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Volume 4 Issue 4 April 2015

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The Graphene Sensor Technology
Authors: Tarun M Radadiya

Anesthesia and the Mental Status of Elderly Patients Following Major Non-Cardiac Surgery
Authors: Trajkova R., Soljakova M., Dinevska V., Nikolov M., Bozinovska-Beaka G.

Factors Influencing Growth of Youth Owned Small and Medium Enterprises in Nairobi County, Kenya
Authors: Huka Sharu, Dr. Wario Guyo

Using SVM and Stopword removal method in Microblogging Classroom
Authors: Vidya Dhuttargaon, Amit R. Sarkar

Study of Quirky and Null Cases in Khoibu
Authors: N. Saratchandra Singh, B. Sunila Sharma

GPU Accelerated Clustering Techniques
Authors: Komal D. Nistane, Shailendra W. Shende

Enhancing Cloud Data Security and Integrity Using Third Party Auditing Service
Authors: Rakesh J. Wagh, Rajesh C. Dharmik

The Research Study in Quality Management for a Ship Construction Company
Authors: Mohamad Kamal Mohamad Dasuki, Dr. Rizal Razalli

Modelling and Analysis of Lattice Towers for Wind Turbines
Authors: Amlan Das, Dr. Shiva Kumar

Design of Grid connected Photovoltaic Inverter with Resonant Harmonic Compensator
Authors: N. Kalaiarasi, K Charishma

Inhibitory Effect of Various Extracts of Ricinnus Communis on Human Pathogens
Authors: Mitter C. S.

Small Unit of Stand Alone Wind Based Energy Storage System and Reliable Power Supply
Authors: Vignesha .R, Y.Damodharam, CH. Jayavardhana Rao, Dr. Venugopal

Perception of Nurses toward Horizontal Violence in Health Care Settings in Taif City, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Ibrahim R. Ayasreh, Hanan A. Youssef, Fedaa A. Ayasreh

Biodegradation of Chromium Contaminated Soil by Some Bacterial Species
Authors: Narendra Kumar Ahirwar, Govind Gupta, Vinod Singh

Basics of Energy and Lighting Audit
Authors: Mainak Mukherjee, Surajit Mondal

The Effects of Integrated Marketing Communicationson Brand Equity of Authorized Automotives Companies in Indonesia
Authors: Aditya Wardhana, Budi Rustandi Kartawinata, Syahputra

Indian Manufacturing Sector: A Review on the Problems & Declining Scenario of Indian Industries
Authors: Rohit Kanda

Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor: A Review
Authors: Komal Rohilla, Ritu Pahwa, Shaifali Ruhil

Right to Education
Authors: Geeta Rani

Enhancing the Protection scheme for FACTS-Based Transmission Lines using a Data Mining Model
Authors: Pallavi P. Wankhede, Rajesh K. Nasare

Dual Security Using Dual Encryption Schemes and Efficient User Revocation in Cloud
Authors: Nikhitha K. Nair, Navin K. S.

Review on Cost Estimation Prediction Using ANN
Authors: Anshul, Nitin Jain

Enhancing Cloud Security and Integrity byUsing multiple Encryption Algorithms and Stripping
Authors: Shelna Valsan K. P., Varshap

Comparison of Alkaline phosphatase, Lactate Dehydrogenase and Acid Phosphatase Levels in Serum and Synovial Fluid between Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
Authors: Qazi Najeeb, Ruqaya Aziz

Severity of Diarrhea and Dehydration in Children Under 5 Years
Authors: Bashkim Nezaj, Gjeorgjina Kuli-Lito

Parallelizing Coherent Rule Mining Algorithm on CUDA
Authors: Aditya A. Davale, Shailendra W. Shende

Bamboo Fiber: An Approach toward Sustainable Development
Authors: Kalpana Munjal, Radha Kashyap

Comparison of Nerve Conduction Studies in Geriatric Normal and Diabetic Subjects
Authors: Muthuselvi K., Shanthi M., Ethiya N.

