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Volume 2 Issue 7 July 2013

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Study the Effects of Unexpected Disaster on Negative Trends of Rural Development Case Study: Varzaghan City

Authors: Hassan Houshyar, Salam Adhami
Country: Iran

Intelligent Water Dispensing System Model Utilizing AAA Framework

Authors: Cleophas D. K Mutepfe, Emanuel Rashayi, Elisha C Mabunda
Country: Zimbabwe

Metacognitive Skills of Nursing Students in Nigerian Universities

Authors: Chiejina EN, Ebenebe RC
Country: Nigeria

The Relationship between the Rights of Citizens and Municipal Services in Small Towns

Authors: Sajjad Ehrami
Country: Iran

Current Status of e-Agriculture and Global Trends: A Survey Conducted in TransNzoia County, Kenya

Authors: Peter Namisiko, Moses Aballo
Country: Kenya

Empowering the African Traditional Healers for Effective Holistic Health Care Delivery in Nigeria

Authors: Eteng Ikpi Etobe, Utibe Eteng Etobe
Country: Nigeria

Risk Measurement Strategy; An Alternative to Merging that Offers A Capital Relief in Risk Management

Authors: Godswill. U. Achi, Ogwo Obiageri, Solomon Okechukwu
Country: Nigeria

Who and Where Should they turn to? The Plight of Street Children

Authors: Angela Maposa
Country: Zimbabwe

Cryopreservation of Goat Sperms Collected From Different Regions of the Epididymis

Authors: K. U. E. Perera, H. B. S. Ariyaratne
Country: Srilanka

Political Economy and the Local Governance in Kenya during the Pre - August 2010 Constitution: A Synoptic Review

Authors: Aggrey Daniel Maina Thuo
Country: Kenya

Reduction of Inter Carrier Interference using Extended Kalman Filter in OFDM Systems for Different Channel Models

Authors: A. Manikandan, M. Sandhiya
Country: India

Technical Comparison between IPv4 & IPv6 and Migration from IPv4 to IPv6

Authors: Ashis Saklani, S. C. Dimri
Country: India

Mobile Application Testing and Challenges

Authors: Ravi Ramchandra Nimbalkar
Country: India

Enhancing Security in Cloud Storage using ECC Algorithm

Authors: Ravi Gharshi, Suresha
Country: India

Intensive Energy of Gravitational Waves

Authors: Pradeep Kumar
Country: India

Angle Extraction using Digital Image Processing

Authors: R.K.Singh, Rashmi Sharma
Country: India

Implementation of 16 * 16 Quantization Table Steganography on Gray Scale Images

Authors: Hina Anand, Kapil Narwal, Kartik Mudgal
Country: India

Web Based Security using Online Password Authentication in Mobile Application

Authors: A. T. Bhole, Sheetal Chaudhari
Country: India

A Novel Approach to Optimal Implementation of UART-SPI Interface in SOC

Authors: Ashok Kumar Filix, CH. Srinivasa Rao, S. Madhava Rao
Country: India

Low Power, Noise-Free Divided By 4/5 Counter Using Domino Logic: A Survey

Authors: A. Veera Lakshmi, B. Ganesamoorthy
Country: India

Performance Evolution of 16 Bit Processor in FPGA using State Encoding Techniques

Authors: Madhavi Anupoju, M. Sunil Prakash
Country: India

Studies on the Structural, and Hardness in Bis Glycine Maleate Crystal

Authors: V. J. Priyadharshini, G. Meenakshi
Country: India

Quantum Chemical and Energy Descriptors Based Qsar Studies of Triazines Inhibiting Dihydrofolate Reductase

Authors: Mithilesh Tiwari, S. K. Singh, Lakshmi Gangwar
Country: India

Idea of Inequality in Andre? Be?teille

Authors: Pritha Dasgupta, L T Om Prakash
Country: India

A Security Enhancing Scheme in Leach using Homomorphic Encryption

Authors: Neha Chhabra, Parikshit Singla
Country: India

Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filter Design using Canonical Signed Digits (CSD)

Authors: Anshika Rajolia, Maninder Kaur
Country: India

Effect of Varied Methods of Resistance Training on Selected Physical Fitness Components of Inter Collegiate Male Volley Ball Players

Authors: P. Velusamy
Country: India

Assessing Quality of Education in Institutes of Higher Learning in Australia

Authors: Neha Sharma
Country: India

The Design of Web Based Secure Internet Voting System for Corporate Election

Authors: Jagdish B. Chakole, P. R. Pardhi
Country: India

DSP for Smart Bio-Metric Solutions

Authors: Maddineni Rakesh Chowdari
Country: India

Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images for Large Data Size Using DCT

Authors: Vimal, Mahendra Kumar Patil
Country: India

A Novel Approach for Cluster Outlier Detection in High Dimensional Data

Authors: Ravi Kumar Gupta, Sandeep Bhargava
Country: India

Techniques Used for Mask Less Lithography

Authors: R. K. Singh, Rashmi Sharma
Country: India

A Novel Approach in Clustering via Rough Set

Authors: A. Pethalakshmi, A. Banumathi
Country: India

Avoiding Selective Attacks with using Packet Hiding Approaches in Wireless Network

