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Recently Published: Bioremediation of Lead by a Halophilic Bacteria Bacillus pumilus Isolated from the Mangrove Regions of Karnataka          ||          Application of ABC-VED Matrix Analysis to Control the Inventory of a Central Pharmacy in a Public Hospital: A Case Study          ||          Structural Study of Acetylene Thin Films Absorbed on Exfoliated Graphite (0001)          ||          Relationship between the Committee Service and Competency of Learning Management in Education and Effectiveness of Technical Substantive Technical Publication in Scientific Publication in Education and Training Center for Technical Education and Religion          ||          The Translatability of Arabic Objects into English in Yahya Hakki's Novel "The Lamp of Umm Hashim"          ||          Biology Teachers' Context Based Approach Knowledge in the Design of 'O' Level Biology Lessons in Selected Secondary Schools of Kafue District          ||          Comparing the Efficacy of Epidural Buprenorphine versus Epidural Butorphanol in Postoperative Pain Relief in Laparoscopic Surgeries: A Randomized Double Blinded Controlled Study          ||          A Business Development Plan to Improve the Market Performance of Dana Airline (Dana Air) in the Nigerian Local Airlines Sector          ||          Analysis of Stray Current, its Aetiology, Propagation, Relevant Measurement Protocols and Mitigative Efforts at a Pig Farm in Northern Denmark          ||          Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) with Multidrug-Resistant (MDR) Pathogens in Geriatric Patients: Risk Factors and their Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern with Detection of MRSA, ESBLs and MBLs in Intensive Care Unit          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Blind Assist Stick Using Microcontroller          ||          Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Competitive Advantage: A Survey of Earlier Researches          ||          Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Competitive Advantage: A Survey of Earlier Researches          ||          Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Competitive Advantage: A Survey of Earlier Researches          ||          Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Competitive Advantage: A Survey of Earlier Researches          ||          The Relationship between Ownership Concentration and Earnings Management - Evidence from Mongolian listed firms          ||          AR Mobile Games Adoption: A Study among University Students in Malaysia          ||          Application of Augmented Reality to Interactive Learning Systems          ||          A Review on Home Automation using Augmented Reality          ||          AR Mobile Games Adoption: A Study among University Students in Malaysia          ||          Android Mobile Based Tour Guide System using Augmented Reality          ||          Design and Control of Defense Robot Based On Virtual Reality          ||          Augmented Reality-Based Learning Medium for Autistic Children          ||          Learning Media Development Based Technology of Augmented Reality In Inorganic Chemicals Culture          ||          Effectiveness Analysis of Geometry Learning of 3-Dimensional Form with Augmented Reality Method          ||          The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019: An Analytical Study          ||          Leaf Epidermal Studies in Some Araceae          ||          Legal Protection of Medical Records as Evidence Tool in Law Enforcement Process          ||          Fungal Flora of Some Medicinal Plants          ||          M2M Architecture for Enhancing the Public Transportation Management Services Using ARM7          ||         

Volume 4 Issue 3 March 2015

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Numerical Modelling of Two Tier Spillway
Authors: Ravindra R. Bhate, Dr. G.A. Hinge

Hybrid Prefetching for Improving Page Hit-Ratio
Authors: Kushwant Kaur, Dr. Kanwalvir Singh Dhindsa

Prevalence of Nutritional Anaemia among College Students and its Correlation with their Body Mass Index
Authors: Kamal Mehta

Pregnancy in Uterus Didelphys Delivered By Caesarean Section: Case Report and Review of Literature
Authors: Dr. V. Aruna, Dr. S. Aliya Jabeen

Structural Analysis of the Operations and Time for Tank Unloading of Grain Harvesters
Authors: Nedelcho Delchev, Krasimir Trendafilov

Privacy Preserving Data Mining
Authors: Divya Rana

Design of Application to Detect Images Embedded with Malicious Programs
Authors: Robert T. R. Shoniwa, Geogen George

Web Testing: A Review on Tool, Challenges and Techniques
Authors: Jyoti

Integrative Performance of the House and the Low-Cost for the Respondent to the Hot Humid Climate
Authors: Jamal Abed Al Wahid Jassim

A Review on Performance Analysis of Cloud Computing Services for Scientific Computing
Authors: Brij Raj Singh, Rajesh Bharati

Study of Unnatural Death Due to Fatal Burn in Female in Varanasi, India
Authors: Dr. Awdhesh Kumar

A Survey on Asymmetric Key Aggregate Encryption in Data Sharing
Authors: Shilpashree P, Dr. K. N. Narasimha Murthy

Morphological Analyzer for Malayalam: A Review on Various Approaches
Authors: Anagha .N, Vidya .M

A Study to Identify, Assess and Evaluate the Social Development of Students at Secondary Level
Authors: Rana Navid Ahmad Ph. D., ShafiqurRehman Ph.D.

