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Recently Published: Study of Dog-bite and Vaccination Status in an Urban Community of Ranchi, Jharkhand          ||          Implementation and Demonstration of Obstacle Detection in Self-Driving Cars with GPS Tracking in Real-Time System          ||          Key Factor for Evaluation of the Engineering Program: PO and PSO Attainment          ||          Effect of High Temperature on the Stability Performance of Polyvinyl Chloride and Nano Silica Modified Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixture          ||          Dubiousness of Survival in Gidicho Island: Economic Livelihood Shift from Farming to Fishing          ||          The Institutional Study Over on Traumatic Thoraco Lumbar Fracture out Come Based on Thoraco - Lumbar Injury Severity Scoring          ||          How Organizational Structures Affect Project Outcomes          ||          Stystic Classification of English Vocabulary          ||          Why is Planning a Relevant Factor in the Management of Projects          ||          Rheological Characterization of Combretum Glutinosum (Habeil) Gum          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Evaluation of Clinical and Chemical Profile of Patients with Urolithiasis in Pune, India          ||          Production of Biopigment ?Prodigiosin? from Serratia Marcescens under Optimized Conditions          ||          Production of Biopigment ?Prodigiosin? from Serratia Marcescens under Optimized Conditions          ||          Imaging Using Digital Radiography on Fat Network Phantom for Obesity Condition Correction          ||          Circuit Training Method for Tarung Derajat Unimed Athletes          ||          Post Mining Area Development; Eco Development Concept Approach          ||          Pharmacovigilance in India: Evolution and Change in Scenario in India          ||          Review: Biomimetic Approach for Remineralization of Human Enamel          ||          Problems in Learning Mathematics: Comparison of Coral High School Students in Classes with and without Repeaters          ||          Characteristic Overview of Sociodemographic Patient with Cleft Lip and Palate in the Cleft Centre of Dental Hospital Universitas Padjadjaran, West Java Province Indonesia          ||         

Volume 4 Issue 12 December 2015

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Design and Finite Element Analysis of Mechanical Spider
Authors: Urvil P Patel

Electronic Distance Education (EDE) New Mantra for Future Progress
Authors: Dr. Abha Singh, Dr. Priya Soni Khare

Lightning CEP - Designing Filter and Window Operations
Authors: Vikas Kale, Kishor Shedge

Lightning CEP - Joining on High Velocity Stream
Authors: Vikas Kale, Kishor Shedge

Survey on Social Media Content and Analyzing Student
Authors: Priyanka Popat Lokhande

Role of Marketing Function in the Rubber Marketing Societies for the Benefit of Small Rubber Growers
Authors: Sunil Varghese

Analysis and Performance of Diesel Engine by Using Calophyllum Inophyllum Biodiesel
Authors: S. A. Ramesh, K. Krishnakanth, V. Premkumar

A Survey Paper on Efficient Approach of Data Reduction Techniques for Bug Triaging System
Authors: Smita Boharpi, Sonal Fatangare

A Mathematical Model on Dispersion of Air Pollutants
Authors: V. S. Verma, Uma Srivastava, P. S. Bhandari

Assessing Air Quality in Dhaka City
Authors: Mohammad Abdul Motalib, Rodel D. Lasco

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme Regarding Knowledge on Prevention of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Among Mothers of Toddler in Selected Hospital, Bangalore
Authors: Jophin Joseph, Jyothy George

Surveillance and High Speed Analysis of Wireless Gigabit Network
Authors: Bhavani Sunkara, Rama Krishna Mullapudi

Authors: Dr. Shashi Manhas, Renu Chib

Estimation of Age from Face Images
Authors: Suvarna E. Padme, P. S. Desai

Fault Detection in Wireless Sensor Network Depending On Health State Using Distributed Approach
Authors: Neha Belwalkar, Prof. V. S. Deshmukh

Study of Biochemical Aspects in Women Infected with Trichomonas vaginalis in Babylon Province
Authors: Maher Ali ALquraishi, Sura Abdul Khaliq

An Interesting Generalization of Fibonacci & Lucas Sequence
Authors: Vandana R. Patel, Devbhadra V. Shah

Bioefficacy and Phytotoxicity of Profenofos 50EC against Tea Red Spider Mite, Oligonychus coffeae (Nietner)
Authors: S. Rahman, D. Sharmah, R. P. Bhuyan

Recovery Plan as a Living Document, the Albanian Sight
Authors: Ermal Haxhiaj, Artur Ribaj

