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Volume 2 Issue 9 September 2013

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Design an Automatic Temperature Control System for Smart Electric Fan Using PIC

Authors: Zairi Ismael Rizman; Kim Ho Yeap; Nuraiza Ismail; Norizan Mohamad; Nur Hafizah Rabi
Country: Malaysia

Effects of Spondias Mombin Leaf Extract on the Cytoarchitecture of the Cerebal Cortex and on Learning and Memory in Wistar Rats

Authors: Asuquo; O. R; Udonwa; U. N; Eluwa; M. A; Ekanem; T. B
Country: Nigeria

Rate of Fatty Liver Disease in Najran Patients between 20-60 Years Old at King Khalid Hospital (Dec 2011-Dec 2012)

Authors: Maha Esmeal Ahmed; Najla Hussein Mohamed Khalid; Kholud Mohammed Mehdar
Country: Saudi Arabia

Caspase Dependent Apoptosis is Only Inhibited on ? Irradiation of Cells Conditioned by Repetitive Oxidative Stress

Authors: Rita Ghosh; Koyeli Girigoswami; Dipanjan Guha
Country: India

Internet Usage by University Academics: Implications for the 21st Century Teaching and Learning

Authors: Maria Tsvere; Tendayi Leonora Nyaruwata; Srikanta Swamy
Country: Zimbabwe

Variation of Some Physical Properties of Rice Husk Ash Refractory with Temperature

Authors: Celestine; Mbakaan; Audu; Onojah; Msughter; Gbaakpen; Dooshima; Targema
Country: Nigeria

The Strategy to Implement of PACS in Sudan Radiology

Authors: Maha Esmeal Ahmed
Country: Sudan

Phenotypic Diversity for Qualitative Characters of Barley (Hordeum Vulgare (L.)) Landrace Collections from Southern Ethiopia

Authors: Shegaw Derbew; Hussein Mohammed; Elias Urage
Country: Ethiopia

Institutionalization of Dowry in India: Social Custom or Modern Malaise?

Authors: Nithya N.R.
Country: India

The Study of Facial Index among Haryanvi Adults

Authors: Mahesh Kumar; Mohd. Muzzafar Lone
Country: India

Unascended Left Kidney with Malrotation: A Rare Congenital Anomaly

Authors: Apoorva D; Lalitha C
Country: India

Comparative Production of Different Amino Acids by Pseudomonas Boreopolis MD-4

Authors: Rudakiya Darshan; Bande Priya
Country: India

Focused Crawling System based on Improved LSI

Authors: Radhika Gupta; AP Nidhi
Country: India

Evaluation Social Ties and Trust in Online Social Network

Authors: Aditi Sharma; AP Nidhi
Country: India

Predicting Movie Success Using Neural Network

Authors: Arundeep Kaur; AP Nidhi
Country: India

Prediction for Pulmonary Disease Based on Diagnostic Reciepes and Classification

Authors: Nidhi; AP Nidhi
Country: India

Effects of Web Page Contents on Load Time over the Internet

Authors: Zhou Munyaradzi; Giyane Maxmillan; Mutembedza Nyasha Amanda
Country: Zimbabwe

Design and Analysis of Low Power Implicit Pulse Triggered Flip-Flops

Authors: K. Lovaraju; K. Rajendra Prasad
Country: India

High Speed 8-bit Counters using State Excitation Logic and their Application in Frequency Divider

Authors: Ranjith Ram. A; Pramod. P
Country: India

Applying Rule-Based Maximum Matching Approach for Verb Phrase Identification and Translation (Myanmar to English)

Authors: Soe; Thae Thae; Thida; Aye
Country: Myanmar

Teaching TRIZ Problem-Solving Methodology in Higher Education: A Review

Authors: Hajar Mat Jani
Country: Malaysia

Layering Based Network Intrusion Detection System to Enhance Network Attacks Detection

Authors: Yi; Mon Aye; Phyu; Thandar
Country: Myanmar

A Repetitive Sparce Matrix Converter with Z-Source Network to having less Current THD

Authors: Shamsher Ansari; B. S. Rao
Country: India

Security in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks through Mix-Zones Based Privacy

Authors: S. Kavitha; M. Parveentaj
Country: India

Concurrent Online Test of RFID Memories Using MBIST

Authors: Jyothi Rani Degala; Kota Nageswara Rao
Country: India

A Survey Study of Anthropometric Characters of Malnourished Children of Slum Dwellers in Indore City

Authors: Angoorbala Bafna; Sangita Chouhan
Country: India

Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS

Authors: Sathe Pooja
Country: India

The NC Machining Post-Processing Technology Based on UG

Authors: Sharifa Magambo; Liu Ying
Country: China

A Batch-Arrival Queue with Multiple Servers and Fuzzy Parameters: Parametric Programming Approach

