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Recently Downloaded: Evolutionary Relationship between Heteropternis Respondents and Pternoscirta Sauteri on the 12S rRNA Sequence          ||          Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Availability Payment Scheme in the Development of North Circle Road of Cilegon City          ||          Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Availability Payment Scheme in the Development of North Circle Road of Cilegon City          ||          Improvement of Creative Attention of Teachers in Technology          ||          Improvement of Creative Attention of Teachers in Technology          ||          Tax Compliance and Level of Tax Collection among Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Kiambu County, Kenya          ||          Goods and Service Tax (GST): India?s New Journey towards Indirect Taxation          ||          Awareness of Osteoporosis among females, Eastern Province, KSA          ||          Investigation of Broken Rotor Bar Fault in Field Oriented Controlled Induction Motor Using Discrete Wavelent Transform          ||          Speech Act of Vow in Quranic Discourse          ||          Study of Endothelial Cell Count in Patients after Penetrating Keratoplasty by Clinical Specular Microscope          ||          Awareness of Osteoporosis among females, Eastern Province, KSA          ||          Design and Implementation of Adiabatic Logic for Low Power Application          ||          A Comparative Study on Screening Methods for the Detection of Protease Activity Containing Bacteria          ||          Research on Characteristic Town?s Crowd-Funding Pricing Based on Real Option          ||          Research on Characteristic Town?s Crowd-Funding Pricing Based on Real Option          ||          IoT Data Logger in Irrigation Using Raspberry PI Model B          ||          A Study on Brand Preference towards Sports Apparels with Reference to Coimbatore District          ||          Impact of Pharmacist Provided Counselling to the Parents of Malnutrition Children at Government District Hospital, Kalaburagi, Karnataka          ||          Effectiveness of Individualized Use of a Multisensory Environment on Engagement in Preschool Children Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder          ||         

Volume 4 Issue 3 March 2015

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Physiological and Biochemical Changes to Low Doses of Cadmium in Two Varieties of Oryza sativa L. of Odisha, India
Authors: Pallavi Jali, Anath Bandhu Das, Chinmay Pradhan

Thermal Radiation Effects on Hydromagnetic Flow of Nanofluid over a Nonlinearly Stretching Sheet in the Existence of Variable Heat Generation and Viscous Dissipation
Authors: S. P. Anjali Devi, Mekala Selvaraj

Cancer Gene Prediction and Computer Aided Diagnosis for Cancer
Authors: Tejal V. Gudadhe, Namrata D. Ghuse

Implementation of Green Wave System for Traffic Clearance of Emergency Vehicles and for Detection of Theft Vehicles
Authors: P. Sreelekha, Dr. D. Vishnu Vardhan

Thorne - Zytkow Object [TZO]
Authors: Amruta D. Jagtap

Adolescents Perception of Adjustment Problems and School Counseling Services
Authors: Jagjiwan Kaur, Arpita Malhotra

Synonymy of Therms and Terms and Its Presentation in the Linguistic-Informative System
Authors: L. M. Badyorina

Test Usability of Routing Protocol for QoS Parameters in Cloud
Authors: Murtuza Petladwala

Differentiating Identical Twins by Using Conditional Face Recognition Algorithms
Authors: Swati Y. Dhote, A. D. Gotmare, M. S. Nimbart

Development of New Algorithm for Finding Inverse of Modular Multiplication
Authors: Dr. J. Thirumaran, S. Raja

A Survey on Broadcasting Probability to Enhance Mobile Ad-hoc Network Using NCPR
Authors: Kajal B. Kunte, Navnath D. Kale

A Market Study about Laser Toner on Chennai City
Authors: L. Prakash, K. Senthilkumar

Craniofacial Localization of Multiple Myeloma
Authors: Hr. Mihaylova, P. Stanimirov

Impact of Employees
Authors: Dr. S. P. Singh, Neha Mehta

The Relationship between Rebranding and Customer Loyalty: The Case of Kenya Power
Authors: Makori M. Nyambane, Makori M. Ezekiel