The System & Development of Human Resource Management
Authors: Chetan Kumkar, Dr. N. R.Rajhans

The Trajectories of Theological and Religious Studies in Western Academies: Basis for Customized Programmes at NUL and in some other African Higher Theological Institutions in Contemporary Times
Authors: Dr. Nico Tebatso Makhalemele, Chris Ukachukwu Manus

Efficacy of Chlorhexidine Alcohol over Aqueous Povidone Iodine in Prevention of Surgical Site Infection
Authors: Chhabda Tejinder Singh, Gumaste Girish, Chamle Gaurav

Histopathological Study of Bone Tumors
Authors: Dr. Shubhi Sharma, Dr. Nandita P. Mehta

The Segmentation of Orchid Leaf Disease Spot Based On Lab Color Space and Otsu
Authors: Danni Ci

Application Aware Routing in SDN
Authors: Harishkumar Bhokare, Mansi Bhonsle

An Energy Efficient Secure Acknowledgement based Authentication Protocol for WSN
Authors: Suman K. Sharma, K. T. Jadhao

Lossless and Reversible Data Hiding in Asymmetric Cryptography
Authors: Prashant Gholve, H. A. Hingoliwala

Design and Simulation of Parallel Manipulator for Vehicle Driving Simulator
Authors: Khalid Ali Abdelaziz Ali, Liu Ying

Outsourcing Data on Cloud Using Aggregate Key
Authors: Ramakrishna Jadhav

Notes on Occurrence of Fruticose Lichens in Joram Top, Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh with 10 New Records to the State
Authors: Kiran Rana, Sanjeeva Nayaka, Preeti Shukla, Dalip Kumar Upreti

Document Classification Using Part of Speech in Text Mining
Authors: Sonam Tripathi, Tripti Sharma

Conflict Management Approaches Principals Adopt For Effective Administration of Secondary Schools in Ebonyi State
Authors: Dr. S. N. Aja

Rare Presentation of Intra-Abdominal Testicular Mass: A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Govind K Purushothaman, Dr. Shailendra Kumar, Dr. K K Acharya, Dr. Aditya Tripathi, Dr. Abid Raval

Survey on Secured Multi Sink Data Aggregation Scheme in Mobile Sensing
Authors: Tejashree Borbande, Vikas Maral

Survey on Temporal Patterns in Physiological Sensor Data
Authors: Nilam

Thermal Analysis of Pin Fin using Different Materials and Forms
Authors: Laxmikant Chavan, Niranjan Purane

Study of Some Heavy Metals and Radioactive Element from Soil Samples, Nyala Area -Sudan
Authors: Ismael A. Wadi, Mubarak Dirar, Ahmed Elhassan

A Survey on CAPTCHA as Graphical Password
Authors: Priti P. Doke, S.A Nagtilak

Traffic Detection Using Tweets on Twitter Social Network
Authors: Supriya Bhosale, Sucheta Kokate

Successful Spinal Anaesthesia in Patient of Achondroplasia Undergoing Lower Segment Cesarean Section
Authors: Vinod Kumar Srivastava, Sumita Kumari, Shefali Gautam, Rita Wahal

Design and Development of Kinematic and Strength Analysis of Solar Operated Multipurpose Agriculture Cutter Mechanism with Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer
Authors: P. D. Patil, Prof. N. S. Hanmapure

Self Efficacy and Self Care Behaviour among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Manjula GB, Dr. Jayarani Premkumar

Cord Lipoma - An Analogue of Preperitoneal Fat: A Laparoscopic Study
Authors: Maulana M. Ansari

Automated Irrigation System using Wireless Sensor Network and Raspberry Pi
Authors: Suprabha Jadhav, Shailesh Hambarde

Study on Herpes Zoster Conducted in HIV/AIDS Albanian Adults
Authors: Esmeralda Meta, Pellumb Pipero, Dhimiter Kraja

Growth, Characterization and Morphology Study of Gel-Grown Lead-Cadmium-Mixed Levo-Tartrate Crystals
Authors: Harshkant Jethva, Mihir Joshi

ISKON Rotary Intersection on S.G Highway in Ahmedabad as Signalized Intersection - A Case Study
Authors: Alpana Jha

Construction and Standardization of Achievement Test in Economics
Authors: Manu Sharma, Dr. Gurmit Singh

On Three Dimensional (?) - Lorentzian Para
Authors: Gyanvendra Pratap Singh, Sunil Kumar Srivastava, Marutosh Pathak

