Truck Chassis
Authors: Hailemariam Fisseha Nega, Yang Hui

A New Technique of Reconstruction of Metacarpal After Enblock Resection of The Metacarpal for Giant Cell Tumour of Bone
Authors: Gurinder Singh Gosal, Avneet Boparai, Gurpreet Singh Makkar

Comparison of Open Well Water Quality Parameter in Industrial Zone, Ariyalur District, Tamil Nadu, India
Authors: R. Geetha, A. Kistan, Dr. A. Thaminum Ansari

An Adaptive Level Set Evolution for the Analysis of Ventricle Variations in Alzheimer MR Images
Authors: Veena Kumari H M

Overlay Routing Attempt towards Nontrivial Estimation Algorithm to Exhibit BGP Routing TCP Performance and VoIP Applications
Authors: P. Theanmozhi, Dr. R. Indra Gandhi

Item Analysis using a Derived Science Achievement Test Data
Authors: Ado Abdu Bichi

Assessing the Impact of Anthropogenic Activities on Land Cover in Guinea Savannah Region of Nigeria Using Multi-Temporal Landsat Data
Authors: Garba T., Babanyara Y. Y., D. B. Ibrahim, Isah Mohammed

Comparative Study of the Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites in Low Socioeconomic Condition in one Village Balt
Authors: Valbona GJONI, Erjona ABAZAJ, Brunilda (VILA) HYSAJ, Oltiana PETRI, Ela ALI

Topologies of Facts Devices and Issues Related To Installation
Authors: Anurag S.D. Rai, Prakhar Singh Bhadoria, Lovesh B Xaxa, Ankita Tiwari

Finite Element Analysis of Friction Welding Process for 2024Al Alloy and AISI 1021 Steel
Authors: T. Santhosh Kumar, A. Chennakesava Reddy

Finite Element Analysis of Friction Welding Process for 2024Al Alloy and UNS C23000 Brass
Authors: V. Srija, A. Chennakesava Reddy

Finite Element Analysis of Friction Welding Process for UNS C23000 Brass and AISI 1021 Steel
Authors: A. Raviteja, A. Chennakesava Reddy

Biodegradation of Reactive Dyes by Two Microalgal Species
Authors: Dr. N. H. Brahmbhatt, Dr. R. T. Jasrai

Spread of Education and Modern Technology Changed Santal Livehood
Authors: Arup Dey

Genotoxicity Assessment of Acrylamide in Early Developing Stages of Chick Embryo Using Micronucleus Assay
Authors: M. Venkataswamy, B. Suman, K. Thyaga Raju

An In vivo Study on Toxicological Alterations in Sesamum indicum L. Under Hexavalent Chromium Stress
Authors: Monalisa Mohanty, Hemanta Kumar Patra

Analysis of Air Pollutant Emission and Control System in Cement Industries around Ariyalur District
Authors: Parithielamvazhuthi R

Re-Use of Waste Tire Rubber Pieces in the Production of Light Weight Concrete
Authors: K.Charankumar, Dr. S. Siddi Raju

Simulation Model for Public Transport Vehicles for Towns: Case of Nakuru Town, Kenya
Authors: Idah Vincent, Dr. Karume S. M.

Queuing Model Analysis of a Restaurant
Authors: Dr. R. Ramakrishna

Isolation and Characterization of a New Compound from Sarcococca saligna
Authors: Tahira Moeen Khan, Ismat Naeem

Prevalence of Vaginal Candidiasis among Pregnant Women Attending Al-Hada Military Hospital, Western Region, Taif, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Khadijah Yosif Al-Aali

Non Homogenous Assistive Text Reading From Objects For Blind Persons
Authors: Kumar P, Sivaraman P R

A New Species of the Genus Tylocephalum Ratnagiriensis from A Marine Fish Trygon Zugei
Authors: Nilima M. Kankale