Supplementation of Propionic Acid (PA), Butyric Acid (BA) or Antibiotic (AB) in Diets and their Influence on Broiler Performance, Carcass Parameters and Immune Response
Authors: K. Vijaya Lakshmi, G. Shyam Sunder

Supplementation of Lactic Acid and Citric Acid in Diets Replacing Antibiotic and its Influence on Broiler Performance, Meat Yield and Immune Response up to 42 Days of Age
Authors: K. Vijaya Lakshmi, G. Shyam Sunder

Removal of Ni (II) From Aqueous Water Using A Mixture (50: 50) of Bentonite and China Clay As An Adsorbent
Authors: Asim Mushtaq, Aadil Abbas

Glycosylated Hemoglobin in Young Healthy Kashmiri Adults for Reference Epidemiological Purposes and Prediction of the Risk of Future Diabetes
Authors: Reyaz Lone, Peerzada Sajad, Reyaz Bhat, Naziya Manzoor

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Regular Generalized Semi Continuous Mappings
Authors: R. Anitha, Dr. D. Jayanthi

A Critical Analysis of the Concept of Hope: The Nursing Perspective
Authors: Ominyi Jude Nweze (MSc.N, B NSc, R.N), Agom David Agom (MSc.N, B NSc, R.N), Joy David Agom (MSc.N, B NSc, R.N, R.M), Anyigor Chukwuma Nwankwo (MSc.N, Bsc, R.N)

Comparative Analysis of Cascaded H- Bridge Inverter and RV Inverter Topology
Authors: Anupama Gupta, Shimi S. L.

Analysis of Employee Stress of Public and Private Sector Banks in Goa
Authors: Rajendra Kumbharjuvenkar

Direct Pulp Capping with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate in Primary Teeth: 2 Year Follow-Up
Authors: N. Milcheva

Comparative Study of MAC Algorithms in Pervasive Computing Environment
Authors: P. Bakkiya Lakshmi, K. Kumar

State- Based Approach to Analyze the Reliability of Component Based Software
Authors: Pooja Gupta, Amanpreet Kaur Boparai

An Efficient Network Intrusion Based on Decision Tree Classifier & K-Mean Clustering using Dimensionality Reduction
Authors: Vandna Malviya, Anurag Jain

Evolutions and Challenges of Behavioral Finance
Authors: Dr. V. Raman Nair, Anu Antony

Hypolipidemic and Antiatherogenic Effects of Aqueous Extract of Libyan Propolis in Lead Acetate Intoxicated Male Albino Mice
Authors: Azab El-Sayed Azab, Munira Ammar Algridi, Nuri Mohammed Lashkham

Energy Efficient and Trust Based Node Disjoint Multipath Routing Protocol for WSN
Authors: Rucha Agrawal, Simran Khiani

A Secure and Efficient Way of Accessing Encrypted Cloud Databases Using Adaptive Encryption Scheme
Authors: Seethal K S, Siddana Gowda

Existing of Medical Pluralism in Era of Globalisation: A Study in North West Himalayas
Authors: Kiran Singh

A Novel Approach for Encryption of Text Messages, Enhancing the Security of Simple Coloumnar Transposition Cipher with Ceasar Cipher and Rail Fence Cipher, Under 15 Parameters
Authors: Jawad Ahmad Dar, Amit Verma

Electromyography Assessment of Muscle Fatigue in Temporomandibuar Disorder Patients
Authors: Guguvcevski Ljuben

The Efficacy of Genotype
Authors: Singh Shruti S., Desai Pratibha B.

Advanced Content Based Mobile Search Engine
Authors: Patil Anuja A., M. M. Naoghare

A Comparative Study of Optimum Solution between Fractional Transportation and Fractional Transhipment Problem
Authors: R. Sophia Porchelvi, A. Anna Sheela

A Review of Dimensionality Reduction Techniques
Authors: Bothe Priya V., Rangole Jyoti S.

