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Recently Published: How Is Human Suffering Causally Related to Ignorance? An Analysis from the Therav?da Buddhist Perspective          ||          The Buddhist Approach to Establish Peace through Five Precepts          ||          Case Study on Various Neural Tube Defects          ||          Gunshot Injury to Chest - A Miraculous Escape          ||          Coincidence Point Theorems in D-Metric Spaces          ||          Teachers and Parents' Needs for Parental Involvement in Elementary Education          ||          Phytoplankton Diversity of Canalwater at Rangampalayam in Erode District, Tamilnadu          ||          Efficient and Green Protocol for the Synthesis of Hippuric Acid          ||          Ciric Quasi-Contraction Fixed Point Mappings in Generalized Metric Spaces          ||          Total Arsenic and Arsenic Species in Environmental Samples          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Bcl-2 Expression in Skeletal Muscle in Diabetic Rats          ||          Crowdfunding Ecosystem in India          ||          Internal Dose Assessment in Patients Treated with I-131 using Whole Body Counter          ||          Research on Innovation of Small and Micro Enterprise Financing Model under the Background of Internet Finance          ||          Blind Assist Stick Using Microcontroller          ||          Total Arsenic and Arsenic Species in Environmental Samples          ||          Legal Protection of Medical Records as Evidence Tool in Law Enforcement Process          ||          Juridicic Aspect of Improving Hospital Health Services and Dispute Resolution between Hospitals and Patients          ||          Profile of Postpartum Intrauterine DeviceAcceptors: A Descriptive Study at Balikpapan Army Hospital, East Borneo, Indonesia during November 2016 to November 2017          ||          Evolutionary Relationship between Heteropternis Respondents and Pternoscirta Sauteri on the 12S rRNA Sequence          ||          Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Availability Payment Scheme in the Development of North Circle Road of Cilegon City          ||          Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Availability Payment Scheme in the Development of North Circle Road of Cilegon City          ||          Improvement of Creative Attention of Teachers in Technology          ||          Improvement of Creative Attention of Teachers in Technology          ||          Tax Compliance and Level of Tax Collection among Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Kiambu County, Kenya          ||          Goods and Service Tax (GST): India?s New Journey towards Indirect Taxation          ||          Awareness of Osteoporosis among females, Eastern Province, KSA          ||          Investigation of Broken Rotor Bar Fault in Field Oriented Controlled Induction Motor Using Discrete Wavelent Transform          ||          Speech Act of Vow in Quranic Discourse          ||          Study of Endothelial Cell Count in Patients after Penetrating Keratoplasty by Clinical Specular Microscope          ||         

Volume 4 Issue 11 November 2015

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The Recommendation System for User Interest on Web
Authors: Priyanka D. Khawale, V. S. Nandedkar

It Is As If We Are Going Nowhere with the Universe
Authors: Prasenjit Debnath

Cycle Time Reduction to Increase Productivity of DVD Production
Authors: Hasibur Rahaman, Suman Nihar, Habib Masum

A Survey on Barcode Generation and Modulation Techniques
Authors: Vidyashree Kokane, Shyam Gupta

Seasonal Fluctuations in the Pollution Indicators, Microorganisms and Aquatic Insects in the Vettiyar Segment of River Achankovil
Authors: M. G. Sanal Kumar, S. Thara, B. Bini, V. S. Salu

Design and Analysis of Impact Barriers
Authors: Tejaswi Sunkara, U Sudhakar, Dayakar

Matter Symmetries of Linet-Tian Metric in General Theory of Relativity
Authors: R. S. Rane, S. S. Dabhane

Survey Paper on User Anonymous Authentication Scheme for Decentralized Access Control in Clouds
Authors: Afsha Pathan, M. D. Ingle

Maternal and New-Born Care Practices by Traditional Delivery Care Givers: A Cross Sectional Survey
Authors: Leena Sankar J L, M Amudha

A Survey Work on ETC System for an Efficient Image Encryption and Compression
Authors: Gauri Chavan, Prashant Kumbharkar

