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Recently Published: Bioremediation of Lead by a Halophilic Bacteria Bacillus pumilus Isolated from the Mangrove Regions of Karnataka          ||          Application of ABC-VED Matrix Analysis to Control the Inventory of a Central Pharmacy in a Public Hospital: A Case Study          ||          Structural Study of Acetylene Thin Films Absorbed on Exfoliated Graphite (0001)          ||          Relationship between the Committee Service and Competency of Learning Management in Education and Effectiveness of Technical Substantive Technical Publication in Scientific Publication in Education and Training Center for Technical Education and Religion          ||          The Translatability of Arabic Objects into English in Yahya Hakki's Novel "The Lamp of Umm Hashim"          ||          Biology Teachers' Context Based Approach Knowledge in the Design of 'O' Level Biology Lessons in Selected Secondary Schools of Kafue District          ||          Comparing the Efficacy of Epidural Buprenorphine versus Epidural Butorphanol in Postoperative Pain Relief in Laparoscopic Surgeries: A Randomized Double Blinded Controlled Study          ||          A Business Development Plan to Improve the Market Performance of Dana Airline (Dana Air) in the Nigerian Local Airlines Sector          ||          Analysis of Stray Current, its Aetiology, Propagation, Relevant Measurement Protocols and Mitigative Efforts at a Pig Farm in Northern Denmark          ||          Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) with Multidrug-Resistant (MDR) Pathogens in Geriatric Patients: Risk Factors and their Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern with Detection of MRSA, ESBLs and MBLs in Intensive Care Unit          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Design and Control of Defense Robot Based On Virtual Reality          ||          Augmented Reality-Based Learning Medium for Autistic Children          ||          Learning Media Development Based Technology of Augmented Reality In Inorganic Chemicals Culture          ||          Effectiveness Analysis of Geometry Learning of 3-Dimensional Form with Augmented Reality Method          ||          The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019: An Analytical Study          ||          Leaf Epidermal Studies in Some Araceae          ||          Legal Protection of Medical Records as Evidence Tool in Law Enforcement Process          ||          Fungal Flora of Some Medicinal Plants          ||          M2M Architecture for Enhancing the Public Transportation Management Services Using ARM7          ||          To Study the Relation between ABO Blood Groups, Prehypertension and BMI          ||          The Relationship between Ownership Concentration and Earnings Management - Evidence from Mongolian listed firms          ||          The Relationship between Ownership Concentration and Earnings Management - Evidence from Mongolian listed firms          ||          The Relationship between Ownership Concentration and Earnings Management - Evidence from Mongolian listed firms          ||          Language Development of 3-6 Year Old Children          ||          Language Development of 3-6 Year Old Children          ||          Language Development of 3-6 Year Old Children          ||          Language Development of 3-6 Year Old Children          ||          Diversity of Azotobacter Isolates from Different Rice Soils of Tamil Nadu          ||          Thinking Measles Unconventionally, SSPE - Why We Must Vaccinate          ||          To Compare the Efficacy of Epidural Ropivacaine versus Bupivacaine for Postoperative Epidural Analgesia in Total Knee Replacement Surgeries: A Prospective, Randomized, Single-blinded Controlled Study          ||         

Volume 4 Issue 1 January 2015

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Optimal Solution for Degeneracy Fuzzy Transportation Problem Using Zero Termination and Robust Ranking Methods
Authors: B. Srinivas, G. Ganesan

Oxidative Stress Status and Lipid Level of Rats Co-Administered with Lead Acetate and Aqueous Extract of Sweet Bell Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) Fruits
Authors: Zubairu Maimuna, Umar Ismail, Afahakan Mfonobong, Sallau Balarabe

Efficient Resource Utilization through Sensor Virtualization
Authors: Monali G. Sonule, Prof. Swati Nikam

Effect of Partial Shrouds on the Performance and Flow Field of a Low Speed Centrifugal Compressor
Authors: S. M. Swamy, V. Pandurangadu, N. Sitaram

A Literature Survey on Contrast Data Mining
Authors: Dinkal Shah, Narendra Limbad

Molecular Characterization of Saccharomyces cereviceae using RAPD Molecular Markers
Authors: Prasad. M. P.