Comparison of Bending Response of Laminated Composite Plates under Mechanical and Hygro-Thermal Loading
Authors: Shubhankar Karmoker, Anup Ghosh

Predicting Relative Risk for Diabetes Mellitus Using Association Rule Summarization in EMR
Authors: R. Sangeetha, M. Vivekanantha Moorthy

Information Retrieval for Bridging Vocabulary Gap between Health Seekers and Providers
Authors: Venkatesh .M, Hemavathi .D

Analysis and Data Retrieval by Filtering Packets in High Speed Routers
Authors: Indumathi, K. Kumar

Reed Solomon Decoder with Parallel Syndrome Computation on FPGA: A Review
Authors: Saroj Bakale, Dhananjay Dabhade

Diagnostic Procedures, Epidemiology and Genetic Diversity of Cryptosporidium Species in Bungoma County, Kenya
Authors: Wasike Wekesa Eric, Kutima H L, Muya M S, Wamachi A

Spontaneous Rupture of Unscarred Uterus in Grand Multiparous Women: A Report of 5 Cases
Authors: Sabyasachi Sarkar, Phalguni Kangjam, Pushpal Chowdhury, Rajkishori Dandotiya, Santosh Kumar Sah, Apurva Shriram Thakare

A Melt Down of Steel Small Business Enterprises in Gweru Urban
Authors: Wilson Mabhanda, Dr. Kurebwa Mercy

Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Communication Devices
Authors: Nita Kalambe, Dhruv Thakur, Shubhankar Paul

Key Drivers of Knowledge Management System in Jain Sthanakvasi Sect
Authors: Dr. Alka Jain

An Efficient Synthesis and Biological Properties of 2- [ (5-Methoxy-1H- Benzimidazol-2-yl) Sulfanyl] -N-Phenylacetamide Motief
Authors: Kokila A. Parmar, Ranjit K. Patel

Computational Study of C-Substituted Tetrazole Tautomers: Magnetic and Structural Based Degree of Aromaticity
Authors: Joseph Lalhruaitluanga, Zodinpuia Pachuau

Performance Appraisal System and Employee Satisfaction among its Employees in Bangalore
Authors: Poornima V., Dr. S. John Manohar

Bioefficacy of Medicinal Plant Extract and Pathogenicity of Verticillium wilt of Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.)
Authors: Shrikant B. Bhosale, D. S. Jadhav

Survey on Schedulers Optimization to Handle Multiple Jobs in Hadoop Cluster
Authors: Shivaraj B. G., Nagaraj Naik

Effect of Post Clearance Audit on Revenue Collection in Kenya: A Case Study of Customs Service Department in Mombasa County
Authors: Sidwaka J. Ndenga, Caro Ayuma

Coastal Erosion and Its Impact on Sagar Island, (S) 24 Parganas, W.B
Authors: Roy Chowdhury B., Sen T.

Comparative Study on Growing Issues of Children under various Government Departments with Intervention in Cachar District of Assam
Authors: H. K. Dev. Mahanta, Ruli Daulagupu

The Evaluation of the Electrical Activity of the Chewing Muscles
Authors: Mimoza Canga MD PhD, Vito Antonio Malagnino MD DDS

A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Practices Regarding Prevention of Anaemia among Antenatal Women Attending a Tertiary Level Hospital in Pune
Authors: Maj Sivapriya S, Lt Col Laxmipriya Parida

Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching Program Regarding Knowledge on Biomedical Waste Management among Staff Nurses
Authors: Mimi Lalmuanpuii, Tukuram B. Zagade, V. R. Mohite, MB Shinde

Quick and Secure Data Retrieval for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks
Authors: A. Vineth, John Deva Prasanna

Modeling the Absorption of Water by the Wood
Authors: Nadia AMARDO, M

Issues Related to Over Utilization of Ground Water, Special Reference to District-North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India
Authors: Ram Krishna Sen

A Study on Use of Tranexamic Acid in Reducing Blood Loss during Lower Segment Caesarean Section
Authors: Dr. Jayati Nath

A Clinical Study on Dental Fluorosis with Light- Induced Fluorescence
Authors: K. Peycheva, E. Boteva

Temperature Dependence DC Conductivity in Nanostructured Alumina Filler Incorporated Polycarbonate Matrix
Authors: Sudha L. K., Sukumar Roy, K. Uma Rao

From Jammer to Gambler: Modeling and Detection of Jamming Attacks against Time Critical Traffic
Authors: P. Sudha, K. Durairaj