Authors: R. Ramesh; S. Kumara G Ghuru
Country: India

Comparison of Phase Only Correlation and Neural Network for Iris Recognition

Authors: Bakliwal Suricha; Mathur Garima;Yadav R.P
Country: India

Malt Quality Parameters of Finger Millet for Brewing Commercial Opaque Beer

Authors: T. Usai; B.C. Nyamunda; B. Mutonhodza
Country: Zimbabwe

Clinical profiles in Patients Suffering from Chronic Tension-type Headache

Authors: Rajamani Santhosh Kumar; K. Rathna Kumar
Country: India

A Review on Novel Scoring System for Identify Accurate Answers for Factoid Questions

Authors: Harpreet Kaur; Rimpi
Country: India

A Distributed Geospatial Information System for Managing Elections: A Case Study of Kenya

Authors: Namasake Everton; Hunja Waithaka; George Watene
Country: Kenya

Effect of Intraoperative Bupivacaine Infiltration for Post-Operative Pain Relief in Open Inguinal Hernia Repair

Authors: Tanay N. Shah; Pratham R. Bysani; Nikhil Sharma
Country: India

Religion and Politics in Nigeria: A Comparative Study of the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs and the Christian Association of Nigeria

Authors: Ebhomienlen; Thomas O.; Ukpebor; Emmanuel I.
Country: Nigeria

Third Head of Biceps Brachii (Caput Accessorium)

Authors: Gupta Shalini; Mittal Anupama
Country: India

Variability of Some Soil Physicochemical Properties on Lithosequence in Funtua, North - Western Nigeria

Authors: L. M. Maniyunda; B. A. Raji; M. G. Gwari
Country: Nigeria

Heat Mass Transfer and Thermophysical Analysis for Pyramid Type Solar Still

Authors: S. Kalaivani; S. Rugmini Radhakrishnan
Country: India

The Impact of Zidovudine (An Antiretroviral Drug) on Some Serum and Erythrocyte Biochemical Parameters in Wistar Albino Rats

Authors: Okonkwo C.O; Uwakwe A.A.
Country: Nigeria

Evaluation of Efficacy of Lemon Juice Extract (Citrius Lemoni Risso) on Wound Healing and Haemostatic Mechanism of Albino Wister Rats

Authors: F. N Oguwike; D. P. M. Onubueze
Country: Nigeria

Wireless Sensor Networks for Monitoring Physiological Signals of Multiple Patients

Authors: Takur Chetan Singh; K. S. R. Murthy
Country: India

Implementation of 1D NN in Signal Processing Application to Get Relevant Recurrence Coefficient Value in Discrete Orthogonal Polynomial

Authors: N. V. Narendra Babu; G. Manoj Someswar
Country: India

Narrative Science: A Review

Authors: Ramandeep Ghuman; Ripmi Kumari
Country: India

Advance Mobile Education Service for College Students

Authors: Balaji. N; R. Buvaneswari
Country: India

Barriers to Effective Integration of Information and Communication Technology in Harare Secondary Schools

Authors: Vimbai Edina Ndawi; Kennedy Andrew Thomas; Tendayi Leonorah Nyaruwata
Country: Zimbabwe

Air Quality Monitoring Using Model: A Review

Authors: Ukaigwe, Sandra A.; Osoka, Emmanuel C.
Country: Nigeria

Handling Uncertainty under Spatial Feature Extraction through Probabilistic Shape Model (PSM)

Authors: Ahmed; Samsuddin; Rahman; Md. Mahbubur
Country: Bangladesh

The 10 Gigabit Ethernet

Authors: G. Kiranmai; R. V. Krishnaiah
Country: India

A Defence Strategy against Flooding Attack Using Puzzles by Game Theory

Authors: Ch. V. N. Madhuri; R. V. Krishnaiah
Country: India

Approach of Data Security in Local Network Using Distributed Firewalls

Authors: J. Lavanya; R. V. Krishnaiah
Country: India

Forecasting Tourist Inflow in Bhutan using Seasonal ARIMA

Authors: Elangbam Haridev Singh
Country: Bhutan

Self-Cleaning Solar Panels to Avoid the Effects of Accumulated Dust on Solar Panels Transmittance

Authors: Kutaiba Sabah; Sabah Nimma Faraj
Country: Malaysia

Dual Band Watermarking using 2-D DWT and 2-Level SVD for Robust Watermarking In Video

Authors: Alam Naved; Yadav Rajesh
Country: India

Providing Accident Detection in Vehicular Networks through OBD-II Devices and Android-based Smart Phones

Authors: M. Narsing Rao; V. Suresh Kumar
Country: India

Length Frequency Distribution of (Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus) (Lecepede, 1803) (Chrysichthys, Bagridae) from Itu Head Brigde, in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Authors: Andem A. B; George U. U; Eyo V. O
Country: Nigeria

Safety Features for Reduction of Failure in Stacker cum Reclaimer for Thermal Power Plant