Implementation of Hadoop Based Framework for Parallel Processing of Biological Data
Authors: Praveen Kumar B, Nirmala Bariker

Assessment of Bacteriological Quality of Drinking Water in Srikakulam District
Authors: Cheedi. S. Sudhakar, K.P.J.Hemalatha

Studies on Epiphytic Microalgae in Two Freshwater Lakes of Central Tamil Nadu
Authors: A. Vetri Selvi, A. Gandhi

An Analysis of Transformer Raw Materials Planning by Using Lot Sizing Technique (A Study Case of PT. XYZ Indonesia)
Authors: Suri Nur Rachmawati, Khairani Ratnasari Siregar

Use of Bamboo as Building Material
Authors: Shiva Trivedi, Akshay Nigam

Comparative Study of PCA and LDA
Authors: Chetana Narkhede, Uma Nagaraj

Real Time Based Navigation and Prevention System
Authors: R. Mahesh, M. C. Sathiya

Automatic Bottle Filling Inspection System Using Image Processing
Authors: Vinit A. Dave, S. K. Hadia

Genetic Variation and Phylogeny Assessment of Aciagrion Occidentale (Odonata: Coenagrionidae) Using Mitochondrial Cytochrome Oxidase Subunit I Gene
Authors: Jisha Krishnan E. K., Sebastian C. D

Effects of Working Capital Management on the Performance of Firms in Kenya: A Case Study of Kenya Ports Authority
Authors: Mwanahamisi Ali Wembe

Effectiveness of Oil Massage on Weight Gain and Selected Physiological Parameters among Preterm Babies in Selected Hospitals
Authors: K. Prasanna, Radhika M.

Genauigkeit Laser Tool for Shafts Alignment
Authors: Kanniappan K

Fault Analysis of Underground Cable System with Magnetic Shield Using Finite Element Analysis
Authors: CH.V.N.S.Pavan Pushya, Dr.A.Ratinam

Performance Enhancement of Engine Using Enriched Oxygen Inlet
Authors: Anil KB

Effect of Soil Fertility Adjustments on Output of Food Crops through Combination of Lime, Sludge and TSP
Authors: Phyllis J. Lagat, Lusweti J. Kituyi, Titus M. Muthoka

Designing and Modeling of Distant Words Recognition Pattern System for the Motion Control Systems in Vehicles
Authors: Avinash A. Salunke, Prof. M. D. Jakhete

Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies of Crystal Violet, A Basic Dye Using Activated Prosopis Spicigera
Authors: N. Karpagam, V. Venkateswaran

Role of Government in Social Forestry
Authors: Bappaditya Sahoo

Experimental Analysis of Augmentation in Heat Transfer Coefficient Using Twisted Tape with Semi-Circular Cut Insert
Authors: Pawan A. Sawarkar, Pramod R. Pachghare

Effect of Heat Transfer in a Circular Tube by Using Different Surface Texture
Authors: Sumit S. Kalmegh, Pramod R. Pachghare

Transient Stability Analysis of SMIB in Power System Using Artificial Neural Network
Authors: Sanoj Kumar, Girish Dalal

The Role of Values in Education
Authors: L. S. Shirsat, N. D. Khutafale

VLSI based Fuzzy Logic Static Voltage Regulation System
Authors: Vibha Sharma, Vipin Kumar Gupta

Consanguinity among the Muslim Population of Kurnool Town
Authors: Shamshad.S, Indira Priyadarsini. A, Shameela. S

Identity Management as a Service in Cloud
Authors: Rahul Relan, Savaridassan P.

A Review on OFDM Technique & ITS Implementation
Authors: Hitesh Shinde, Manish Barve

Big Data
Authors: R. S. Balaji

Internet of Things: Rule Based Event Management
Authors: Shobhit Shukla, K. Sornalakshmi

Acoustical and Transport Behavior of Tetrapropylammonium Bromide in Binary Mixtures of N, N-Dimethylformamide and Ethylmethylketone at Different Temperatures
Authors: Baljeet Singh Patial

Comparison between Non-Catheterized and Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections Caused by Extended Spectrum ?-Lactamase Producing Escherichia Coli and Klebsiella Pneumoniae
Authors: Fouzia Ashraf, Shagufta Iram, Gul-e-Zar Riaz, Farhan Rasheed, Mahmood Shaukat

Adjustment and Academic Achievement of Visually Handicapped School Children in Assam
Authors: Dr. Suresh Rajkonwar, Jadab Dutta, Prof. J. C. Soni

Comparative Study of Heat Transfer Rate between General Water and Distilled Water
Authors: Rahul R. Puri, Nikhil C. Parhad, Dharmendra Kumar, Ashish Charjan, Nikhil Ambade, Prof. Ritesh K. Sambare