Ion Slip and Dufour Effect on Unsteady Free Convection Flow past an Infinite Vertical Plate with Oscillatory Suction Velocity and Variable Permeability
Authors: R. Panneerselvi, J. Kowsalya

Outcome Analysis of Cardiac Resynchronisation of Moderate to Severe Heart Failure in Relation to Blood Pressure Exercise Tolerance and Electrocardiography Changes
Authors: Brajendra Kumar, Raj Kumar

Performance Comparison of Various Coding & Detection Schemes in OCDMA System
Authors: Jeffrey Simon V, Dhanya S

Novel Web Data Extraction Using Template Extraction and Filtering Non Information
Authors: Jaishree G Waghmare, Vikas B Maral

A Survey Paper on Technologies to Link and Model Multidimensional Data on the Semantic Web for Business Intelligence
Authors: Karan Gupta, Prof. Poonam D. Lambhate

Calculation of Radiation Dose Received by Patients during Cardiac Interventional Procedure
Authors: Abdoelrahman Hassan A. B, M. E. M. Gar-elnabi, Eitidal H. Khalafalla, F. I. Habani

Model Development in Stimulating Entrepreneurship Motivation for Former Indonesian Migrant Workers in East Java
Authors: Awang Setiawan Wicaksono, Achmad Irfan Muzni

Spectral Domain Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography in Microbial Keratitis
Authors: Dr. R. R. Naik, Dr. Kshitija Panditrao

Effect of Container Height on Base Shear of Elevated Water Tank
Authors: Rupachandra J. Aware, Dr. Vageesha S. Mathada

Analysis of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in Patients with Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome Using Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography
Authors: Dr. R. R. Naik, Dr. Vikram B Bhalke

African Shea Butter as a Staple and Renewable Bioproduct
Authors: Kaana Asemave, Tabitha Amarkasev Asemave

Business Intelligence in Healthcare Industry
Authors: Anmol Khanna, Dhruv Bhasin

Face Recognition Using LTP Algorithm
Authors: Richa Sharma, Rohit Arora

Design and Implementation of 8 BIT Vedic Multipliers USING HNG Gates
Authors: Illa Bharti, Manisha Waje

An Analysis of Educational Data Mining (EDM) in Advanced Education System
Authors: Gutlapalli Prabhakara Rao, DLS Reddy

Control System of Manipulator Based on Steady State Visual Evoked Potential
Authors: Pengfei Song

Signaling of IL 4 and IL 13 Genetic Variants in Asthma Pathogenesis
Authors: Pratibha Dixit, Shally Awasthi

Solid State Fermentation of Wheat Straw Admixture with Cattle Dung for Biogas Production
Authors: R. S. Khoiyangbam

Ultrasound Vs Tens in Painful Shoulder Syondrome
Authors: Ermira Zicishti, Artur Zoto, Romena Suvaria

Survey on Location Privacy in Location Based Services
Authors: M. S. Patil, S. H. Sutar

Industrial Automation and Process Control System Using Can Bus
Authors: B. Meena Kumari, M. Satya Sailaja

A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude of Mothers on Prevent?on of Diarrhoea Among Infants with Diarrhoea in a Selected Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Authors: Kog?la P.

Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Entomopathogenic Nematode (Steinernema Siamkayai)
Authors: Swati, Shailendra Singh Gaurav

Nonlinear Three Photon Process in GaAs and InSb
Authors: K Sreelatha, T P Vinu

Reality of Politic and Democracy Regional Autonomy Era in the Southeast Sulawesi of Indonesia
Authors: Muhammad Zein Abdullah, Weka Widayati, Bahtiar, Dasmin Sidu

Spectrum of Ocular Firework Injuries in Children: A 5 Year Retrospective Study during a Festival Season Attending Tertiary Healthcare Referral Centre
Authors: Dr. Chirag Banker, Dr. Mansi Gondaliya

Survey paper on Sketch Based and Content Based Image Retrieval
Authors: Prachi A. Gaidhani, Prof. Bagal S. B.