Authors: Sharma Shilpa
Country: India

Impacts of Agricultural Activities on Water Quality in the Dufuya Dambos, Lower Gweru, Zimbabwe

Authors: John Vengai Muzvondiwa, Robert Kudzanayi Gono, Sichewo P
Country: Zimbabwe

Isolation and Identification of Pathogenic Bacteria in Edible Fish: A Case Study of Fletcher Dam in Gweru, Zimbabwe

Authors: Petronillah R. Sichewo, Robert K. Gono, John V. Muzvondiwa, Nyoni Sizanobuhle
Country: Zimbabwe

Properties and Potentials of Soils of Liman Katagum Bauchi State, Nigeria

Authors: Lemuel Musa Maniyunda
Country: Nigeria

A New Design of Algorithm for Enhancing Security in Bluetooth Communication with Triple DES

Authors: B. Parsharamulu, R. V. Krishnaiah
Country: India

Design of Loop Filter Using CMOS

Authors: Sanchita Basu
Country: India

Hospitality Business Vs Environmental Sustainability: A Study of Soarak Hotel and Casino Lagos

Authors: Kukoyi Ibraheem Adesina, Ezenagu Ngozi
Country: Nigeria

Novel Scoring System for Identify Accurate Answers for Factoid Questions

Authors: Harpreet Kaur, Rimpi Kumari
Country: India

Tourism a Viable Path for Wealth Creation in Nigeria: An Analysis of Awka Metropolis

Authors: Ezenagu Ngozi
Country: Nigeria

Firm Level Characteristics and Market Orientation of Micro and Small Businesses

Authors: Weerakoon WMPGC
Country: Srilanka

Identifying the Preferences and Brand Choices of Female Customers for Cars: A Study Conducted In Muscat Region, of Sultanate of Oman

Authors: Swaroop Simha
Country: Oman

Proposing an Encryption Algorithm based on DES

Authors: Omar Zughoul, Hajar Mat Jani
Country: Malaysia

Modified Multiphase Level Set Image Segmentation Search for Energy Formulation with Bias Correction

Authors: N. Uma Devi, S. Revathi
Country: India

Introducing an Encryption Algorithm based on IDEA

Authors: Osama Almasri, Hajar Mat Jani
Country: Malaysia

Design of a Computerized Inventory Management System for Supermarkets

Authors: Abisoye Opeyemi A., Boboye Fatoba, Abisoye Blessing
Country: Nigeria

Numerical Investigation of a Single Phase Air Flow inside Porous Media of a Cross Flow Cooling Tower

Authors: Mohd Amir, Fithry; Yusoff, Mohd Zamri
Country: Malaysia

Voice Morphing System for People Suffering from Laryngectomy

Authors: Dharavathu Vijaya Babu, R. V. Krishnaiah
Country: India

Effectiveness of ERules in Generating Non Redundant Rule Sets in Pharmacy Database

Authors: Kannika Nirai Vaani. M, E. Ramaraj
Country: India

Radiochemical Properties of Irradiated PVA\AgNO3 Film by Electron Beam

Authors: Mohammed, A. AliOmer, MEM ,Gar-elnabi, Alyaa, H. Ahmed, Ghada Abaker Eidam, Nasr Aldeen N. Khidir
Country: Saudi Arabia

Constraints and Opportunities to Rabbit Production in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of the Midlands Province, Zimbabwe

Authors: Robert K.Gono, John Dube, Petronillah R. Sichewo, John V Muzondiwa
Country: Zimbabwe

Carbon Financing for Renewable Energy Projects in Zimbabwe

Authors: Madiye Luxmore, Chikuku Tauyanashe, Mashungu Lawrence
Country: Zimbabwe

Minimize Staleness and Stretch in Streaming Data Warehouses

Authors: S. M. Subhani, M. Nagendramma
Country: India

E-Call (A Call between Life and Death)

Authors: N. Veera Laxmi, R. V. Krishnaiah
Country: India

Haptic Technology - A Sense of Touch

Authors: B. Divya Jyothi, R. V. Krishnaiah
Country: India

Comparative Study of Diagnostic of Inverter Three and Five Levels Associated with Asynchronous Machine

Authors: Kheira Mendaz, Houria Bounoua, Mohamed Feliti
Country: Algeria

Effects of Risk Management Practices on the Performance of Insurance Firms in Kenya: A Case of AIG Insurance Company Ltd

Authors: James N. Wanjohi, Kepha Ombui
Country: Kenya

Recovery Trends of Thrombocytes in the Parasitaemia of Plasmodium Falciparum Treated Children

Authors: M. Kokori, Z. G .S. Turaki, A. T. Ahmed, A. Faisal
Country: Nigeria

A Study of 25 cases of CBD Injury Post Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Authors: Shardul V. Wargantiwar, Pratham R. Bysani, Tanay N. Shah
Country: India