Authors: Dr. Lata Galate, Sonal Bangde

A Control Scheme of Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Based D-STATCOM for Improving the Voltage Control and Reduce Total Harmonics Distortion
Authors: R. Nedumaran, P. Senthil Kumar

Concept of Ideal Business & Its Realization Using E-Business Model
Authors: P. S. Aithal

Emotional Intelligence Predicting Academic Achievement among College Students
Authors: Pavithra Raj, Dr. V Chandramohan

Optimization of PAV\AgNO3 Films for Measuring Entrance and Exit Radiotherapy Dose Relative to TLDs
Authors: Mohammed A. Ali Omer, Hamed A. Ismail, Mohamed E. M. Garlnabi, Ghada A. Edam, Nuha S. Mustafa

A Comprehensive Study on System Capacity Improvement in LTE Femtocells by On-Request Channel Allocation
Authors: Jayasankar .S

Characteristic Study of Rapid Prototyped Parts at Different Build Orientation
Authors: Cany Mendonsa, KV Naveen, Prathik Upadhyaya

Experimental Investigation on Surface Roughness in Finish Turning of EN 8 Steel
Authors: K. G. Nikam, S. V. Vanjari

Detecting Selfish Node over the Active Path using Neighbor Analysis based Technique
Authors: Sumiti, Dr. Sumit Mittal

Underwater Signal Processing Techniques for Sediment Classification
Authors: Nalinee A. Pawar, J. S. Rangole

Chemical Reaction and Radiation Effects on Unsteady MHD Natural Convection Flow of a Rotating Fluid Past a Vertical Porous Flat Plate in the Presence of Viscous Dissipation
Authors: K.Anitha

Visual Cryptography Scheme: A Review
Authors: Anjali Maharudra Bhunje, Premanand K. Kadbe

Active Learning of Control Systems
Authors: G. Selvam

SIP Over NON-TLS vs TLS Environment
Authors: Prapti Priya Nayak, G. Sujatha

Modernization and Management of Apple Horticulture: A Study in Western Himalayas
Authors: Kiran Singh

Elasto-Plastic Strain Rate Dependent Material Characterization of Steel Grade for Crash Simulation
Authors: Shyamkumar Rai, A. K. Dubey

Perceptions of Postgraduate Medical Students towards Basic Science Subjects in their Curriculum
Authors: Archana A. Dharwadkar, Shruti Mohanty

Mobile Video Recommendation System on Cloud with User Behavior
Authors: Latika Gaddam, Pratibha Yalagi

Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme (PTP) on Knowledge Regarding Management of Selected Obstetric Emergencies among the Final Year GNM Students of Selected School of Nursing, Belgaum, Karnataka- One Group Pretest Post Test Pre Experimental Study
Authors: Heikham GC, Raddi SA

Study of Corelation Between Ultrasonographically Observed Grade 3 Placenta at 36 Weeks Gestation and Fetal and Maternal Outcomes
Authors: Dr. Shashikala H Gowda, Dr. Asmita Singh, Dr. Sowmya K.

Efficient Query Analyzer with Personalized Recommendations
Authors: Sini R, Lizmol Stephen

Vehicle to Vehicle Wireless Communication Protocol
Authors: Adithya B

Edification Training for Participating in Various Activities through Online
Authors: S. Thomas Fleming, P. Selvaraj

A Survey of Optimizing the Performance of iSCSI
Authors: Shruti Kulkarni, Dr. K. N. Narasimha Murthy

Implementation of Highly Secured Log Management System over Cloud
Authors: Rajebhosale Sagar S., Pawar Anil B.