A Comparison of 5 Level Multilevel Inverter Topologies
Authors: Vivekkumar A Patel, Rital R. Gajjar

Addressing Security Issues of Small and Medium Enterprises through Enhanced SIEM Technology
Authors: Prateek Shivhare, Savaridassan .P

Spontaneous Expulsion of Vegetative Foreign Body (Carrot Piece) from Right Main Bronchus: A Case Report
Authors: Bhushan Kathuria, Sharad Hernot, SPS Yadav, Madhuri Kaintura, Dheeraj S

A Survey on Facial Expression Recognition Techniques
Authors: Swati Mishra, Avinash Dhole

High Voltage Gain Switched-Capacitor Based Converter and Multilevel Inverter for Solar Energy Applications
Authors: Komagal Raja Priya K, Porselvi T

Detection and GTV Definition of Brain Tumors in MRI Images Using Image Processing Technique
Authors: Abdoelrahman Hassan A. B, M. E. M. Gar-elnabi

Geometric Modeling of Electrospun Micro-/Nano-Fiber System for Simulation of Physical Properties
Authors: Prasoon Kumar, Rishav Kumar

On a New Class of Uniformly Convex Univalent Functions with Negative Coefficient Defined by a Linear Operator
Authors: Waggas Galib Atshan, Enaam Hadi Abd

Automation of Mutated Cross Site Scripting
Authors: Anchal Tiwari, J. Jeysree

A Case of ASD with Cyanosis in a Child
Authors: DR. Jacob George MD, DR. I B Vijayalakshmi, DR. Cholenahally Nanjappa Manjunath DM

Studies of Physical and Chemical Compounds Charge Transfer Between Amino Acids and Iodine and its Applications in the Industry of Unconventional Organic Connectors
Authors: Ahmed I. El-Shenawy, Aly H. Atta, Moamen S. Refat

Risk Assessment of Lead Induced Toxicity Profiling from Toxicogenomics Data of Human Cell Lines
Authors: Arpitha B M

User Ranking Based Social Network Platform for Cloud Environment
Authors: Abhijeet Mishra, S.Niveditha, Debojyoti Sengupta, Rakesh Kumar

Web Services in DDoS Attack by Classify the Attacks
Authors: Suji .S, Chandraprabha .K

Length-Weight Relationship and Condition Factor of Penaeus monodon Fabricius, 1798 in Northern Odisha, India
Authors: Sabita Kumari Mohanty, Swati Sucharita Mohanty, Bisnu Prasad Dash, Debansu Sekhar Pramanik

An Anthropometric Analysis of Dry Human Sacrum: Gender Discrimination
Authors: Anil Kumar, Nitin Vishwakarma

Performance Evaluation of Different Protocols under Blackhole and Wormhole Attacks
Authors: Gurmeet Singh, Deepinder Singh, Dr. Ravi Kant

Study the Factors Affecting the Quality Assurance of Superficial RadiotherapyX-RayMachine
Authors: Allehyani S. H., Taha M.T., Bahashwan Y. M.

Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in Young Adults
Authors: Adam FMS, Diatri MC, Adam JMF, Seweng A, Tai ES

Vehicle Theft Identification RIFD Based Vehicle ID Detection in a Wireless Charging Applications
Authors: Basit Sayeed Qadri, Faiq Basu, N. Priya

Comparative Analysis of HBase Data Storage Model and RDBMS for Location based Application
Authors: Chandrakant Nitnaware, Amreen Khan

Influence of Head Teachers
Authors: Jennipher Atieno Awiti, Dr. Pamela Raburu

A Review of Phase Lock Loop Techniques used in Communication Engineering
Authors: Piyush Kumar Singh, Bhagwat Kakde

A Review on Intelligent Automatic Meter Reading and E-Billing System using Power Line Communication
Authors: Priyanka R Daware, S. S. Patil

Effectiveness of Music on Behavioural and Physiological Responses of Preterm Neonates in the Selected Neonatal Intensive Care Units of Mangalore
Authors: Wilma Noronha, Winnifred D

Implementation, Simulation and Synthesis of RSA Cryptosystem
Authors: Rafeek Alas, Dr. Kiran Bailey

Effect of Irrigation Methods and Nitrogen Fertilizers on Barley Crop
Authors: Derbala A., A. Hashad