Anemia and its Determinants among Self Help Groups in Kerala
Authors: Prabhakumari C, Rini Raveeendran, Togy Zacharia

MRI Image Enhancement
Authors: Sumaya, Zena Vatsa

A Case Series on Evisceration with Mules PMMA Implant
Authors: Dr. L. J. Sandhya Vali, Dr. K. Parimala Devi, Dr. Boddepalli Anusha, Vivek Lam

Effect of Changing Landscapes on Diversity, Distribution and Relative Abundance of Insect Pollinators on Apple Crop in Northwest Himalayas
Authors: V. K. Mattu, Thakur Bhagat

Modelling of An Industrial Blast Furnance Using Finite Element Method
Authors: Khushboo Borasi, Avin Chandrakar

Survey of Mathematical Programming and Related Concepts
Authors: Preeti Gupta

A Secure Approach for Deduplication using Hybrid Cloud
Authors: Yusuf Aliyu Adamu

Conservative Management of Osteoradionecrosis By Debridement, Sequestrectomy and Placement of An Obturator
Authors: Dr. V. Suresh, Dr. R. Sathya Narayanan, Dr. Beena Agnes Therese

Serum Insulin and Lipid Profile in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Authors: Omer Mohamed Shoaib

Role of Effective Communications Enhancing Leadership Skill On FPTV Student
Authors: Nurfarhah Binti Abdan

Effect of Textile Waste Water on Vigna unguiculata var. RC-101(cow pea) in a Pot Experiment with Reference of Heavy Metal Bioaccumulation
Authors: Jaishree, T. I. Khan

Sequence of Real Numbers
Authors: Rajpal Rajbhar, Kapil Kumar

Leadership Skill Important Toward Career for Student Technical and Vocational Education (TVE)
Authors: Roslidawati Binti Che Mat Zin

Effective Sensory Communication using GEAR Protocol
Authors: Gaurav Srivastav

Operators on Finite Dimensional Inner Product Space
Authors: Rajpal Rajbhar, Kapil Kumar

Harmonic Reduction in Inverter with Different Techniques Including Fuzzy Logic Controller
Authors: Anupriya Jain, Shobhna Jain

Hemolymph Protein and Carbohydrate Alteration during Larval Development in Samia ricini Infected with Nosema
Authors: Alika Borphukan, R. K. Bhola

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among Formerly Political Prisoners in Iraq: A Preliminary Report
Authors: Nabeel M. Al-Dakheely, Saja M. Hashim, Jawad K. Al-Diwan

The Graphene Base DNA Sensing
Authors: Tarun M Radadiya

Effect of Shade Net on Yield and Quality of Grapes cv. Thompson Seedless
Authors: Baryalai Serat, S.S. Kulkarni

A Cloud Storage System for Preserving Privacy and Data Integrity of User
Authors: M. S. Tore, S. K. Sonkar

Implementation of Spring Parameters with Computer Based Simulation Process
Authors: Ponam Dahiya, Garima Garg

Multiple Patients ECG Monitoring Using Daubechies Wavelet Filter
Authors: Vidhya .R, Felcy Jeba Malar .M

Modeling and Testing the Spring Elasticity Properties with Variable User Defined Input Parameters Using MATLAB
Authors: Ponam Dahiya, Garima Garg

Laser Shock Forming of Titanium Alloy and Its Simulation Using Abaqus Finite Element Software
Authors: David Mbukwa

Effect of Phases of Menstrual Cycle on Visual Evoked Potential
Authors: Dr. Parveen Siddiqui Yousuf, Dr. Anju Thakur Jha

Screening of Endophytic Bacteria from Anticancer Medicinal Plants
Authors: Joshi R D, N S Kulkarni

Induction Cooking Application Based on Class E Resonant Inverter: Simulation using MATLAB
Authors: Hemlata N. Mungikar, V. S. Jape

Carcinogenesis in a Congenital Deformed Fetus - A Case Report
Authors: Uma .A .N, Baskaran .R

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