Advanced Data Compression Using J-bit Algorithm
Authors: Sarita Ambadekar, Krushab Gandhi, Jay Nagaria, Rishabh Shah

Using MATLAB Component Object Model with Visual Basic Graphical User Interface (GUI): Application To: One Dimensional Diffusion Heat Transfer Equations of Extended Surface (FINS)
Authors: Mohammed Khalafalla Mohammed, Mahir Abdelwahid Ibrahim Ismail

Group Formation with Neighbour Similarity Trust in P2P E-Commerce
Authors: M. Robin Rutherford, V. Dheepa

Some Certain Properties of a New Class of p-valent Functions Defined by Komatu Operator
Authors: Waggas Galib Atshan, Safa Ehab mohammed

Suitability Assessment of Water Quality of Assabol Dam for Irrigation, Fish Culture and Drinking Purposes at Erob Wereda, Eastern Tigray; Ethiopia
Authors: Shifare Berhe, Seyoum Leta

Common Fixed Point Theorems Weak Compatible in Cone Metric Spaces
Authors: Raghu Nandan Patel, Damyanti Patel

Biotechnological Study of Mutagenic Effect on Flowering and Fruiting Pattern in Wild Chickpea
Authors: Dr. Girish C. Kamble, Prof. H. J. Petkar, Dr. A. S. Patil

SII Model for Self-Start Detection on the Propagation Dynamics of Modern Email Malware
Authors: Preetha S M, Suryapriya S

A Comparison of Transverse Section with Arc Shaped Turbulators as an Artificial Roughness on the Absorber Plate of a Solar Air Heater
Authors: Vikram Bharath B R, Dr. Madhukeshawara N

Reducing Semantic Gap in Image Retrieval by Integrating High Level Query and Low Level Facial Features
Authors: Anusree B S

An Investigation about the Effect of UV-Ray on Activity of Laccase and Manganese Peroxidase in Pleurotus Florida Shell Fungus
Authors: Sara Saadatmand, Fatemeh Sohrabi

Modeling and Analysis of Human Liver by Using Finite Element Analysis
Authors: N. Kishore Kumar, K. Ashok Kumar Raju

On a New Subclass of Meromorphic Univalent Functions Defined by Integral Operator
Authors: Waggas Galib Atshan, Safa Ehab Mohammed

Summarization of Honeypot- A Evolutionary Technology for Securing Data over Network and Comparison with some Security Techniques
Authors: Snehal B Rase, Pranjali Deshmukh

Application of Linear Programming (Assignment Model)
Authors: ELsiddigIdriss Mohamed Idriss, ElfarazdagMahjoub Mohamed Hussein

The Comparative Study of
Authors: Dr. Ravi Kerur, Dr. Pushpa I Agrawal

Serological Survey for Peste Des Petits Ruminants Virus (PPRv) in Camel from Different Regions in The West of Libya
Authors: El-Dakhly A .T.

Production of High Purity Solanesol from Impure Low Assay Tobacco Extract by Single Step Normal Phase Chromatography Method
Authors: Umesh Ingle, Arvind Lali

Impact and Role of Selected Coordinative Abilities in Racket Sports
Authors: Dr. Manoj Singh Rana, Dr. Yajuvendra Singh Rajpoot

Robust Sliding Mode ControlUsing Fuzzy Controller
Authors: Sonu Kumar, Dr. M. J. Nigam

Determination of Median Lethal Concentration (LC50) and Behavioral Effects of Chlordecone in the Cichlid fish, Etroplus maculatus
Authors: K. P. Asifa, K. C. Chitra

Employing Big Data for cyber Attacks Analysis
Authors: Ankit Srivastava, K. Venkatesh

Study of Plasma Homocysteine Level in Coronary Heart Disease Patients and Compare with Control
Authors: Sharma Hemlata, Vyas Shalini, Dr. Vyas R. K., Dr. Chhaparwal Amit

Revolutionizing Enterprise Resource Planning System in Nigeria Industries
Authors: Omotoso Temitope Peter, Prof. Guo Xiao Jun

Pollution Study of Pallickal River water Based on Pesticidal Compounds
Authors: Vaisakh S, M G Sanalkumar

New Distribution Record of Anomiid Species (Bivalvia: Anomiidae) from Vizhinjam, Kerala, Southwest Coast of India
Authors: Souji. S, Tresa Radhakrishnan

Feature Clustering and Annotating Search Results from Web Databases
Authors: Lekshmi S.S., Suryapriya S.