Factors Influencing the Use of Lease Financing in Public Institutions in Kenya: A Case of the National Treasury of Kenya
Authors: Faith Asha Munga, Caro Ayuma

Result Evaluation of Graph Based Multi Document Summarization
Authors: Vijay Sonawane, Rakesh Salam

Analysis of the Influencing Factors for Brand Preferences towards FMCG in Delhi NCR
Authors: M Shehbaz Qasim

Stress Analysis of Crane Hook with Different Cross Section Using Finite Element Method
Authors: Sayyedkasim Ali, Harish Kumar, Shishir Agrawal, Milin Kumar Rajurkar

A Cloud Service Measure Index Framework to Evaluate Efficient Candidate with Ranked Technology
Authors: Shruthi Shirur, Annappa Swamy D. R.

Plant Made Edible Vaccines-Paving the Future
Authors: Priyanka Shukla, Rahul Mishra

Calculation of Electronic Stopping Power for Protons in Atomic Targets
Authors: Wijdan A. M. Jassim, Rashid. O. Kadhim

Compatibility between Physical Fitness and Work Load among Farm Women
Authors: A. Mrunalini

Control of Two Parallel Connected Inverters in a Standalone AC Power Supply System
Authors: Harish Kumar Pokra, Neha Tiwari

Implementation of Enhanced Feedback in Automated Latent Fingerprint Matcher
Authors: Lekshmi S P, Lizmol Stephen

Enhancement of Customer Relationship Management Using MCRM and SCRM
Authors: Archana C, Sheetal Waghmare

Strategy Formulation and Implementation of Program Quality Assurance Education by LPMP Jambi
Authors: Dr. Kemas Imron Rosadi M.Pd

Annotation Effective Cad Using Content and Information Extraction
Authors: M. Padma Deepika, R. Hari Haran

Cloud Based E-Learning Model for Open and Distance Learning in Nigerian Universities
Authors: D. R Aremu, Babatunde Peter JACOB, Peter M Ogedebe

Lightweight Concrete Using EPS
Authors: Abhijit Mandlik, Tarun Sarthak Sood, Shekhar Karade, Sangram Naik, Amruta Kulkarni

Attack Detection and Mitigation for AGC
Authors: Pooja A Kulkarni, Harshal A Karande

Automatic ECG Anomalous Identification Using XML Data Processing
Authors: K. Mathivanan, K. Vijay

User Based Personalized Search with Big Data
Authors: M. C. Sabitha

Big Data Analytics for Gold Price Forecasting Based on Decision Tree Algorithm and Support Vector Regression (SVR)
Authors: Navin, Dr. G. Vadivu

A Review on Various Fusion and Features Extraction Approaches for Multi-Modal Biometric Authentication System
Authors: Hardeep Kaur, Paramjit Kaur

Using Internet: Technical and Health related Problems in Users
Authors: Vinita Pandey, Dr. Kiranjot Sidhu

An Efficient Method for Image Denoising Using Orthogonal Wavelet Transform
Authors: Akshata S Kori, Manjunatha A S.

New Secure and Advanced Algorithm for Stream Ciphers Extended RC4 and FPGA Implementation
Authors: Nikhil Sankar, K. Kalpana

Securing TCP/IP Stacks Using IP Tables
Authors: Hamisu I. Usman, J. Dharani

Finding Maximal Clique In A Graph
Authors: Wiwin Apriani, Novida Sari Sihombing, Zullidar Habsyah, Saib Suwilo

The Alternate Low Cost Non Conventional Energy Production Plant - Bio Gas Plant in a Tertiary Hospital Center
Authors: Dr. Sukanya Seshasai, Dr. T. Seshasai

Load Balancing in P2P Networks using Random Walk Algorithm
Authors: A. S. Syed Navaz, A. S. Syed Fiaz

Review Paper on Secure Data Packet Transmission in Cluster Head and Base Station Using Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Ashutosh S. Patil, Prof. Akhilesh A. Tyade

Secure Cloud DBaaS by Client and Server side Encryption
Authors: Ashok Jayadar, A. R. Arunachalam

Using Revenue Management in Multiproduct Production-Inventory Systems
Authors: Hadi Esmaeili Ahangarkolaei, Mohammad Saeid Zandi

