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Volume 2 Issue 2 February 2013

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Design of a Cleaner Production Framework for Engineering Company: DrinkCo Beverages

Authors: Kumbi Mugwindiri; Ignatio Madanhire; Tapiwa Masiiwa
Country: Zimbabwe

Design of a Cleaner Production Framework to Enhance Productivity: Case Study of Leather Company

Authors: Varaidzo S Dandira; Ignatio Madanhire
Country: Zimbabwe

Model Selection in Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) by using Inference of R2 Incremental for Time Series Forecasting

Authors: Indah Puspitasari; Brodjol Sutijo S U; Suhartono
Country: Indonesia

Levels of Toxic Metals in Soil from Irrigated Farmland in Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria

Authors: Umoru Patricia Ese
Country: Nigeria

Assessment of Toxic Metals in Soil and Vegetable Samples from Irrigated Farmland in Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria

Authors: Umoru Patricia Ese
Country: Nigeria

Food Availability and Price Stability in Kenya

Authors: Florence Mbachi; Sarah Likoko
Country: Kenya

Object Oriented Steganography using Skin Tone Detection and RSA Encryption Scheme

Authors: Aruna Mittal
Country: India

Design of Android based Media Player

Authors: Nikhil S. Sakhare; R. W. Jasutkar
Country: India

Analysis of Hand Over Scheme for VANETS

Authors: Mithil A.Wasnik; S. S. Dorle
Country: India

Modified Algorithm of Encryption and Decryption of Images using Chaotic Mapping

Authors: A.Anto Steffi; Dipesh Sharma
Country: India

Traffic Reduction: A Wifi Energy Efficiency Management

Authors: Rophina Rodrigo R.L.; S.Muthukumarasamy
Country: India

Review of Various Data Storage Techniques

Authors: Rajeshwar Dass; Namita
Country: India

A Review on use of Mistake Proofing (Poka Yoke) Tool in Blow Molding Process

Authors: Patel Parikshit K; Vidya Nair; Patel Nikunj S
Country: India

The use of Work Study Techniques in Optimizing Manufacturing Plant Maintenance Processes: an Investigation into a Fertilizer Manufacturing Company in Zimbabwe

Authors: Mutombozana Tapiwa; Mugwindiri Kumbirayi; Chikuku Tauyanashe
Country: Zimbabwe

Performance Analysis of Scheduling Algorithms in Simulated Parallel Environment

Authors: Anupreet Kaur; Pawan Kumar
Country: India

Reducing Shrinkage in Plastic Injection Moulding using Taguchi Method in Tata Magic Head Light

Authors: Mohd. Muktar Alam; Deepak Kumar
Country: India

A Review of Safety Procedures and Guide Lines in Manufacturing Workshop

Authors: Abubakar Buhari; Umar Abubakar; Hassan Tukur
Country: China

Signature Scrutiny System in Banking Application

Authors: Bhavana Desai; J. L. Kalyan
Country: India

Proposed Approach for Iris Recognition in Security Based Applications

Authors: Sri Sachidanand S. Joshi; Bhavana Desai; J. L. Kalyan
Country: India

An Approach to Authentication of Fingerprints in ATM

Authors: Sri Sachidananda S. Joshi; Bhavana. Desai; J. L. Kalyan
Country: India

Simulation of Inverter Fed Five Phase Induction Motor

Authors: Palak G.Sharma; S. Rangari
Country: India

Dispersion and Confinement Loss Analysis of Nonlinear Square Lattice Photonic Crystal Fibers Employing Air Holes in the Cladding Region

Authors: Zannatul Ferdous
Country: Bangladesh

Hierarchical Bayes Small Area Estimation for Gender Parity Index in Education: Case Study East Java Province

Authors: Rifdatun Ni
Country: Indonesia

Ensemble Method Based on Two Level ARIMAX-FFNN for Rainfall Forecasting in Indonesia

Authors: Dwi Ayu Lusia; Suhartono
Country: Indonesia

A Survey of E-Commerce of Bangladesh

Authors: Md. Akbor Hossain; Md. Akkas Ali; Muhammad Golam Kibria; Mohammad Nuruzzaman Bhuiyan
Country: Bangladesh

Hybrid ARIMA-ANFIS for Rainfall Prediction in Indonesia

Authors: Ria Faulina; Suhartono
Country: Indonesia

Design and Implementation of Single Phase Inverter

Authors: A. A. Mamun; M. F. Elahi; M. Quamruzzaman; M. U. Tomal
Country: Bangladesh

Gateway Antivirus Implementation using Open Source along with Performance Testing and Improvement Analysis