Data Secure in Cloud Computing Using Encryption Algorithms
Authors: Mrunalini Motilal Shete, Pragati Damodar Hipparkar

Library Automation in the Academic Institutions
Authors: Jayant Deshpande

Technical Education and Training-A Tool To Empower Arab Women
Authors: Fariel Khan

Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problems - A Review Article
Authors: Prof. B Prakash Rao, K M Chaitanya

Scattering of Gaussian Beam from a Perfect Electromagnetic Conductor (PEMC) Spheroid Coated by Dielectric Material
Authors: Bushra Anam Khalil, Muhammad Waqas Munir, Syed Ali Shahid

Design and Control of Ideal Decoupler for Boiler Turbine System
Authors: K. Chithra, M. Ramya Princess, B. Prabhu

Effects of the Extracts of Olive and Morus Alba Leaves on Experimentally STZ Induced Diabetes in Male Rats
Authors: Omar S. I. Al-Janabi, Amer M. S., Khayri M. H

Cooking Practices and Food Intake Pattern amongst Adult Women in Raipur City
Authors: A. Joglekar, S. Banerjee, M. Mishra

Digitally Mediated Learning and Pre-Service Teachers in Less Resourced Regions
Authors: Samuel Adu Gyamfi, Kwame Ansong-Gyimah

Perceptions of Teachers Towards The Integration of Adaptation Strategy Topics on Climate Change into Secondary School Agriculture Syllabus on The Strength of Relevance to Teaching Methods in Machakos County, Kenya
Authors: Stephen Kyalo Mutiso, Joash K. Kibett, Dr. James Obara

Erythrocyte Indices of Nitrite Toxicity in Mean Cell Hemoglobin (MCH) and Mean Cell Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC) to Freshwater Fish Cirrhinus mrigala
Authors: Yesudass Thangam

The Dual Activation of the Geometric Inverse Burr Distribution: Comparison Between Maximum and Minimum
Authors: Abdullahi Yusuf, Badamasi M Bashir

The Effect of Natural Breeding Partern on the Reproductive Efficiency of New Zealand White Rabbit Does in the Humid Tropics
Authors: L. Ndor, P. K. Ajuogu, V. N. Nyeche

Chemical Nutritional and Sensory Properties of Wheat Flour Balady Bread Fortified by the Mixture of Wheat Germ and Doum Fruit Powders
Authors: A. M. M. Abd El-Hafez

Comparison of Advanced Optimization Algorithm for Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing
Authors: S. Gunasekaran, S. Sonialpriya

Grip Strength among College Youth and its Relation to Body Postures
Authors: A. Mrunalini, J. Deepika

Switching of Cloud Resources among IPTV Services for Better Utilization
Authors: Ravi Bhillu Jadhav, Nirmala Y Bariker

A Survey on Comparison between DCT and DWT Techniques of Image Compression
Authors: Pooja Rani, Apoorva Arora

A Survey on Implementation of Random Number Generator in FPGA
Authors: Pallavi Bhaskar, Prof. P. D. Gawande

An Improved Method for Secret Image Sharing in Color Image through Error Diffusion
Authors: Ashwini N. Waghmare, Prof. Akhil Anjikar, Dr. M. Raghuwanshi

SSO-Key Distribution Center Based Implementation Using Symmetric Encryption Technique for Distributed Network (Securing SSO in Distributed Network)
Authors: M Durga Prasanna, Roopa S R

Radiation and Soret Effects On Unsteady MHD Flow Past A Parabolic Started Vertical Plate in the Presence of Chemical Reaction With Magnetic Dissipation Through A Porous Medium
Authors: M. Rajaiah, Dr. A. Sudhakaraiah

Detection of Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase and Carbapenemase Production in Klebsiella Pneumoniae in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Dr. Shalini S., Dr. Prakash. R, Dr. Sunil Kumar D. Chavan, Dr. Sangeetha. S

Hadoop: Understanding the Big Data Processing Method
Authors: Deepak Chandra Upreti, Pawan Sharma, Dr. Yaduvir Singh

Effectiveness of Learning Strategies and Learning Styles to Information Communication Technology Learning Outcomes
Authors: Meriyati

Aspect Range Motivated Classifier Ensemble Reduction
Authors: Ganeshkumar .S, P. Selvaraj

Detection of Malaria Parasite Using Different Microscopic Methods and Acomparison Among Them
Authors: Meeta Gera, Amit Chauhan

Genetic Diversity of Chrysoperla sp. at East of Red Sea Using Cytochrome Oxidase Subunit I (COI) Gene
Authors: Akram Alghamdi

Status of Government Public Relations (GPR) in Nigeria and its Institutionalization in Governance
Authors: Princewell, Achor N., Vincent, Okoye U.