Authors: Patel Dhaval Dhirubhai, Singh Kashkumar Nirmalsingh
Country: India

In vitro Toxicological Screening of Genetic Damages in Humans by Micronucleus Test

Authors: Ravi Kumar T. N, Shantha A. R
Country: India

A Novel Nano Structured LaCaxCr1-xO3-? for Humidity Sensors

Authors: B. Avila Josephine, V. Jeseentharani, V. Mary Teresita, S. Arul Antony
Country: India

Enhancement and Correction of Medical Images Using Multiscale Retinex

Authors: Nilesh Pandey, Akash Wanjari, Yogesh Rathore
Country: India

Child Labour in India: Law, Policy and Program

Authors: Sunil Kumar Jangir
Country: India

Isolation, Optimization and Characterization of ?-Amylase from Bacillus Alcalophilus

Authors: Roshan Kumar, Archana Mehta
Country: India

Wage Rate Determinants: A Survey Addressing Christian Minority in Lahore, Pakistan

Authors: Noel Alter
Country: Pakistan

A Comparative Study and Analysis of Quantization Table Modification Effect on JPEG Based Image Steganography

Authors: V. Senthooran, L. Ranathunga, KokSheik Wong
Country: Srilanka

A Novel Approach for the Analysis & Issues of IPsec VPN

Authors: Pankaj Kumar Singh, Pawan Prakash Singh
Country: India

Data Embedding Method Using Video Pixel Pair Technique

Authors: Saleena Thongam, Manjima R.L
Country: India

A GIS Based Parking Management and Dissemination System

Authors: George Watene, Douglas Musiega, Charles Ndegwa
Country: Kenya

The Influence of Social Organization among Street Children on their Survival on the Streets

Authors: Peter Gutwa Oino, Benard Mwori Sorre, Eric Kiprono Bor
Country: Kenya

Simulation of Multi Converter Unified Power Quality Conditioner for Two Feeder Distribution System

Authors: G. Laxminarayana, S. Raja Shekhar
Country: India

Experimental Analysis of Single Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine with Ethanol & Diesel Blends

Authors: Ajith K, Gavudhama Karunanidhi S, Prince M G, Subba Rao G
Country: India

Performance Analysis of Refrigerant Centrifugal Compressor

Authors: Sharad Chaudhary, Rajesh Gupta
Country: India

An Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Carbon Content on the Wear Behavior of Plain Carbon Steel

Authors: Amit K Gupta, Deep Narayan Mishra
Country: India

Design Optimization and Analysis of a Connecting Rod using ANSYS

Authors: G. Naga Malleshwara Rao
Country: India

Population and the Nigerian Socio- Economic Development Dilemma: A Case Study of Oshodi-Isolo L.G.A. Lagos, Nigeria

Authors: Nwosu, Ahiauba
Country: Nigeria

An Emerging Anomaly Detection Technique to Diminish the Routing Misbehavior in Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET)

Authors: Chinmaya Kumar Nayak, Banchhanidhi Dash, Manoranjan Pradhan
Country: India

Comparative Analysis of Off-line Signature Recognition

Authors: Ankit Arora, Aakanksha S. Choubey
Country: India

Matrix Converter 3x5 with Calculated PWM Strategy for Feeding Induction Motor

Authors: MM. Rezaoui , L. Nezli , MO. Mahmoudi
Country: Algeria

Thermal analysis of Helical Baffle in Heat Exchanger

Authors: Mayank Vishwakarma, K. K. Jain
Country: India

Video Objects Detection Using Spatial and Temporal Segmentation

Authors: Hima E P
Country: India

Dynamic Modeling of Six Pulse Rectifier Using MATLAB

Authors: Vikas M, B. K. Singh
Country: India

Implementation of an Arithmetic Logic Unit using Area Efficient Carry Look-Ahead Adder and Booth

Authors: Sarwagya Chaudhary
Country: India

Quaternary Arithmetic Logic Unit Design Using VHDL

Authors: Prashant Y. Shende, R. V. Kshirsagar
Country: India

Training on Inclusive Education: Perception of Primary Teachers

Authors: Sumaiya Khanam Chowdhury, Mirza Md. Hasan
Country: Bangladesh

Physico-Chemical Properties of Spring Water in Kabare and Baragwi Locations, Gichugu Division Kirinyaga County of Kenya

Authors: Mwaniki S. Ngari, Wanjau T. Wangui, Njeru S. Ngoci, Mavura J. W
Country: Kenya

Matrix Convolution using Parallel Programming

Authors: Anirud Pande, Rohit Chandna
Country: India

Wear of Reciprocating Screw for Injection Moulding Machine: A Review

Authors: Vikas. R. Rajoria , P. K. Jadhao
Country: India

EE-SE Trade-Off of the 2BS-DMIMO System

Authors: Preetha. K, Rajkumari. M
Country: India

Development of Zero-Padded Conjugate Cancellation Transmission with Adaptive Receiver for ICI Cancellation