The Effects of Progressive Muscular Relaxation Exercise among Geriatric Patients with Psychiatric Illness
Authors: M.Ramakrishnan, K. Kalai Chandran

Factors Influencing Delayed Presentation of Breast Cancer among Saudi Women
Authors: Diala Altwalbeh, Mervat Ebrahim Aly El Dahshan, Ruba Yaseen

A Review on PAPR Reduction Technique in OFDM
Authors: Kiran Kumari, Hemant Dhabhai

A Rare Case of Acrocallosal Syndrome in a Neonate
Authors: S. Lakshmi, G. Fatima Shirly Anitha, S. Vinoth

A Rare Case of Nonbullous Congenital Ichthyosiform Erythroderma in a Preterm Neonate - A Case Report
Authors: S. Lakshmi, S. Vinoth, G. Fatima Shirly Anitha

Survey for Detecting Malicious user using Trust Evaluation and User Correlation for Protecting Online Reputation Systems
Authors: Vrushali G. Chabilwad, A. D. Gujar

Effect of Shielding Gases on Austenitic Stainless Steel Overlay by FCAW Process on Low Alloy Steel
Authors: Jayati Girish, B. J. Chauhan

A Study of Perceived Stress among Undergraduate Medical Students of a Private Medical College in Tamilnadu
Authors: Satheesh B. C., Renuka Prithviraj, P. Siva Prakasam

Design and Efficiency Comparison of Various Belt Type Oil Skimmers
Authors: Mamta Patel

Comparison of Clinico-Radiological Profile Of New Smear Positive Pulmonarytuberculosis Cases Among Adults and Elderly People
Authors: Arun Babu .V,Subramanian .S, Meenakshi .N, Ragulan .R, Viswambhar .V, Apar Jindal

Development and Analysis of Ragi Based Antioxidant Rich Premix and Formulation of Recipe
Authors: Isha Sukhwal, Swati Vyas

Semi-Automatic Ontology Merging of Domain Specific Ontologies
Authors: C. P. Abinaya, V. P. Sumathi

A Survey of Rank Based Search Results over Encrypted Cloud Data
Authors: Mithuna .R, Suguna .M

The Impact of Particles Size Variation of Waste Materials of Heavy Concrete for Gamma Ray Absorption
Authors: Ali Basheer Azeez, Kahtan S. Mohammed, Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah, Kamarudin Hussin, Azmi B. Rahmat

QoS Routing Protocols in MANETs - A Review
Authors: Shreekant Telang, Megha Singh

A Typical Discoid Lupus Erythromatosus: A Case Report and a Brief Review of the Literature
Authors: Dr. Mahendra Wawhal, Dr. Vajed Mogal, Dr. Pratik Patil, Dr. Mahendra Sonawane, Dr. Pratap Gole, Dr. Mohammed Sarfaraz

Straining Attacker
Authors: Akshaya Shah, Dr. K. N. Honwadkar

Review on Analysis of User Behavior Based on Prediction Algorithm
Authors: Hemlata Kardas, Sulochana Sonkamble

Antimicrobial Efficiency of NaOCL and Helbo Laser against Enterococcus faecalis
Authors: Mimoza Canga MD, PhD, Vito Antonio Malagnino MD,DDS

The Relationship between the Symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Dietary Pattern of Selected College Going Girls
Authors: Preetha N, Lalitha Ramaswamy

Prospecting Microbial Extremophiles as Valuable Resources of Biomolecules for Biotechnological Applications
Authors: Otohinoyi David A., Ibraheem Omodele

The Occurrence of Specialized Vessels in the Stem of Pothos scandens L, (Araceae)
Authors: Nandkishore S. Zade

Enriching Process of Image Encryption and Compression Using Hierarchical Decomposition
Authors: Devashri Anil Vyawahare, Prof. Anil Gujar

Survey Paper on Pervasive Computing for Mobile Security
Authors: Kulashree Joshi, Sulochana Sonkamble

Effects of Fermentation on the Nutritional Quality of African Locust Bean and Soybean
Authors: Omodara T. R., Olowomofe T. O.