Taxonomical Studies of Genus Mnium From District Budgam (J&K) India
Authors: Amarpreet Kour, Anju Rao, Sunita Kapila, S. S. Kumar

Teaching Communicative Competence Based on the Schematic Structure of Stories (Story Grammar)
Authors: E. Karabutova

Over View of Past Literature and Making Comparative Analysis Along with Our Strategy of Materialized View Selection
Authors: Sapna Choudhary, Roshna Mahajan

Optimization of Composite Pressure Vessel
Authors: Sonachalam. M, Ranjit Babu. B. G

Remote Control of Electrical Appliances by Mobile SMS Using STC89C52RC Microcontroller
Authors: Tessema Gelila Berhan, Jiang Dening

Comparative Study Between Omental Plugging With Controlled Tube Duodenostomy for Management of Giant Duodenal Ulcer Perforation
Authors: Nishikant Gujar, Sachin D. M.

A Review of Diverse Pitch & Detection Methods
Authors: Shikha Rani, Nitin Jain

Key Share Management to Protect Data Over Cloud
Authors: Prof. Priyanka Ambatkar, Prof. Reena Gadge

Thermal Effects on the Solubility Enhancement of Immiscible Synthetic Drugs through Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate Aqueous Medium
Authors: Nariman Firdaus, Dr. S. K. Chatterjee

Ocular Involvement in Connective Tissue Disorders in a Tertiary Hospital
Authors: Dr. G. Ravibabu M. S., Dr. B. Sailaja M. D., Dr. G. Prasanna Sundari

Prevalence of Dengue in Patna District in Bihar
Authors: Sunil Kumar, K. Pandey, G. C. Sahoo, Kalyani, P. Das

Assessment of Chlorination Efficiency and Quality of Municipal Drinking Water in Gwalior City, Madhya Pradesh, India
Authors: Harendra K. Sharma, Makhmoor Ahmad Rather

Electrical Properties of CDS Thin Films by Vacuum Evaporation Deposition
Authors: Zanje Sanjay Sopan, Dhanawade Reshma Narayan

High Boost Ratio Hybrid Transformer DC-DC Converter for PV Grid Applications
Authors: K. Suvarna Kumari, B. Revathi

The Use of Mabthera in Combination with the Chop for the Treatment of Cd20 Positive Non-Hodgkin
Authors: Arjana Durbaku, Arben Ivanaj, Majlinda Kokici

Bactericidal Activity of Bioactive Compounds Extracted from Bryophyte Barbula vinilis
Authors: Shirsat S. D, Bhusare D. U., Kadam A. S.

A Study on Fracture Resistance in the Treatment of Class II Cavities with Pins
Authors: E. Boteva, K. Peicheva, D. Karayasheva, D. Pashkouleva

Effects of the Extracts of Olive and Morus Alba Leaves on Experimentally STZ Induced Diabetes in Male Rats
Authors: Omar S. I. Al-Janabi, Amer M. S., Khayri M. H.

Socio-Economic Importance of Some Plants Species Used By the Tribes of Chanda Forest District Dindori Madhya Pradesh, India
Authors: Ishwar Chandra Prana, Ramesh Kumar Ahirwar

Comparative Efficacy of Electrosurgery with Topical 50% Trichloroacetic Acid in Treatment of Warts
Authors: Harika C, Sankeerth V

Clinical Study of Deep Neck Space Infections- Retrospective Study
Authors: Srikanth Myla, Asha Rani Peruri

A MANET Security Using Routing Methodology
Authors: Shirsty Chandel, Prof. Ashish Tiwari

Development of Food Products Using Pomegranate Skin
Authors: Sayeeda Fathima, Yamuna Devi Puraikalan