Application Research and Penetration Testing on WebSocket Technology
Authors: Priyali Mishra, J. Jeysree

Halbach Array Arrangement of Magnets for Energy Harvesting by Vibration
Authors: C. N. Divya, C. Praveen Kumar

Improved Stable Election Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Shivani Sharma

Vector Control of Active Front-End Rectifier for Electric Motors under Unbalanced Condition
Authors: Naziya Saleem, T. M. Thamizh Thentral

Relationship Between School
Authors: Lukas Lena, Basilius Redan Werang, Karel Betaubun

Barriers To, and Facilitators of, Research Utilization among Nurses Working in Taif Hospitals, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Dr. Khaled Abdallah Khader - PhD RN, Dr. Ahmad Abd Ebagy Ibrahem PhD RN, Ahmad Alradi Mohammed Msc RN

The Role of Traumatic Occlusion as an Etiological Factor for Development of Bruxism in Children
Authors: Biljana Kapusevska, Nikola Dereban

A New Methodology for Reducing Switching Activity in Serial Links of SoC
Authors: Binny P. Yohannan, Ajeesh A.V.

Thermo-Mechanical Analysis in TIG Welding of Aluminium Alloy 6082
Authors: Swapnil S. Ingle, Dr. Rajendra S. Dalu

Development the Prototype of Merry Go Round Pump
Authors: M. Sampath Kumar, C. Chandra Sekhar Reddy

Experimental Analysis on Performance of a Counter Flow Tray Type Cooling Tower
Authors: R. Sattanathan

Development and Evaluation of Banana Blossom Incorporated Dark Chocolate
Authors: Sharmila, Yamuna Devi Puraikalan

Effect of Supplementation of Soy Flour on Rice Fryums Quality
Authors: Deepika Kadirvel, Yamuna Devi Puraikalan

A Survey on Three-Party Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange (3-PAKE) Protocols
Authors: Shivani Bhatia, Rekha Saraswat

Estimation of Correlation Coefficients and Path for Yield Traits in Grain Mold Tolerant F3 Progenies of Sorghum
Authors: HH Sowmy, SM Brunda, Deepakkumar G Shinde, Vidya Gowda, MY Kamatar

Micronutrients Dietary Intakes of Pregnant Sudanese Women
Authors: Sohair AM Shommo, Faiza Y Zumrawi, Amal M Saeed

A Study on Employees Empowerment With The Demographic Variables in the Employees of Union Bank of India Working for Star Union Da Ichi Life Insurance
Authors: Arpita Baijal

Study of Coagulase Negative Staphylococci Isolated From Clinical Specimens in Tertiary Care Hospital from Western Maharashtra
Authors: Priyanka Mane, Makarand Mane, S.T. Mohite, Satish.R.Patil

Design of Low Power Phase Frequency Detectors and VCO using 45nm CMOS Technology
Authors: Rajani Kanta Sutar, M.Jasmin, S. Beulah Hemalatha

Next Generation Technology
Authors: Hiral H Dangi

Non-Cpap Conservative Treatment Alternatives for Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea/Hypopnea Syndrome
Authors: Alexander Raynov MD PhD, Mario Milkov MD PhD, Milena Nikolova MD PhD, Krasimir Rankov MD, Julian Rangachev MD PhD

Prevalence of Obesity among School Going Children in Selected Schools
Authors: Betty Lebona .G, Radhika .M

The Role of the Cultural Institutions in the Civic Education
Authors: Jasminka Kocoska, Dobri Petrovski

Analysis of Cognitive Radio a Way to Increase Spectrum Efficiency Using Periodogram
Authors: Kalindi Bakare, M. B. Limkar, Sonali Jadhav

The Maximum and Minimum Conditions in Fuzzy Soft Ideals of a Fuzzy Soft Lattice
Authors: N.Sarala, B.Suganya

Web Crawler: Essential Component of Search Engine
Authors: Akshada K. Dhakade, Deepak C. Dhanwani

Finite Element Analysis of Pin-on-Disc Tribology Test
Authors: Sumit Khot, Utpal Borah

Uncommon Cause of Wide QRS Complex Tachycardia, Mahaim Tachycardia Revisited
Authors: Dr. Janakaloti Ramachandra Reddy Vijaykumar, Dr. G C Chidanand, Dr. Cholenahally N. Manjunath