A Survey Paper on MONA: Secure Multi-Owner Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud
Authors: Kulkarni C. S., A. M. Wade

Treatment of Olecranon Fracture with Locking Compression Plate
Authors: Amit Agrahari, S. N. Chishti, A. Mahendrasingh, Snehasis Datta, Vinil Paul

Effect of Entrepreneurship Education on Growth of Enterprises owned by Entrepreneurs with Disabilities in Bungoma County, Kenya
Authors: Elizabeth Wasike, Sarah Likoko

Factors Influencing Secondary School Students to Steal and Their Need for Guidance and Counselling in Bungoma West District, Bungoma County in Kenya
Authors: Chumbe Joseck, Sarah Likoko, Martha Liambila, Helen Muthamia

Prevalence of Dental Caries in Hearing Impaired Children than 5 to 12 Years Old in Sofia
Authors: Liliya Doichinova, Milena Peneva

Grid Power Quality Improvement and Battery Energy Storage in Wind Energy System by PI and Fuzzy Based STATCOM Controller
Authors: Suhashini .D, Ambika .A

A Fuzzy Controller for Optimum Power Flow in Doubly Fed Induction Generator Based Wind Energy Conversion Systems
Authors: Santhosh Kumar .T, Priya .E

Evaluation of Growth Parameters on Extracellular Lipase Enzyme Production by Staphylococcus Aureus
Authors: Prasad M. P.

Seasonal Variation in the Population Density of the Gall Mite, Aceria doctersi (Nalepa, 1909) (Acari :Eriophyidae) Within the Leaf Galls of Cinnamomum verum (Presl.)
Authors: P.N.M. Nasareen, N. Ramani

In silico Designing and Optimization of EPO Mimetic Using Combinatorial Library
Authors: Vimal Kishor Singh, Neeraj Kumar, Manisha Kalsan, Abhishek Saini

A Silent Creeper-Multiple Sclerosis
Authors: Dr. Shilpa Avarebeel, Dr. Mohan Goudar

Scaffold Free Tissue Engineering in Regenerative Medicine: A Review
Authors: Kanakamedala Anilkumar, Geetha Ari, Ambalavanan N, Chandni John, Boniya Babu

Electromagnetic Pollution Emitted from Base Station
Authors: Tahani Ahmed Bashir Khalifa, Amin Babiker Abed Alnabi

Effect of [Cu (NH3)4] SO4 on Seed Germination, Root Elongation and Coleoptile Growth in Triticum Aestivum
Authors: G. D. Rawate

Gelfoam Induced Adhesive Intestinal Obstruction
Authors: Dr. Abhijit Bagul, Dr. Mahendra Bendre, Dr. Nandkishor Narawade, Dr. Abid Raval

Finding Anomaly with Fuzzy Rough C-Means Using Semi-Supervised Approach
Authors: Gadekar S. S., Prof. Shinde S. M.

Maximization of the Fishermen's Profits Exploiting a Fish Population in Several Fishery Zones
Authors: Kanza CHOUAYAKH, Chakib EL BEKKALI, Youssef EL FOUTAYENI, Mohamed KHALADI, Mostafa RACHIK

Estimation of Greenhouse Gas Emission from the Livestock Sector of Bangladesh
Authors: Sayka Jahan, Dr. Abul Kalam Azad

Revisiting Defenses against Large-Scale Online Password Guessing Attacks
Authors: Ravi Kumar Yalagandala, Dr. N. Chandra Sekhar Reddy

On Automatic Continuity in the Jordan-Banach Algebras
Authors: Youssef TIDLI

Analysis of Plane Two-Dimensional Structures by the Finite Element Method
Authors: F. HAMRIT, B. NECIB

Comparative Study Between Conventional Dressing and Dressing With Off Loading Technique in the Management of Diabetic Foot Plantar Ulcers
Authors: Dr. Shishira S. Ranade, Dr. B. J. Sharath Chandra, Dr. P. B. Thrishuli

Multimodality Esthetic Management - A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Khushbu Ajmera, Dr. Sanjyot Mulay

Voltage Regulation of Non Linear Load Using STATCOM with Fuzzy Technique
Authors: V. Bala, Dr. K. Elango

Fault Detection in Transmission Line by Magnitude and Phase Angle Extraction based on Neuro
Authors: G. Geetha, Dr. K. Elango

Impact of Climatic Factors on the Population Density of Spider Mites (Acari: Tetranychidae) Infesting Hedge Bamboos
Authors: C P Vibija, N Ramani

Review Effective use of CORDIC in JPEG
Authors: George Joseph, Vijyakumar K

Green Building Analysis through Energy Modelling
Authors: Jaypratik Goswami, Neha Tiwari