Application of Six Sigma Tool for Quality Improvement - A Case Study in Manufacturing Industry
Authors: Amol.J.Gangai, G. R. Naik

Effect of Electromagnetic Field Due to Radar System in Human Body
Authors: Swati Agrawal, Bhargava K. Iyengar, Ritesh Diwan

A Review on Power Quality Improvement by UPQC
Authors: Sneha Bageshwar, Dr. D. P. Kothari

Neglected Congenital Pseudarthrosis of the Tibia in an Adult Treated by Deformity Correction and limb Lengthening using Ilizarov Ring Fixator
Authors: Dr. Riyaz Babu Shaik, Dr. Srinivas Thadimalla, Dr Nanda Kishore Maddineni

Automatic Patch Generation for Control Hijacking Attacks
Authors: Saud Adam Abdulkadir, Savaridassan P.

Determination of Release Mechanism from Multiple Coefficients & in vitro Release Kinetics of Metformin Hydochloride alone and along with Herbal Sex Stimulants
Authors: Md. Nazmul Hossain, Md. Alauddin, Nishat Akther

Survey Paper on Data Mining Using Neural Network
Authors: Rasika P. Ghom, N. R. Chopde

Single Component Adsorption of Nickel, Cadmium, Copper and Lead from Aqueous Solution Using Aswan Clay
Authors: Taha M. A. Razek

An Experiment of Cooperative Learning Model to Teach the Students in Writing Scientific Works as Observed from their Logical Thinking Capacity
Authors: Henny Dewi K, Herman J. Waluyo, Sugiyanto, Retno Winarni, Andayani

Survey Paper on Data Mining in Cloud Computing
Authors: Anuja R. Yeole, Poonam Borkar

Experimental Correlation between Different Routes of Commercial Hair Dye Administration and Renal Toxicity
Authors: Ehab I. El-Amin PhD, Mohammed A. GahElnabi MD, Waled AM. Ahmed PhD, Khalid O. Abosalif PhD, Ziad M. Alostaz MSc, Sami A. Zabin PhD, Khalid E. Khalid PhD

One Class Clustering Tree for Implementing Many to Many Data Linkage
Authors: Ravi R, Michael G

Protection Figures Hitting by Refining Depiction Fragment Torrent
Authors: P Siddharthan, C Mahesh

Evaluation Microbiological Air Contamination in Al Majmaah University
Authors: Dr. Heaven Hannan, Nawal Al Yassin, Sara Aba Hussien, Dr. Johra Khan

Drug Delivery System Embedded in a Belt with Mechanism to Relieve Pain and Infusion of Drug into Skin by Massaging
Authors: Tarundeep Singh Kalsi, Kuldeep Singh Rajawat

Tensile Properties of Indigenous Kenyan Boran Pickled and Tanned Bovine Hide
Authors: Kallen M. Nalyanya, Ronald K. Rop, Arthur Onyuka, Joseph Kamau

Administration of Tadalafil to Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Metabolic Syndrome: A Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial
Authors: Haedar Abdulhafith Al-Biati, Qassim AL-Shamaa, Sajida Hussein Ismail, Faris Abdul Kareem Kazaal, Salim Al-Rubaie

Analysis of Implicit Type Pulse Triggered Flip Flop
Authors: Richa Srivastav, Dinesh Chandra, Sumit Khandelwal

Access to Schooling in Different Geographical Regions - A Case Study of South 24parganas District of West Bengal
Authors: Jhuma Halder

An Approach to Control Congestion Using Vanets (Vehicular Adhoc Network)
Authors: Manjari Dahiya, Meenakshi Moza

Knowledge Retrieval from Web Server Logs Using Web Usage Mining
Authors: Naresh Kumar Kar, H. R. Sharma, Asha Ambhaikar

Development of Wireless RGB LED PWM Controller on Low Cost CPLD
Authors: Kamal Kant Sharma, Vipin Kumar Gupta

Carbon Nanotubes Field Effect Transistor: A Review
Authors: Shaifali Ruhil, Jyoti Sehgal, Komal Rohilla

The Redefinition of Child of Adultery
Authors: Dr. Iffatin Nur M.Ag.