Manual Calf Massage and Passive Ankle Motion Decrease the Risk of Vein Thromboembolism after Total Hip Arthroplasty
Authors: Norio Imai, Tomoyuki Ito, Ken Suda, Dai Miyasaka, Naoto Endo

Review on Design of PWM Controller Using FPGA
Authors: Sneha Kirnapure, Vijay R. Wadhankar

Achieving Constant-Size Aggregate Key for Efficient and Secured Data Sharing
Authors: Sakkubai M Horatti, Gopal B

Germination Variability in Different Populations of Cork Oak (Quercus suber L.) in Tunisia
Authors: ABDESSAMAD. Abdessalem, KSONTINI. Mustapha, et SALHI HANNACHI Amel

Effect of Combine Cortical and Back Muscle Stimulation in Non Specific Chronic Low Back Pain
Authors: Abdulkareem U, Nordin Bin Simbak

Neuroplastic Changes and Effect of Anodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation in Non-Specific Chronic Low Back Pain
Authors: Abdulkareem U, Nordin Bin Simbak

Cultural Awareness: Facilitator for Sustainable Community Development- Case Study of Bahrain
Authors: Anamika Jiwane

Image Segmentation using SLIC Superpixels and Affinity Propagation Clustering
Authors: Bao Zhou

Integration of Community Revenue Gairmukin Lands with Record of Rights (Ror) Data at Cadastral Level Using Geo-Spatial Technology: A Case Study in Hisar District (Haryana)
Authors: Rani Samiksha, Mothi Kumar K.E., Singh Sultan

A Study of Hotel Industry to Find Job Satisfaction through HRM Practices
Authors: Rajeev Singh

Remote Sensing Satellite Image Fusion Using Fast Curvelet Transforms
Authors: Namratha H. N., Raghu M. T.

Ergonomic Evaluation of Castor Decortication by Women - Conventional Method versus Manual Decorticator
Authors: A. Mrunalini

Mining Frequent Item Set Using Cluster Approach from Large Uncertain Database
Authors: Naveen Sarawgi, C. Malathy

Failure Mode Effect Analysis of Cutting Operation of Needle for Roller Bearing
Authors: S. B. Chikalthankar, G. S. Sawadadkar

Solar Energy Monitoring System with LPC 2148 Processor
Authors: Vishnu L. Nagre, K. Khandagale

Distributed Controlled System for Industrial Application
Authors: Swapnali P. Kale

Electrochromic Investigation of Manganese Oxide Thin Films by Spray Pyrolysis Technique
Authors: Bhargande S. K., Patil P. S.

Alcohol and Oral Health
Authors: K. Peycheva, D. Krastev

Intrusion Detection in Wireless Network Using Fuzzy Rules
Authors: Ketaki P. Bhusari, Swati G. Kale

Energy Harvesting for Piezoelectric using multi-device architecture with Parallel Charge Accumulation
Authors: Anshu Jain, Amol Barve, Vinay Sharma

Comparison of Transversus Abdominis Plane Block and Caudal Block for Postoperative Analgesia in Children Undergoing Lower Abdominal Surgery
Authors: Dr Neha Kanojia, Dr Sharmila Ahuja

Performance Evaluation of Various Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptosystems for Variable Text Size
Authors: Himani Agrawal, Dr. (Mrs.) Monisha Sharma

Empirical Analysis of Exchange Rate Volatility and Nigeria Stock Market Performance
Authors: Muhammad Lawal, Victor Ushahemba Ijirshar

Magnetohydrodynamic Rayleigh Problem in a Porous Plate
Authors: P T Hemamalini P. T., Deivanayaki M

Advance Patient Monitoring Gloves for Surgical or Non Surgical Treatment
Authors: Daniyal Rajput, Zeeshan Rajput, Ume Kalsoom Rajput

Chemotherapeutic Properties of Naturally Occurring Stilbene Polyphenol-Resveratrol
Authors: K M Srinivasa Murthy, M Narayanappa, H Krishna Ram

Dielectric and AC Conductivity Studies of NaCF3SO3 -PEO Doped Polyaniline Complexes
Authors: Joshi Purushottam V, Chakradhar Sridhar B, M V N Ambika Prasad, P S Naik