PowerFlow Control of Grid Connected PV System using STATCOM
Authors: SP. Arunkumar, S. Padhmanabha Iyappan

A Review on Genotype Environment Interaction and its Stability Measures
Authors: Parul Saini, Chetan, Sandhya

Review on Multi Atlas Based Segmentation Using Joint Label Fusion for Alzheimer Disease
Authors: Madhubala Chaudhari, Smita Ponde

Intelligent System to Support Judgmental Business Forecasting: The Case of Unconstraint Hotel Room Demand in Hotel Advisory System
Authors: C. Premila Rosy, Dr. R. Ponnusamy

VLSI Implementation for BIST Controller using Signed and Unsigned Multiplier
Authors: Dileep Kumar, Ghanshyam

Effect of Knitted Structure on the Properties of Knitted Fabric
Authors: Ahmed Asif, Moshiur Rahman, Farial Islam Farha

Hybrid Classifiers for Gender Driven Emotion Recognition
Authors: Pravina Ladde

The Principal Components Analysis and Cluster Analysis as Tools for the Estimation of Poverty, an Albanian Case Study
Authors: Msc.Evgjeni Xhafaj, Phd. Ines Nurja

Vitamin A Deficiency Eye Disorders In Children: An Overview
Authors: Dr. Geetanjali Srivastava, Dr. Yogesh Badani

Is there A Need to Reasses Reference Levels of Vitamin D for India?-A Preliminary Survey of Vitamin D Levels in the Normal Population of Punjab
Authors: Brinder Chopra, Sukhpreet Singh, Kamaljit Singh

Evaluation of the Power Generation from Wind Energy Using Small Wind Turbine in Sudan (Local Model Made)
Authors: Mohana Faroug Saeed

Local Argyrosis of Oral Mucosa: Diagnostic and Treatment Considerations
Authors: Georgi Tomov, Gordana Kovacevska

Comparative Beta Analysis of MRF Ltd and APOLLO Tyres
Authors: Dr. Vani Kamath, Dr. R.Gopal

Experimental Analysis of Physical and Fuel Characteristics of Areca Leaves Briquette
Authors: Deepak K.B, N.A Jnanesh

The Influence of E-Service Quality on Customer Perceived Value: A Study on Domestics Tourists in Turkey
Authors: Burçin Cevdet ÇETINSÖZ

Effect of Heat on the Physicochemical Properties of Groundnut Oil
Authors: Angaye, S. S, Maduelosi, N. J., Amadi, C

The Role of Network Layers in Supporting Knowledge Management Implementations
Authors: AyadShihan, LuayKadhum, Nor

Survey on Mobile and Wireless Security Awareness: User Perspectives
Authors: Nadhirah binti Nazri, Noor Azian binti Mohamad Ali, Jamaludin Ibrahim

Damping of Power and Enhancement of Stability for a Large Offshore Windfarm Using a Rectifier Current Regulator
Authors: Santhosh Kumar .T, Jagadeswari .G

Alleviating Salt Stress in Crop Plants through Salt Tolerant Microbes
Authors: Avinash D Patil

Challenges in Cloud Computing: Enabling the Future Internet of Services
Authors: Yogesh Dumbare, S. A. Kahate

Leadership and Management Skills among Master in Technical and Vocational Education Students to Fulfill Employer Demand
Authors: Adib Farhan Bin Zaime, Norfazillah Jesey Taksi

Survey on Different Data Hiding Methods For Binary Host Images
Authors: Sofia. A. Khan, Antara Bhattacharya

Voltage Control Strategy Using SVC with Energy Storage
Authors: N. Muthukumar, S. Padhmanabha Iyappan

Risk and Benefits of Canagliflozin, a New Sodium-Glucose Co-Transporter Type 2 Inhibitor, in the Treatment of type-2 Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Md Shadab Alam, Satish Chandra, Janardan Sharma

Importance and Effect of Substrate for the Cultivation of Pleurotus Sajor-Caju
Authors: Pinkal Patel, Ratna Trivedi

EEG Characteristics in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Authors: Yogesh Yadav, Kavita Yadav

Study of Serum Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 levels in Patients of Vascular Dementia
Authors: N. Surendra Naik, Shashikala Lamani

Reactive Power Control Using STATCOM to Support AC Voltage under Unbalanced Sag
Authors: K. Dinesh, A. Anuradha