Cavernous Hemangioma of the Small Bowel Presenting with Occult Obscure Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Authors: Emad Suliman Aljahdli

Domestic Tourism as a Vehicle for Tolerance and Peace Building: Lessons from World Heritage Sites in the Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia
Authors: Yechale Mehiret Geremew

A Study of Mycetism: Study of Outbreak of Mushroom Poisoning in a Village in Western Ghats of Maharashtra
Authors: Patil V S, Patil G V, Gholpe D B

An Analysis & Survey on Quality of Service Improvement in MANET, VANET and WSN
Authors: Amit Yogi, Jayesh Surana

Magnetic Nanoparticles Synthesized with Different Precursor Stoichiometry Induced Differential Toxicity in Multiple Cell Lines
Authors: Koyeli Girigoswami, Sanjay K. Metkar

Survey on Load Aware and Energy Aware Routing in MANET
Authors: Akshay Dubey, Medhavi Shriwas

Review of Knowledge Management in Higher Education
Authors: Effra Altaf Haqani, Abd Rahman Ahlan

C(Alpha) Tests for Testing Homogeneity of Proportions in Presence of McDONALD Generalized Beta-Binomial Over-Dispersion
Authors: Bichanga Lawrence Areba, Ali Islam, Orawo Luke

Prevention Urea Toxicity on Water Content of Muscles of a Freshwater Field Crab, Barytelphusa guerini by using an Additive, Methionine
Authors: A. N. Kulkarni, B. D. Waghmare

Cooperative Information Transmission in Wireless Communication Networks
Authors: Asmaa Helmy Zaid, Fayez W. Zaki, Sherif Kishk

Graphical Password Knowledge Based Authentication System Enhancement Using Persuasive Technology
Authors: Prof. Uma Yadav, Sarita Sakure

Comparison of Variations in Performance of a WSN with Respect to Increasing Node Complexity under DOS Attack and Its Prevention
Authors: Shagun Chaudhary, Nitin Kumar

Authors: Dr. Pushpendra Misra, Dr. Mohd Saif Alam

Trust Evaluation by Mining of E-commerce Feedback Comments
Authors: Priyanka Kumbhar, Manjushri Mahajan

Public Auditing System with Auto-Data Recovery System on Cloud Scheme
Authors: Dhane Sachin V., Joshi P.

Analyzing Big Data Problem Using Hadoop and Cloud Technology
Authors: Hemlata S. Urade

A Survey on User Search Goal Inferring and Re-Ranking System
Authors: Hemlata Gaikwad, P. B. Kumbharkar

Female Genital Mutilation
Authors: Jophin Joseph, Jyothy George

A Survey Paper on Quality of Service in Cloud Computing
Authors: Poonam Khot, S. D. Satav

Applicability of Evaporation and Reverse Osmosis Techniques for Volume Reduction of Textile Mill Effluent
Authors: S. K. Rukade, S. M. Bhosale

A Comprehensive Survey on CAPTCHA and VRP
Authors: Vijayalaxmi Daundkar, Prashant Kumbharkar

Assessment of Quality of Life and Hazard Issues Involving Worth of Life in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Authors: Irena Kola, Sander Kola, Gjovalin Valca, Enkelejda Shkurti, Diamant Shtiza

National Tax Census Perceptions, Understandings of Self-Assessment System and Government
Authors: Suyanto

Solid Waste Management: A Case Study of Malkapur City
Authors: Bhushan Dhamodkar, Yogesh V. Gawatre, Dinesh W. Gawatre, S. V. Dewalkar

Impediments of Traditional Painting Souvenir Development in and around the Historic of Gondar, Ethiopia
Authors: Leul Yohannes

Analytical Review of Feature Extraction Technique for Automatic Speech Recognition
Authors: Sonam Pal, Jaikaran Singh

A Review of Embedded Base Power Management Unit
Authors: Utsava Khare, Megha Gupta