Electronic Waste - A Literature Review
Authors: Swati A. Patil, Neetu M. Sharma

The Influence of Store Layout and Interior Displays against a Purchase Decision (In KFC Fast Food Bandung, Indonesia)
Authors: Indah Kusherawati, Sri Widiyanesti, Khairani Ratnasari Siregar

Giant Hydrocele: An Epitome of Negligence and Poverty
Authors: Susanta Meher, Manoj Kumar Sahu, Rakesh Sharma, Bikram Rout, Prakash Kumar Sasmal, Tushar Subhadarshan Mishra

A Study on 360-Degree Feedback In Educational University With Reference To Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Authors: Uttam Kumar Das, Jayakrushna Panda

Developing Firefox add-on for DOM vulnerability Assessment
Authors: Saranraj Ilangovan, Geogen George

A Pioneering of Real Time Penetration Testing With Worm Propagation Model
Authors: R.Teja, Dr. V. Cyril Raj

Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network for Real Time Monitoring of Agricultural Parameter
Authors: Ragini D. Khadse, Guari Borkhade

MRI Brain Tumor Classification Using SVM and Histogram Based Image Segmentation
Authors: Chinnu A

Secure Package Manager for UTM
Authors: Tom K Sunny, Beatrice Ssowmiya J

Diversity of Bryophytes in Aizawl District, Mizoram, Northeast India
Authors: Ramachandra Laha, Lalhriatpuia

A Review Paper on Frequency Compensation of Transconductance Operational Amplifier (OTA)
Authors: Raghavendra Gupta, Prof. Sunny Jain

Density Functional Theory investigation for Sodium atom on Copper Clusters
Authors: Abbas Shwya, Falah Hassan, Batool Daraam

Algorithmic Research and Application Using the Rayleigh Method
Authors: Anghel Drugarin Cornelia Victoria, M. Ayaz Ahmad, N. Ameer Ahamad, Vyacheslav V. Lyashenko

Probiotics: A Review of Natural Way of Treating Periodontal Diseases
Authors: Dr. Yogesh Goswami, Dr. Richa Mishra, Dr. Lavanya A. Agrawal, Dr. Abhay P. Agrawal

Integrity Attestation and Auto-correction of Services for SaaS Clouds
Authors: Amulya Rachna, John Prakash Veigas

Synthesis, Characterization, Thermal, Refractive and Di Electric Studies of BIS (1-Oxododecyl) Peroxide Initiated Copolymers of Methacrylonitrile-Methyl Methacrylate
Authors: K. Rajani Kumar, Shaik. Feroz

Microwave-Assisted Synthesis and Biological Activities of Some Chromene Derivatives
Authors: Vrushali Patil, Ashish Asrondkar, Anil Bobade, Abhay Chowdhary

Efficacy of Plant Hormone on the Extension of Shelf Life, Postharvest Behaviour and Quality of Kishanbhog Mango (Mangifera indica L.)
Authors: M. Ibrahim, F. Yeasmin, M.H. Morshed, M.O.H. Helali, A.K.M.S. Alam, D. Talukder

Investigation of the Suspending Properties of Dicerocaryum Zanguebarium and Adansonia Digitata Mucilage as Structured Vehicles
Authors: Tapiwa Manyarara, Joy Chifamba, Precious Derera

An Autonomic Approach for Replication of Scalable Internet Service Deployment
Authors: Raji Rajasekharan

Mapping of Feasibility of Groundwater for Drinking Water Zones of Akkalkot Taluk, Solapur, India using GIS Techniques
Authors: Mustaq Shaikh, Farjana Birajdar

Glass-Jute Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites
Authors: Velu .S, Srinivasan .R

Space Vector Pulse Width Amplitude Modulation for Boost Voltage Source Inverter
Authors: Saranya .P .J, Sanjuna .S, Subalakshmi .S

Security on Cloud Computing: A Review
Authors: Rameshwari Malik

RTL Design and FPGA Implementation of Canny Edge Detector with Real Time Threshold Adjustment Capability
Authors: Lakshmamma K M, Chandana B.R

Combination of Plasma Ultra-Sensitive CRP and Homocysteine as Diagnostic and Predictive Protocol for Acute Myocardial Infarction
Authors: Kamal Eldin Ahmed Abdelsalam

Secure and Improvised Edge Based Steganograghy
Authors: Ramya N, Shamna N V

Implementation of Wavelet Based Enhanced Pyramid Decomposition Algorithm for Pixel-Level Image Fusion
Authors: Naik Ashwini S., Bhaskar P.C.