Enhancement of Reactive Power Capacity of a PV Grid in Smart Grid Applications
Authors: D. Vidhya Sagar, G. Madhusudanan

Performance Analysis of DFIG based Wind Energy Conversion System Using Direct Power Controller
Authors: V. Kaarthikeyan, G. Madusudanan

Yield Performance of Different Genotypes of Mustard under Agro-Climatic Conditions of Bahawalpur, Pakistan
Authors: Malik Muhammad Yousaf, Mumtaz Hussain, Dr. Nazim Hussain, M. Jahangir Shah, Bashir Ahmed, Hafiz Muhammad Zia Ullah Ghazali

Impact of Different Pre-treatments of Agave sisalana Leaves on Yield and Anatomical Traits of Fibre
Authors: Y. C. Tripathi, Devesh Tewari

Studies and Synthesis of Biologically Active Mixed Ligand Cerium (III) Complexes
Authors: Maharudra Kekare, Vikas Vaidya, Jagdish Thakur

Comparative Study for Steganography Techniques
Authors: Zainalabideen Abdual Samad Rasheed

Research on Athletes Visual Search: A Case Study
Authors: Shangli Liu

A Cheap, Useful but Forgotten Tool for Diagnosing Adult-Onset Asthma: PEF Meter
Authors: Mehmet UNLU, MD, Pinar CIMEN, MD

Survey on Integrated Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) Access Network Architectures
Authors: Nitin N Mali, Vivek V Jog

Development of Low Glycemic Index Balls for Adolescent Girls with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Authors: Sindhu S., PA. Raajeswari

System for Secure Storage and Auditing of Cloud Data
Authors: Pooja Jaywant Patil

European Union: An Integration Exporter or an Actor Sui Generis
Authors: Maneesha Tripathi

A Survey Paper on Clustering-based Collaborative Filtering Approach to Generate Recommendations
Authors: Rohit C. Joshi, Ratnamala S. Paswan

Physico-Chemical Properties of papad from Field Pea Cultivar
Authors: Meenakshi Garg, Prabhjot Kaur Sabharwal

Analysis of Mutual Fund
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri

Students Stress in Nursing School
Authors: Valbona Bilali, Sokol Bilali

Authors: Rajatava Mukhopadhyay

Track Etched Membranes for Electronic Applications
Authors: S. Amrita Kaur, Jyot Amrita

Maximum Power Generation by Integrating Solar & Wind System Using Fuzzy for Voltage Regulation in Smart Grid
Authors: Priya .N, Saranya .C .M

Temporal and Spatial Variations on Heavy Metals Concentration in River Mojo, Oromia State, East Ethiopia
Authors: Tamene Fite Duressa, Seyoum Leta (PhD)

Design of SPWM Unipolar (Single Phase) Inverter
Authors: Sachin Maheshri, Prabodh Khampariya

A Case Study on Care Giving Among Mentally Disabled Persons in Institutionalized Settings
Authors: Nisanth .M, Deepthy Thomas

An EOQ Model for Deteriorating Items with Price Dependent Demand, Varying Holding Cost and Shortages under Trade Credit
Authors: S. C. Sharma, Vivek Vijay

Theoretical Study of Drilling Process Materials By Laser Pulses (Micro, Nano and Picoseconds)
Authors: Ikhlas Jabir Mahmood

Isolation and Identification of Enteric Pathogenic Bacteria in Kadinamkulam Estuary, Kerala
Authors: Gayathri Devi T V, Sruthi S, Nansimole A, Tresa Radhakrishnan

A Survey On Data Aggregation Techniques to Improve the Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Snehal S Lonare, A S Hiwale

Forecasting Infections by Tuberculosis in the Nile River State "Sudan"
Authors: Dr. Abdalla Ahmed, Alkhalifa Abdalla

Italian Invasion of South Albania 1914-1920
Authors: Dr. Doc. Jaho CANA, Dr. Kozeta Sala

Composite Section Design for Minimum Weight in Structural Application
Authors: Devendra B. Sonawane, Prof. R. N. Garad, Pratik K. Satav

A Comparative Study between PCA and SOM for Plastic Surgery Face Recognition
Authors: Sunita Roy, Prof. Samir K. Bandyopadhyay

Emotional Intelligence and Alienation Study among the Middle Level Managers
Authors: Piar Chand, Tanvi Mahajan