The Phenomenon of Indonesian Migrant Workers: A New Face of Modern Slavery (An Overview of Social Fiqh)
Authors: Dr. H. A. Hasyim Nawawie SH MHI Msi

Comparative Analysis of Adders
Authors: Sakshi Gaur

Risk Factors in Heart Attack
Authors: Edi Smajlaj, Sabit Brokaj

Autism and Seisures in Children Admitted in a Tertiary Hospital
Authors: Armand Shehu, Aida Bushati, Valentina Tashko

Operative Treatment of Thyroid Nodules
Authors: Lulezim Lekaj, Ardian Dajti, Edmond

Findings of a Mammographic Screening of the Breast
Authors: Agim Dokaj, Arsen Hoxha, Tahir Hysa

Spectrophotometric Method for Determination and Biological Activity of Trace Amount of Cd(II) by bis(2-((pyridin-2-ylimino)methyl)phenyl)-4,4'-(diazene-1,2-diyl)dibenzoate
Authors: Mohanad Hazim Naji Halboos

Variation in the Incidence and Position of Accessory Mandibular Foramen in East Indian Population in Relation to Age
Authors: Patra S, Biswal R

Attenuation of NFkB Activation Augments Alveolar Transport Proteins Expression and Activity under Hypoxia
Authors: Titto Mathew, Sarada SKS

Finite Difference Approximation for Transport Equation with Shifts Arising in Neuronal Variability
Authors: Chhatra Pal, Agam Dwivedi

A Radiographic Assessment of the Prevalence of Pulp Stones in Premolars Regarding the Dental Arches
Authors: Pavlina Aleksova

Nanobacteria can be the Reason for Creating Sialoliths
Authors: Pavlina Aleksova

Effect of Heating on the Behaviour of Direct Shear Transfer in Self-Compacting Concrete
Authors: Khattab Saleem Abdul-Razzak

Modelling the Impact of Awareness Programs on the spread of HIV/AIDS
Authors: R. Lalawmpuii, J. Hussain

Comparative X- Ray Crystallographic Studies on C10H11N3O3S
Authors: Bharti Mishra

Analysising Netflix
Authors: Zana Majed Sadq

Factors of Overweight and Obesity Related to Eating Habits and Physical Activity in Students of Azra Naheed Medical College
Authors: Umer Maqsood, Hafiz Muhammad Asim, Hafiz Sheraz Arshad

Preanalytical,Analytical and Postanalytical Errors in Chemical Laboratory
Authors: Ekta Tiwari, Aravind Pallipady, Saurabh Mishra

Types of Online Viral Marketing in Book Industry
Authors: Mahir Pradana

Kantowski -Sachs Inflationary Cosmological Model with Bulk Viscosity and Varying Cosmological Constant in General Relativity
Authors: Vijay D. Elkar, Vijay G. Mete

Enhanced and Automated Virtual Machine Provisioning to Online E-assessment using Openstack Cloud
Authors: Vigneshwaran P

Clustering Tree based Implementation of Record Linkage on Many-to-Many Relation
Authors: V. Balvannanathan, R. Siva

Ocular Surface Neoplasia in a 35yr Old Female HIV Patient - A Case Report and Study of Literature
Authors: Dr. Nirmala Mande, Dr. D Udaya Kumar, Dr. M Vijaya Leela, Dr. V Swapna Latha

Saliva: An Expert Witness
Authors: Sood S, Bhargava M, Rathore P

Development and Supplementation of Fibre Enriched Formulated Supplementary Mixture on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Soumini. G. P, Yamunadevi Puraikalan

The Impact of Board Structures on Shareholders Returns
Authors: Vincent Konadu Tawiah, Muhaheranwa Benjamin

An Alternative Estimator for the Population Mean In PPS Sampling
Authors: Anita, Shashi Bahl

Finite Element Simulation for Cutting of Ti6AI4V
Authors: Lameck Sondo

Optimisation of Saw Process Parameters for Bead Geometry of Bead on Plate Welds Deposited on Structural Steel IS-2062 Using Taguchi Method
Authors: Meenu Sharma, Prof. (Dr.) M. I. Khan

Hematological and Clinical Changes in Rabbits Exposed to Lantana Camara under Experimental Conditions
Authors: Al-Khafaji Mayada Nazar

Assessment of Heavy Metals Contamination Level in Estuarine Sea Sediment from Kollidam, India
Authors: K. Shameem Rani

Various Shape Descriptors in Image Processing
Authors: Preetika D

Sensitivity of Bovine Trypanosoma vivax Isolate Using Three Trypanocidal Drugs in Experimentally Induced Caprine Trypanosomosis
Authors: Qadeer M. A., Adamu T, Gumel M. A, Nganjiwa J. I

Evaluation of Radiation Dose Received By Patient during Cardiac Catheterization Procedure
Authors: Mohamed E. M. Gar-elnabi, Abdoelrahman Hassan. A. B., Abdoelrahman A. Ahmed, Mohamed Yousef