Room Temperature Ferromagnetism of La doped ZnO Nanorods
Authors: V. Shally

Constitutional Basis for Metropolitan and Provincial and Local Government Systems in Zimbabwe: Creating a New Political Dispensation
Authors: Dr. S.B.M. Marume

Mineralogical, Geochemical and Thermal Characterization of Precambrian Banded Marble, Gebel El Rokham, In Comparison with Serpentine-Related Carbonate, Eastern Desert, Egypt
Authors: M. Blasy

Assessment of Water Quality as Provisional Ecosystem Service in Sacred Groves of Gwalior
Authors: Sangeeta Sharma, Muzamil Ahmad Sheikh, Avinash Tiwari

Thermal Protection for a Re-Entry Vehicle Using Heat Ablation Process
Authors: Suvriti Dhawan, Mohit Vishal, Anmol Taploo

A Cumulative Study on Counter Measure Technique for DOS Attacks Using Software Puzzle
Authors: Jyoti B. Shende, S. V. Todkari

Competencies, Scope of Practice in Disaster
Authors: Mohammed Alharbi

Unilateral Choanal Atresia in Adult: Case Report
Authors: Dr. Vishwambhar Singh

Relations between Catharanthine Content Enhancement with the Other Associated Secondary Metabolites in Catharanthus Roseus Cell Culture that Treated Tryptophan
Authors: Dingse Pandiangan, Wenny Tilaar, Nelson Nainggolan, Lalu Wahyudi

Calculation of Bag's Constant Using Planck's Equation of Black Body Radiation
Authors: Arijit Bag

Fixed Point Theorem for Compatible Mapping in Fuzzy Metric Space
Authors: Raghu Nandan Patel, Manoj Kumar Tiwari

Efficient Signal Detection Techniques in TV White Space using Cognitive Radio
Authors: Chitra Sapkal, S. D. Borde

Survey on Wireless Sensor Network for Message Authentication and Source Privacy
Authors: Vaishali Kisanrao Gulhane, S. N. Shelke

Procedural, In-Hospital and One Year Follow-Up Outcome of Success versus Failure Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Chronic Total Occlusions
Authors: Dr. Suresh V Patted, Dr. Prabhu C Halkati, Dr. Vishwanath Hesarur, Dr. Sanjay C Porwal, Dr. Sameer Ambar, Dr. Ameet Sattur

Association between Accessory Nipple and Coronary Artery Disease
Authors: Dr Prabhu C Halkati, Dr Suresh V Patted, Dr Vishwanath Hesarur, Dr Sanjay C Porwal, Dr Sameer Ambar, Dr Ameet Sattur

Studies on Physical and Electrical Characterization of Al2O3-ZnO Composite Material and its Thick Films
Authors: M. K. Deore

Wiener Index of Some Thorn Graphs
Authors: A. Sumathi

Survey on Fast and Intelligent Deep Web Crawler Using Machine Learning Approach
Authors: Kalyani Thodage

Effects of Temperature and Frequency on Dielectric Properties of LiCo3/5Fe1/5Cu1/5VO4
Authors: Moti Ram

A Survey on k-NN Classification over Semantically Secure Encrypted Relational
Authors: Mayadevi Kotlapure

Evaluate the Effect of Coenzymeq10 Supplementation on Reducing Oxidative Stress in Patients with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
Authors: Mariam OmranWaheed, Haider Al- Tukmagi, Ali Kadhim Kareem

A Novel L-Z Source Inverter with Improving of Classical Z Source Inverter
Authors: Dubasi Nirosha

Study on Necrotrophic Characterstic of colletotrichum capsici on Cowpea Seedlings
Authors: C. Maya, Nabamita Seal

Research Review of Parenting Behavior of Parents of Children with Visual Impairments in China
Authors: Kaixin Liang

The Role of Forth Generation (4G) Technology in the Reform of Rural India
Authors: Uttam Kumar

Black Hole Problem in AODV Routing Protocol in MANET
Authors: Krunal S Bhavsar, Dr. Kamaljit I Lakhtaria