The Distinct Pattern of DIC among the Patients with Dengue Virus Infection, Red Sea State, Sudan
Authors: Bashir AB, Saeed OK, Mohammed BA, Ageep AK

Influence of Knowledge Management on Monitoring and Evaluation: A Case of Health NGOs in Kenya
Authors: Otieno Stephen Odiwuor

Medicolegal Study of Fatal Road Traffic Accidents in Varanasi Region
Authors: Navin Kumar, Manoj Kumar

Heuristic Based Resource Allocation for Cloud Using Virtual Machines
Authors: Ch Pavani, G Prabhakar Raju

Autopilot Design for an Autonomous Vehicle under 6-Degree Motion
Authors: Anam Irshad, Muhammad Naeem

The Effects of Electromagnetic Radiations from Conventional and Advanced Mobile Phone on the Diameter of Malpighian Corpuscle and Glomeruli in the Mesonephros of Developing Chick Embryo
Authors: Dr. Sabah Rehman (M.B.B.S., MPhil), Dr. Shadab Ahmed Butt (M. Phil, PhD)

Relationship between Partial Resistance and Inheritance of Adult Plant Resistance Gene LR 46 of Leaf Rust in Six Bread Wheat Varieties
Authors: Shahin S.I., El-Orabey W.M.

A Review of Physical Layer of Mobile WiMAX System and OFDM
Authors: Kavita Dave, Hemant Dhabhai

Design of Exhaust Heat Recovery Power Generation System Using Thermo-Electric Generator
Authors: P. Mohamed Shameer, D. Christopher

Antibacterial Studies of Leucine Complexes of Fe (III) and Cu (II)
Authors: K. Asemave, B. A. Anhwange, T. J. Anom

Can Linked Vehicle Monitoring Validation System
Authors: R. Srithulasiraman

A Clinical Study on the Prevalence of Additional Canals -MB2 and MB3in Mesiobuccal Root in Maxillary Molars
Authors: Gusiyska A.

Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Activity Cobalt Doped Nano Sulphated Zirconia Catalyst: A Study of Cumarin Pechman Synthesis
Authors: Sh. M. El-Dafrawy

Enhancement of LVRT Capability of DFIG Wind Turbine by Using Advanced Control Strategy
Authors: PR. Manojprabu, V. Sudhagar

E-Learning-Future of Education
Authors: Swati Jadhav, Vishal Deshmukh, Aniket Sathe

Three Part Proximal Humerus Fracture Fixation with K-wires Vs Minimally Invasive Locking Plate
Authors: Dr. Ganta Varaprasad, Dr. Venkatanaresh Kumar D

Mitigation of Global Warming Through Biological Carbon Sequestration Using Micro Algae
Authors: Avinash D Patil, Nandkishor Patil

The Calming Effect of Oil on Water and its Conceptual Applications in the Treatment of Various Health Challenges
Authors: Ihegboro, Godwin. Okwudiri.

Survey on: Query Services in Cloud Security
Authors: Sapana S. Vasave, Dr. Kishor R. Kolhe

Role of Platelet Indices in Patients with Dengue Infection in Red Sea State, Sudan
Authors: Bashir AB, Saeed OK, Mohammed BA, Ageep AK

Allergic Conjunctivitis as the Initial Ocular Manifestation of HIV in Young/Middle Age Patients [20-40YRS]
Authors: Dr. V. Haritha, Dr. M. Kiranmai, Dr. Y. Srinivasulu Reddy, Dr. Sudhakar .P

Performance Analysis of Lead and Cadmium Removal from Bisolute System Using Rice Bran
Authors: Alpana Gupta, G. S. Gupta

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Abdominal Effleurage on Labor Pain Intensity and Labour Outcomes Among Nullipara Mothers During 1st Stage of Labor In Selected Hospitals of District Ambala, Haryana
Authors: Neetu, Poonam Sheoran, Rashmi Panchal

Space Debris Low Earth Orbit (LEO)
Authors: Fatima Ahmed Mohamed, Noor Azian Mohamad Ali

Flexible Deterministic Packet Market: An IP Traceback Scheme
Authors: Pooja G. Kukreja, D.N.Rewadkar

Survey and Evaluation of flexible Pavement Failures
Authors: Magdi M.E. Zumrawi

Dynamic Authentication Protocol for Mobile Networks Using Public-Key Cryptography
Authors: Mustafa AL-Fayoumi, Mohammed Nababteh, Mohammad Sh. Daoud, Mohammad Alhawarat