Heat Stress among Traffic Police Officers at North Khartoum Locality, Sudan
Authors: Afnan F Ibrahim, Alshebli A Ahmed, Ali I Salih

Review of Touch-Less Fingerprint Recognition Technologies
Authors: Shweta Warade, Rajesh Patil

Review of Optimization Aspects for Casting Processes
Authors: Yazad N. Doctor, Dr. Bhushan T. Patil, Aditya M. Darekar

Eye Drug Dispensing Glasses
Authors: Tarundeep Singh Kalsi, Kuldeep Singh Rajawat, Rajath R

Design and Analysis of Chassis and Body in White (BIW) in Automation Using Six-Sigma and Optimization Techniques
Authors: Rahul Pratap Yadav

An Obligatory Poetry Course: Benefits, Challenges and Way Forward: A Survey of Some Secondary Schools in Rwanda
Authors: Tuvuzimpundu Josephine

Performance Evaluation of Some Selected Feature Extraction Algorithms in Ear Biometrics
Authors: Afolabi Adeolu, Ademiluyi Desmond

Safe Removal of Amalgam Fillings in Dental Clinic: Use of Synergic Nasal Filters (Active Carbon) and Phytonaturals
Authors: María Eugenia Cabaña-Muñoz, José Maria Parmigiani-Izquierdo, José María Parmigiani- Cabaña, José Joaquín Merino

Application of Remote Sensing Techniques in Forest Cover Mapping
Authors: Gavade Vaishali, Dr. R. R. Patil

The Influence of Physical Factors on Deforestation of Key Species and their Implication for Forest Management in the Dry Afromontane Forest of Desa
Authors: Hadgu Hishe, Kidane Giday, Mebrahtu Haile

Matrix Representation of Hanoi Graphs
Authors: Rajesh Kumar .C, Uma Maheswari .S

Comparison between Tobit and Interval Censored Regression Model in STIFIN Test and GPA Prediction
Authors: Eka Rusdiana, Nilayani, Sri Pra Viana Elina, Liza Setyaning Pertiwi

Competency Mapping to Identify High Performers: in Context to IT Professionals
Authors: Divya Sharma

Secure Data Transmission with Hierarchical Clustering
Authors: Rahul Raj, J. Godwin Ponsam

Cross Selling of Financial Products
Authors: Rekha K. G.

Identify the Patients at High Risk of Re-admission in Hospital in the Next Year
Authors: Ankur Makwana, Pranav Verma

Semantic Information Extraction From Ontology Using Natural Language Query Processing
Authors: Sudarshan D. Awale, S. J. Karale

Design and Determination of Feasible Centroid for Meeting from Multiple Geo-Points: A Review
Authors: Nikhita Jambhule, Jagdish Pimple

Privacy-Preservation of Centralized and Distributed Social Network by Using L-Diversity Algorithm
Authors: Shankaranand, P. Rajasekar

Comparison between Fuzzy and Not Fuzzy Portfolio Optimization under Downside Risk Measures
Authors: Wilma Handayani, Sulaiman, Suvriadi Panggabean, Liza Setyaning Pertiwi, Dr. Sutarman M. Sc

Nonparametric Estimation of a Censored Regression Model with an Application to STIFIN Test
Authors: Liza Setyaning Pertiwi, Meliya Ningrum, Fadillah Khairunnisa Rambe, Wilma Handayani

A Review on Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders of the Workers Working in Different Workstations
Authors: D. Krishna Priya, Y. Vijaya Lakshmi

Case Report on Consanguineous Marriage
Authors: Pramila D' Souza, Sonia Karen Liz Sequera

Comparative Analysis of Cascaded Half Bridge Inverter Using Different Modulation Techniques
Authors: P. Sai Prasanna, V. Lavanya

Review on Hardware-in-Loop Simulation used to Advance Design Efficiency and Test Competency
Authors: Prajakta Patil, Snehal Bhosale

A Study on Rural Education in Darjeeling
Authors: Sunny Rawat, Ashish Chettri

Intrusion Detection System with Automatic Forensic Data Acquisition and Firewall
Authors: Laimayum Bulbul Sharma, J. Dharani

Portfolio Selection with Fuzzy Downside Risk Model: A Numerical Study
Authors: Muslena Layla, Meiria Jolina Tarigan, Yulia Utami, Wilma Handayani

Effect of CME Events of Geomagnetic Field at Indian Station Alibag and Pondicherry
Authors: Babita Chandel

A Study on Micellization of Cetyl Pyridinium Bromide in Mixed Solvent System
Authors: Geetha Sarasan, Indu Chouhan

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