Disease Inference and Community-based Health Services
Authors: Asif Akram, Rekha Jadhav

An Application of Distance and Similarity Measure of Fuzzy Soft Set in Decision Making and Medical Diagnosis
Authors: Dr. N. Sarala, B. Suganya

An Overview on Post Harvest Handling and Commercial Processing of Horticultural Crops in NEH region of India
Authors: Md Manzar Hossain

Study of Biodegradation on Packaging Films Derived from Potato Starch and Maleic Anhydride Grafted LDPE and LDPE Polymer Part-II
Authors: Dr. Manjari Sharma

A Comparison on the Effects of Teaching Literature Between Literary and Non-literary Secondary School Students
Authors: Salah Edin Hassan Elobeid Mohamed

Towards Effective Values of Teaching Literature to Secondary School Students
Authors: Salah Edin Hassan Elobeid Mohamed

Review of Dual Sentiment Analysis
Authors: Bhagyashri Ramesh Jadhav, Manjushri Mahajan

King Zog of Albania and his Vision for the Modernization of the Country
Authors: Lavdosh Ahmetaj

In- vitro Assessment of Non Starch Polysaccharide Hydrolyzing Enzymes in Broiler Diets Based on Guar Meal, Rape Seed Meal and Cotton Seed Meal
Authors: M.G. Nikam, V. Ravinder Reddy, M.V.L.N.Raju, K. Kondal Reddy, J. Narasimha

Analysis of Design of Schmitt Trigger Based SRAM Cell Using a Novel Power Reduction Technique
Authors: J. Madhuri, S. Anitha

A Quasi Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Training Programme on Practices of Asha Workers Related to New Born Care Based on Asha Module- 6
Authors: Anu Gauba, Manju Chhugani, Smriti Arora

Adsorption of Mercuric Ions from Aqueous Solution using Activated Carbon and Modified Activated Carbon Prepared from Dried Papyrus Plant
Authors: A.M. El-Wakil, W.M. Abou El-Maaty, Ahmed A. Oudah

Survey on: Privacy Preserving and Trivial Security Method for Smart Grid Client-Side Networks using NTRU
Authors: Nitesh Wamanrao Dangare, Sandip D. Satav

Prescreening of Skin Lesions from Digital Images
Authors: Neethu S N, Ajeesh S S

A Survey on Multi-Keyword Ranked Query Search over Encrypted Cloud Storage
Authors: Jaikishan Tindwani, Aruna Gupta

Survey on Data Aggregation Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks based on IF algorithm
Authors: Anagha Jagtap, M. D. Ingle

A Survey Paper on Key Aggregate Cryptosystem: A Key Assignment Scheme for Scalable Data Sharing Over Cloud Storage
Authors: Rachana Gangwani, H. A. Hingoliwala

Survey on an Efficient Data Aggregation without Data Loss with Secure Routing in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Shubhangi Gaikwad, S. V. Todkari

Design and Analysis of Dynamic Current Mode Full Adder with reduced Power and Delay
Authors: Dr. S.R.P. Sinha, Namita Tiwari

Survey Paper on Web Recommendation System
Authors: Megha Sen, Seema Udgirikar

On Migration Aspects and Population Growth
Authors: Ashakiran Y, Tomba I.

Design a Uplink-Downlink Reconfigurable Patch Antenna for Modern Space Application
Authors: Naman Mehrotra, Dr. K. M. Singh, Shashibhushan Sharma

Fuzzy Based Control of Induction Motor for A Four Switch Inverter Topology
Authors: Vaisakh .T

Regeneration of Plantlets via Direct Somatic Embryogenesis from Different Explants of Murraya koenigii. (L.) Spreng
Authors: Nisha Khatik, Ramesh Joshi

The Role of Anti Corruptions Strategies in Combating Corruption
Authors: Shalini Kumar

A Survey on Image Inpainting Techniques
Authors: Pooja Nandeshwar

A Survey on Shoulder Surfing Resistant Text Based Graphical Password Schemes
Authors: Dhanashree Chaudhari