An Introduction to 3D User Interface for Operating System
Authors: Vaishali Jadhav

The Importance of Ultrasound Examination in the Studding of the Gall Bladder Anatomic Variations and Their Influence in Biliary Dyskinesia
Authors: Afrim Pirraci

Determinants of Knowledge of Emergency Contraception in a Socially and Economically Developed states of India: A study of Kerala and Punjab
Authors: M S R Murthy

Various Clinical Manifestations of HIV among Age Group 18 Months to 12 Years of Age
Authors: Elizabeth Bandrapalli M.D, P. Jhansi Rani M.D.

Intralobar Pulmonary Sequestration Masquerading as Lung Abscess: A Rare Paediatric Presentation
Authors: Dr. Shilpi Sahu, Dr. Reeta Dhar, Dr. Reenal Patel

Nonlinear Identification and Medical Diagnosis System Using Functional-Type MIMORM (Multi Input Multi Output Rule Module) Connected Fuzzy Inference Method
Authors: Sajan Seth

Synthesis, Characterization and Corrosion Behavior of Isomers of Conducting Poly
Authors: G.Madhusudhana, R. Jaya Santhi

Management of Ruptured Liver Abscess: A Study of 54 Cases
Authors: Nirmal Desai, Chetan Savani, Dhruvit Soni, Nitin Parmar, Shubham Negi

A Case Report of Epidermal Cyst of the Eyelid
Authors: Dr. G. Ravi Babu, Dr. V. M. V. R.V. Prasada Rao

Habitat Fragmentation Due to Encroachment (Road Construction) and its Impact on Biodiversity of Sariska
Authors: Anil Kumar Dular

Giant Non Parasitic Hepatic Cyst: Case Report and Review of Literature
Authors: Sharad S. Sawant, Bhosle D.N.

A Case Study: Behavioral Analysis and Understanding Speech Language Problem (SLP) of Aphasia in Vidarbha, Maharashtra (India)
Authors: Chavhan P. H, Sangode V. K

Selective Scheduling Based on Number of Processor Cores for Parallel Processing
Authors: Ravinder Jeet, Upasna Garg

Studies on the Effect of Pesticide Endosulfan 35% EC on the Lipid Content of the Fresh Water Fish, Catla catla
Authors: S. BinuKumari, R. Sudhasaravanan

Cross-Correlation Based Face Recognition Scheme
Authors: Ranjeet Singh, Mandeep Kaur

A Pilot Study on Aerobic Exercise and Inspiratory Muscle Training in Reducing Dyspnoea among Heart Failure Patients
Authors: Swapna Dennis, Larissa Martha Sams

Triple Combination Therapy
Authors: Kanakamedala Anilkumar, Theyagarajan Ramakrishnan, Geetha Ari, Monica Sharon A

Extended Best Peer: A Peer-to-Peer Based System by Corporate Network for Data Sharing
Authors: Chandre P.R, Bhavsar Harshada

Toxicity of Organophosphate Insecticide on Relative Body and Liver Weights of Mice
Authors: Santosh Pawar

An Analysis of Steady-State for Machine Repair Problem with a Single Service Station Subject to Breakdown
Authors: M. ReniSagaya Raj, B. Chandrasekar

Determining the Efficacy of Combination of Three Ayurvedic Formulations and dhoopana (Medicinal Fumigation) in Prevention of Infections Post Vaginal Delivery with Episiotomy
Authors: Prof. Dr Swati Surendra Mohite

A Performance Analysis of Brushless DC Motor by using PID Controller
Authors: Kautik R. Patil, Pramod Kumar S.