Sink Trail Protocol Extention with Dead End Free Topology Used in WSN
Authors: Bhushan Zatkar, Nilesh Vani

Focused and Adaptive Crawling for Topic Specific and Hidden Web Entries
Authors: Vrutuja Pande, Pratap Singh

Herbal Medicines for Livestock Health Management Used By Jende Kuruba Community in Athani Taluka of Belgaum District
Authors: S. N. Emmi

Modeling and Thermal Analysis of Compression Coupling
Authors: C. Durvasulu Reddy, G V Nagamani

Survey on Fragmentation for Deduplication in Backup Storage
Authors: Reshma A. Fegade, R. D. Bharti

Survey on Profile Privacy and Communication Security in Social Network
Authors: Vina M. Lomte, Harshal Bhosale

Biometrics: Security Issues and Countermeasures
Authors: Irfan Iqbal

Zinc Solubilizing Rhizobacteria Associated with Sugarcane from South Gujarat Region
Authors: Kajal Ghevariya, Pratibha Desai

Correlative Study of Cosmic Ray Intensity and Sunspot Number for the Period of Solar Cycles 23 and Ascending Phase of 24
Authors: Shirish K. Persai, Mukesh K. Jothe, Mahendra Singh, Pankaj K. Shrivastava

A Different Approach for Pedagogical Teamwork Practices in College Classrooms
Authors: A. Annadurai

Cosmological Model with Decaying in f(R,T) Theory of Gravity
Authors: L. S. Ladke, R. A. Hiwarkar, V. K. Jaiswal

Diversifies XML Keyword Search Based on its Different Contexts in the XML Data
Authors: Pooja Chudiwal, A. C. Lomte

Physicochemical Characterization of Water from Nioro
Authors: Sidi M. Tounkara, Babakar Diop, Drissa Samake, Boubacar Traore

A Framework of Privacy Preserving QOS Prediction used for Web Service Recommendation
Authors: Bhakti Chudiwal, P. Jawalkar

Capacity Evaluation of ISKON Intersection on S.G Highway in Ahmedabad-A Case Study
Authors: Alpana Jha

Design and Simulation of NOT and NAND Gate Using Hybrid SET-MOS Technology
Authors: Daya Nand Gupta, S. R. P. Sinha

Effect of Manganese Percentage Doping on Thickness and Conductivity of Zinc Sulphidenanofilms Prepared by Electrodeposition Method
Authors: Okafor P. C., Ekpunobi A. J., Ekwo P.A

Effect of Manganese Doping Percentage on Band Gap Energy of Cadmium Sulphide (CdS) Nanofilms Prepared by Electrodeposition Method
Authors: Okafor Patricia C., Ekpunobi A. J.

An Overview on the Trends and Challenges of Advanced Manufacturing
Authors: N. Sivasubramanian, Prof S. Sheik Mohamed

Influence of Weft Knitted Fabrics Construction for Protection against Ultraviolet Radiation
Authors: Ahmed Ali Salman, Z. M. Abdel-Megied, Dr. Nahla .Abd El-Mohsen .H .A, Manar Y. Abd El-Aziz

Textiles & Apparel as UV Protectives in Medical Applications
Authors: Ahmed Ali Salman, Z. M. Abdel-Megied, Dr. Nahla .Abd El-Mohsen .H .A, Seddik K. M., Manar .Y .Abd El-Aziz

Combined Effect of Hermetic Bag and Insect Resistant Variety for the Control of Larger Grain Borer and Maize Weevil in Stored Maize
Authors: Paddy Likhayo, Tadele Teferaa, Stephen Mugoa, Jones Mueke

Effectiveness of Deep Breathing Exercise to Reduce Stress among Senior Citizens in Selected Old Age Home at Chennai
Authors: V. Hemavathy, Lincy .S

Nutritional Status of Rural Obese School going Children (11 - 15 Yrs) in Guntur District
Authors: J. Hemamalini, Dr. B. Babitha, B Lalitha Kumari

Language Skills Development: Developing Speaking Skills at Undergraduate Level using a Smart Phone
Authors: Dr. K. V. Madhavi

Effectiveness of Reminiscence Therapy on the Level of Depression among elderly Adult patients Admitted in Selected Hospital Chennai
Authors: V. Hemavathy, Rengila .S

Oscillation Criteria for Third Order Nonlinear Neutral Differential Equations with Deviating Arguments
Authors: E. M. Elabbasy, O. Moaaz

Invariant Submanifold of Structure Manifold
Authors: Lakhan Singh, Shailendra Kumar Gautam

Ponseti Method
Authors: Raykov D., Penev P.

Demand on the New Teacher/Administrator for the Implementation of Inclusive Education in Nigeria Schools
Authors: Dr. Uzoma Aja-Okorie

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