Authors: Amandeep Kaur, Garima Saini
Country: India

How Advertisement of Condom Influences its Use among University Students: A Case Study of Mt Kenya University (Nakuru Town Campus)

Authors: Charles Kituni Wasike
Country: Kenya

Optimization Approach for Computational Intelligence based on Hybrid PSO and DE

Authors: Preeti Soni, Minu Choudhary
Country: India

A Comparison Study of Solid State Transformers Using Different Switching Techniques

Authors: Sayri Manohar Reddy, Bhavana Khandrika
Country: India

Breeding Performance of Red-Vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus cafer) in Sikar Region (Rajasthan), India

Authors: M. S. Rao, P. R. Ojha, R. Rao
Country: India

Effects of Physiotherapeutic Techniques and Combination of Physiotherapeutic Techniques with Core Muscle Strengthening Exercises on Stress Urinary Incontinence and Performance in Athletic Event among Collegiate Females

Authors: L. Mahalakshmi
Country: India

Effect of Sub Maximal Exercise Training on Exercise Capacity in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Authors: Pandian Sankara Kumaran, Suthakar V
Country: India

Experimental Investigation on Two Cylinder Diesel Engine using Biodiesel and Diesel as Fuel with EGR Technique

Authors: Nitesh Dagar, Ibrahim H. Shah
Country: India

Integrated Solution for Water Resources Information Management: A Case study of Athi River Catchment

Authors: Moffat Githiro Magondu, Moses Murimi Ngigi, Charles Mundia Ndegwa
Country: Kenya

Controlling of Rotor Flux for Doubly Fed Induction Machine-Based Wind Turbines under Voltages Dips and without Crowbar Protection

Authors: P.Murali, T. Muni Prakash
Country: India

Highly Secure Method for Image Transmission Using Partition and Multi Encryption Technique

Authors: Pooja Mishra, Biju Thankachan
Country: India

Application of Laplace Transform to Newtonian Fluid Problems

Authors: Rachana Mathur, Sarita Poonia
Country: India

Statistical Outlook for Community Mining in Social Networks

Authors: Aditi Agrawal, Pawan Prakash Singh
Country: India

Modeling and Analysis of Aircraft Landing Gear: Experimental Approach

Authors: Avinash V. Gaikwad, Rajesh U. Sambhe, Pravin S. Ghawade
Country: India

A Clinical Study on Vertigo with Special Reference to Audio-Vestibular Tests

Authors: Barman Dipjyoti, Bhattacharjee Abhinandan, Purkaystha Prabhati, Rathor Aakanksha
Country: India

Making a Career in the Field of Fine and Applied Art: The Nigeria Perspective

Authors: Saibu Alasa
Country: Nigeria

Review of Key Management Schemes in WSNs

Authors: Ramandeep Singh, Amandeep Kaur Virk
Country: India

Prevalence of Malnutrition of Pupils in Primary Schools in Ado Local Government Area of Ekiti State, Nigeria

Authors: Ibikunle Aisat Arike, Owolabi Victoria and Agunbiade Racheal Olubunmi
Country: Nigeria

Student Variables as Correlates of Secondary School Students

Authors: Adodo Sunday O. , Oyeniyi Joke D.
Country: Nigeria

Mathematics Skills as Predictors of Physics Students

Authors: Awodun, Adebisi Omotade, OJO, Olanrewaju Adeniyi
Country: Nigeria

Strength and Durability Characteristics of Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Authors: Shankarkumar V, Arun K, Dhivya P, Mahesh Kumar M, Suresh Babu R
Country: India

Design and Simulations of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power System using Three Phase Inverter for Grid Applications

Authors: Inderjeet Singh, Vivek Kumar, Devendra Parmar
Country: India

Modelling and Control of Four Leg Inverter with Utilization in Power Quality Improvement in Grid Connected System

Authors: Richa Srivastava, Amita Mahor
Country: India

Role of Grape Seed Proanthocyanidins in the Suppression of High Calorie Diet-Induced Hepatic Injury and Apoptosis

Authors: Baskaran Yogalakshmi, Carani Venkatraman Anuradha
Country: India

Statistical Influences of Sun Spot Numbers and Solar Radio Fluxes on Geomagnetic Field during the Period 1986-2008

Authors: Omkar Prasad Tripathi, P. L. Verma
Country: India

Low Power 8 bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) in 180 nm CMOS Technology

Authors: Harshit Dosi, Rekha Agrawal
Country: India

An Energy Aware Routing Protocol with Sleep Scheduling for WSN

Authors: Gaurav Vishnu Londhe
Country: India

HRD Practices for Sustainable Growth with Special Reference to Indian Service Sector

Authors: Kamalpreet Kaur Paposa, Sukhvinder Singh Paposa
Country: India