Assessing Land-Use/Land-Cover Changes and Spatio-Temporal Expansion Process of Assela Town, Arsi Zone, Ethiopia
Authors: Gezahegn Weldu, Anteneh Derribew

Fungemia in an Immunocompetent Infant due to Candida pelluculosa: A Case Report
Authors: S. Vijayakumar, Biswajeet Sahoo, L. Ranbir Singh, P. Pratita Devi, Ngangom Lilavati, Tongen Roel

High Speed Convolution and Deconvolution Algorithm based on Ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics
Authors: Priya Lad, Dr. A. A.Gurjar

Divergent Methodology of Decision Harmonization in Project Management of Development
Authors: Olena Kryvoruchko

Modified R-tree Model
Authors: Yevgeniy Borodavka

Characterization of Nanorods Obtained by Mixing 20%SnO2 + 80% In2O3 Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Method
Authors: Melia Hamici, Adel Hachache

Nucleotide Variation and Selective Pressure in the Mitochondrial Genome of African Elephants
Authors: Sery Gonedele Bi, Didier P. Sokouri

Use of Antifouling Paints on Ship Hulls over Past Four Decades and Consequent Imposex: A Review
Authors: Nuzhat Afsar

Mining Service Using Ontology Learning
Authors: R. Santhosh Gowtham, S. J. Vivekanandan

A Comparison of Three Different Radiographic Techniques to Evaluate Their Reproducibility Concerning Periapical Structures
Authors: Gusiyska A, Kishkilova D

Deterioration in Quality and Quantity of Wheat Grains during Storage
Authors: Ashok K. Shukla

Investor Perception on Mutual Fund with Special Reference to Ananthapuramu, Andhra Pradesh
Authors: Mahabub Basha Shaik

Lunar Cycle Affecting Homicidal Death in Varanasi Region: A Reality or Myth
Authors: Mayank Gupta, Manoj Kumar

A Theoretical Study on the Evaluation of the Stability and Postural Sway, Based on the Results of the Confidence Ellipse
Authors: Aida Bendo, Spiro Kuvarati, Dhimitraq Skenderi, Aferdita Vevecka

Prevalence and Organ-Wise Distribution of Helminth Parasites in Three Commercially Important Catfishes of Bhopal
Authors: Syed Alfiya Qadri, Pinky Kaur

Survey of Identity-Based Encryption for Providing Security in Sender/Receiver Systems
Authors: S. N. Shitole, A D Gujar

Benefits of Test Automation for Agile Testing
Authors: Manu GV, Namratha M, Pradeep

Grain Size Distribution of a Modern Tidal River: A Case Study of Calabar River, South-South Nigeria
Authors: Lawrence Oghale O. O., Edeme Antia, Soronnadi-Ononiwo G. C., Powedei Debekeme

The Effect of Insulin on the Blood and Liver Cholesterol in Anabas Scandens (BLOCH)
Authors: PawlinVasanthi Joseph, Rajathi A.

Management of Convulsions in HIV Positive Patients
Authors: Dr. Rajendra Prasad Shivaswamy, Dr. K A Sudarshan Murthy, K H Sahithi

Study of Two Stream Instability in Hot Collisional Plasmas over Solar Atmosphere
Authors: Blesson Jose, Antony S

A Study on Effects of Social Networking Sites as an Educational Tool on College Students
Authors: Vidhya Sadhu Kshirsagar, Sharmila Ajitkumar Kulkarni

4G Coverage in Malaysia
Authors: Nur Faizah Binti Ab Aziz, Noor Azian Mohamad Ali

Autistic Savants: Making Child Really Special
Authors: Dr. Vijay Kumar Grover

Microwave Analysis and Electrical Properties of ZnO thin Films Prepared by RF Magnetron Sputtering
Authors: R. Ondo-Ndong, Z. H. Moussambi Membetsi, H. Gnanaga, H. M. Omanda, A. Foucaran

Compare and Contrast of Grand Theories: Orem
Authors: Muslim Shah, Amir Abdullah, Hizbullah Khan

A Comparative Study of Binary Mixture of di-n -Butyl Phthalate (DBP) with Polar and Non Polar Liquid
Authors: N. Mohanty, R. Paikaray

Authors: Kanchan S. Khedkar, Pravin P. Karde

A Review on Implementation of FPGA for Automatic Reverse Braking System
Authors: Divya Thakur, A. P. Thakare

Application of the Complex Mother Wavelet Shan 1-1.5 Processing to Lamb Modes Signals in Plates
Authors: M. El Allami, H. Rhimini, M. Sidki

Vulvovaginal Candidiasis- An Opportunistic Infection in Childbearing Age Group Women, Its Isolation, Identification and Antibiotic Profile
Authors: Bhairavi Bhagat, Pratibha Desai

Comparative Effects of Organic and Plastic Mulches on the Environment, Growth and Yield of Okra in A Derived Savanna Zone of Nigeria
Authors: Aniekwe, N.L.

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