LabView Interface with Arduino Robotic ARM
Authors: B. Harish, U. Jyothsna

Host Factors Influences on Treatment Response in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients Treated with pegINF and Ribavirin in Albania
Authors: Anila Kristo, Dr. Jovan Basho, Nikollaq Leka, Dr. Elizana Petrela, Jonila Cela

A Scalable Approach for Scheduled Data Anonymization Using MapReduce on Cloud
Authors: Surumi K S, Joyal Ulahannan

Stakeholders' Requirements Assessment for Biofuel Production
Authors: Mostafa F. Fawzy Ph.D., Paul J. Componation Ph.D., Guiping Hu Ph.D.

Modeling of Hydrosalinity Balance within Kalaat El Andalous Irrigated District (Tunisia) using CIRFLE Model
Authors: Ahmed Saidi, Hedi Daghari

Activity Concentration in Cassava Tubers Grown In Ebedei Community, an Oil Producing Area of Delta State, Nigeria
Authors: K. Emumejaye

Feasibility Study on Provision of Park and Ride Facility at Hebbal Intersection
Authors: Manjunath S Sharanappanavar

High Security of Data Using Steganography with Hybrid Algorithm
Authors: Madhugeeta Verma, Poonam Dhamal

Recovery of Human Values through Mathematics Education for Social and Economic Development in Nigeria
Authors: Chinweoke Felicia U.

The Geology of Dumne Area in Southeastern Hawal Massif, Northeastern Nigeria
Authors: Julius B. Kwache, Eyo E. Ntekim

Study of Advances in Management of 68 Cases of Ectopic Gestation
Authors: Jalpa U Shah, Dr Sushma R Shah, Dr Megha S Patel, Dr Shashwat Jani, Shachi Joshi

Findings of Anisometropic Amblyopia in Children
Authors: Eglantina Molosiu, Sulejman Zhugli

Antibacterial Behavior of Weed Plants from Aseer, Saudi Arabia and Their Possible Mode of Action
Authors: Mohamed Hashem, Saad A. Alamri, Ashia A. Shathan, Sulaiman A. Alrumman, Mahmoud F.M. Moustafa

Productivity and Carbon Balance of Soybean-Corn Intercrops are affected by the Density of Corn
Authors: G. Giambastiani

Specific Personal Alias Withdrawal from Web and Clustering of Similar Web Documents
Authors: Snehal S. Shinde, Prakash R. Devale

A Survey on Extended MI technique for Edit Recommendation using Hybrid History Mining and Relevance Feedback
Authors: Shradha P. Patil, B. Padmavathi

A Survey on Social Circle Influenced Personalized Recommendation System
Authors: Vishal J. Kadam, Vilas S. Gaikwad

A Review on Various Issues and Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Patil Yogita Dattatraya, Jayashree Agarkhed

Study of Semantic Retrieval by Data Similarity of Trademarks
Authors: Deepak Mali, P. D. Lambate

A Survey on Problems Faced in Identification of Malicious Data Insertion in Wireless Sensor Networks and Rectification of It
Authors: Rohini Divase, S. N. Kini

Realization of a Method to Control Electrical Appliances through Web Interface
Authors: Siraj Ahmed, Mir Mohammed Ali, Mohammed Abdul Sami Siddiqui

Crypto View: Visual Representation of Cryptographic Algorithms
Authors: Surumi Basheer, Sreena Sreedhar

A Comparative Study of Rule Mining Based Web Usage Mining Algorithms
Authors: B. Uma Maheswari, Dr. P.Sumathi

Forecasting of Indian Stock Market Index S&P CNX Nifty 50 Using Artificial Intelligence
Authors: Dr. Jay Desai, Nisarg A Joshi

Evaluation of Mast Cells, Vascular Luminal Diameter and Epithelial Thickness in Different Grades of Oral Submucous Fibrosis
Authors: Dr Sabu Paul, Dr Pramod Philip Mathews

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