An Improved Approach to Forecast Equity Market Using Time Series Method
Authors: Rijhal Mune, Shikha Pandey

Identification and Avoidance of DDoS Attack for Secured Data Communicationin Cloud
Authors: Aaqib Iqbal Wani, Janaki Raman V., N. Priya

Biocatalyst Based Process for Fatty Acid Esters Synthesis
Authors: Rajeshkumar Vadgama

Stochastic Epidemic Model with Poisson Infection Rate without Removal
Authors: G. Ramesh, R. Surendar

Antibacterial Activity and Antioxidant Capacity of Malaysian Tualang Honey
Authors: Aminu Shehu, Mohd Adzim Khalili Rohin, Aniza Abd Aziz, Salwani Ismail

A Cylindrical Model for Muco-Ciliary Transport in the Human Trachea: Effects of Mucus-Visco Elasiticity and Porosity
Authors: M. Chitra, S. Radhakrishnan

A Review of Comparatively Study of Different Speaker Recognition Techniques
Authors: Umer Malik

A Survey on Facilitating Document Annotation Techniques
Authors: Priyanka C. Ghegade, Vinod S. Wadne

PV Solar System fed Capacitor Start Induction Motor and DC Shunt Motor
Authors: T.N.V.T.Sahiteesh, K.Madhu Krishna

The Impact of Child Labour on Early Childhood Development and Learning: A Case of Gweru District
Authors: Phylis Mawere, Dr Mercy Kurebwa

Provision of Content Based Service Recommendations using Hadoop and MapReduce
Authors: M. Vigneesh, K. Nimala

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching on Anxiety Level of Women Undergoing in Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) in a Selected Infertility Centre
Authors: Maj Shiny Joseph, Lt Col MeenaChacko

A Comparative Study of Autonomic Function Sensitivity Testing in Type 2 Diabetes
Authors: Chiranjeevi Kumar Endukuru, N.Mallikarjuna Reddy

Numerical Analysis of Supersonic Scramjet Combustion Engine with Double Cavity Configuration at Mach 2 Fuel Injection
Authors: Nithin .N

In Silico and in Vitro Reverse Genetics of yebV of Escherchia Coli
Authors: R. Mythili, N. Vijayan

Left Atrium Function in Systemic Hypertension
Authors: Noha Hassanin M.D.

Forecasting of Stock Market through Trends and Patterns using Time Series Analysis
Authors: Parmeet Arora, D. Hemavathi

Development of Simple Correlation to Evaluate Formation Volume Factor for Nigerian Crude Oil
Authors: Nkemakolam Chinedu Izuwa, Obidiegwu Martins Uzodinma

Influence of Investment Groups on Creation of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Nairobi County
Authors: Vincent Oduor Ogutu

Effects of Electrode Polarityon SKD61 Steel Surface Properties in Powder Mixed Electrical Discharge Machining
Authors: B.T. Long, N. Cuong, N. H. Phan

Perceptions of English Language Teachers and Learners about an Effective English Language Teacher (Eelt) in Kenyan Secondary Schools
Authors: Napwora Jesse, Edwin Masibo, Sarah Likoko

Frequency of Low Back Pain due to Heavy Bags among School-going Children in Lahore, Pakistan
Authors: Nahid Afzal, Hafiz Muhammad Asim, Hira Dilshad

Instructional Leadership and Its Effect on the Teaching and Learning Process: the Case of Head teachers in Selected Basic Schools in the Central Province of Zambia
Authors: Rachel. M. Kabeta, P.C. Manchishi, A. Akakandelwa

Azathioprine as a Steroid Sparing Agent in Recalcitrant Type 2 Reaction
Authors: Dr. Raju Chaudhary, Dr. Khushbu Modi

Open Daylight Integration with Openstack
Authors: Basivireddy D

Conversion of used Oil intoLubricatingGrease and Characteristics Evaluation
Authors: Salah Eldeen F.Hegazi

Privacy Preservation in Cloud Using Attribute Based Encryption
Authors: T. Arokiaarun, D. Saveetha

Performance Evaluation of Clone Detection Tools
Authors: Shilpa Dang, Shahid Ahmad Wani

Growth of Population and Population Policies Implemented in Turkey between 1965 and 2014
Authors: Dr.

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