Integrated Approach to Detect Vulnerabilities in Source Code
Authors: Monica Catherine S, Geogen George

Clinicopathological Study of Hepatomegaly in Children Up to 12 yrs (including neonates)
Authors: Dr. Y. Siva Rama Krishna, Dr. K. Ramireddy, B. N. V. B. Sri Lakshmi, K. Sri Lakshmi Silpa

Development and Organoleptic Evaluation of Jamun Juice
Authors: Abinaya Kannan, Yamuna Devi Puraikalan

The Way of School Democratization through Topic Work
Authors: Dr. Shqipe Haxhihyseni (Shyti)

Classification of Image Denoising Techniques
Authors: Mayur Dilip Jakhete

DDoS Attack Defense against Source IP Address Spoofing Attacks
Authors: Archana S. Pimpalkar, Prof. A. R. Bhagat Patil

Review Paper on Online Shortest Path Computation
Authors: Pratik P.Watane, Prof. Prachi V. Kale

Attribute Base Keyword Search Is Confirmable Over the Outsource Encrypted Data
Authors: Amruta N. Deshmukh, Komal B. Bijwe

A GPS Based Debris Removal System
Authors: Asna Nazar

The Revised Constitution of the Afar National Regional State of Ethiopia: An Overview on Some of the Key Principles
Authors: Mohammed Usman Darasa

Contrast Enhancement Based Image Manipulation Detection
Authors: Anju Gopinath

Assertion-Based Formal Verification of CPU-Cache Crossbar of OpenSPARC T1 Processor
Authors: P. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, Rajendra M. Patrikar

Identification, Isolation and Estimation of Maytenus Emerginata phytosterols in vivo and in vitro
Authors: Dr. Shweta Mathur, Dr. Asha Goswami

Intelligent Semantic Web Image Search Engine
Authors: Soorya P. S., Soya Chandra C.S.

Latin Square Computation of Order-3 Using OpenCL
Authors: Yukti Gupta, Ishu Gupta, Devdutt Baresary

Morphometrical Analysis of Blood Cells of Yellow-Bellied House Gecko, Hemidactylus flaviviridis Ruppell, 1835 with Sexual Dimorphism
Authors: Sarbeswar Nayak, Prafulla Kumar Mohanty

Management of Thumb Sucking Habit in a 8 Year Old Child
Authors: S K Srinath, Rani Satish

The Trilogy of Gadis Tangsi Novels By Suparto Brata: Postcolonial Pragmatism Study
Authors: Tirto Suwondo, Herman J. Waluyo, Suminto A. Sayuti, Sudiro Satoto

A Study of ?-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Level in Pre-Eclamptic and Normotensive Pregnant Women
Authors: Vandana Yadav, Kavita Rathore, G.G. Kaushik

Fuzzy Subalgebras and Fuzzy p-ideals in TM-Algebras
Authors: Kaviyarasu. M

Effects of Probiotic on the Growth and Survival of Zebra fish (Danio rerio)
Authors: Madhavi Rane, Aishwarya Markad

A Study of Carbimazole Treatment in Hyperthyroidism Comparsion with Radioiodine
Authors: Virupaksha K L, Prashanth S, Thota Naga Raghunandan, Sayed Afaque Hyder

Review on Floating Point Adder and Converter Units Using VHDL
Authors: Abhishek Kumar, Mayur S. Dhait

Land Vehicle Tracking System
Authors: Aniket Sankpal, Narendradatta Kadam

The Role of the Educational Television Programmes for the Proper Acquisition of the Macedonian Language with Elementary School Children
Authors: Violeta Janusheva PhD, Milena Pejchinovska PhD, Bisera Kostadinovska MA

Pop Culture - A Tool for Improving the Communicative Competence of the Students
Authors: Bisera Kostadinovska MA, Violeta Janusheva PhD, Milena Pejchinovska PhD

Detecting the Rootkit through Dynamic Analysis
Authors: D. Suganya Gandhi, S. Suresh Kumar

Comparison of Accuracy of various Impedance Based Fault Location Algorithms on Power Transmission Line
Authors: Ankamma Rao J, Gebreegziabher Hagos

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