Authors: Hiren V Mer; Sheetal Mehta
Country: India

Qualitative Analysis of Security Issues using Firewalls

Authors: Piyush Kashiyani; Karthik Chawda
Country: India

Variance in Performance of AODV Based on Increased Mobility Speed

Authors: Rajesh Deshmukh; Asha Ambhaikar
Country: India

Design and Simulation of Micro Electro Wetting Liquid Lens for Miniature Cameras

Authors: T.Satyanarayana; G.S. Ajay Kumar Reddy; V.S.P. Rajesh
Country: India

Preserving Privacy Technique for Knowledge Discovery

Authors: Darshan .B. Patel; Dheeraj Kumar Singh
Country: India

Comparative Study of Wavelet Adaptive Windowing Method an Effective Technique for Tumor Detection in Mammilla (Bosom)

Authors: Jayashree R.Parate; R.K.Krishna
Country: India

Implementation of Integrated Marketing Communications Model on the Internet Service Providers: Customer Survey Speedy Telkom Indonesia

Authors: Ratih Hurriyati; Arie Indra Gunawan
Country: Indonesia

Development of Space Vector PWM control Technique for an Eleven Phase Voltage Source Inverter

Authors: Jeevitha Babu; Manu Prasad Manmathan
Country: India

A Study on Emotional Brand Loyalty towards Consumer Health Drinks

Authors: T.Kalakumari; M.Sekar
Country: India

Productivity Analysis of AODV and DSDV Routing Protocols In MANETs

Authors: A Udaya Kumar; V Lakshmana Rao; K Purushotam Naidu; S Sagar
Country: India

Intrusion Detection System in Web Services

Authors: Muthu Kumara Raja; Bala Sujitha.T.V
Country: India

Performance Modeling of Automotive Sensors and Sensor Interface Systems using Simulink

Authors: Rahul Adsul; S.D. Joshi
Country: India

Prognostics and Engine Health Management of Vehicle using Automotive Sensor Systems

Authors: Deepali A. Dekate
Country: India

A New Design of Algorithm for Enhancing Security in Bluetooth Communication with Triple DES

Authors: K. Ragunath Reddy; G.Srinivas Raju
Country: India

Estimation of Protein Contents of Chocolate Mahseer (Neolissochilus Hexagonolepis, McClelland) of Iyei River of Manipur

Authors: Wahengbam Sarjubala Devi; Ch. Sarojnalini
Country: India

Investigation on Power Awareness in OSPFV2 and RIPV2 Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: Dharam Vir; S.K. Agarwal; S.A.Imam
Country: India

License Plate Detection and Segmentation for Goan Vehicles

Authors: Vinay Mirashi; Jairam Parab; Manisha Shirvoikar; Ramesh Kudaskar; Samarth Borkar
Country: India

Voice Based Image Transfer to USB using Arm 7

Authors: Ch. Praveen; K. Haripriya
Country: India

Structural and Physical Properties of Cu

Authors: M. A. Mohshin Quraishi ; A. K. M. Akther Hossain; M. A. Gafur
Country: Bangladesh

Antimicrobial Resistance of Enterobacteria to Some Commonly used Antibiotics in General Hospital Akwanga, Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Authors: C. R. Reuben; S.D. Gyar; D. Ashefo; H. Tanimu
Country: Nigeria

Cursor Movements Controlled By Real Time Hand Gestures

Authors: K. Madhuri; L. Praveen Kumar
Country: India

The Determination of Minimum Bubbling Velocity, Minimum Fluidization Velocity and Fluidization Index of Fine Powders (Hematite) using Gas-Solid Tapered Beds

Authors: Deo Karan Ram
Country: India

Effects of Water Pollution on Soil Physical and Hydrological Properties of a Valley Bottom in University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Authors: G.T. Oyerinde; K.O. Oluwasemire; S.O. Oshunsanya
Country: Benin

Edge Detection Techniques using Character Segmentation and Object Recognition

Authors: V.B.Maduria; S.Vydehi
Country: India

Effect of Academic Services in Establishing Quality Teaching and Learning in State Polytechnic of Bandung

Authors: Andi Kari; N.A. Indriawati Dwi Wahyuni; Witri Wulandini; Davi Dzulfikar
Country: Indonesia

Consumer Decision Making Styles among Female Students in Tertiary Institutions for Clothing Products in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Authors: Tawanda Dzama
Country: Zimbabwe

Syntheses, Characterization and Spectroscopic Studies on Schiff base Complexes of Diaminomaleonitrile

Authors: Wahengbam Bembee Devi; R. K. Bhubon Singh
Country: India

Twitsen, A Business Promotional Analyzing Model using Twitter

Authors: Heishnam Reeona Devi; T. Sudalai Muthu
Country: India

Significance of the Clustering Parameter and its Relation to Galaxy Clustering

Authors: Manzoor A. Malik
Country: India

Certain Subordination Results for a Class of Analytic Functions Defined by the Generalized Derivative Operator

Authors: Oyekan; E.A; Opoola; T.O
Country: Nigeria

Efficient Data Retrieval System for Text Search Queries

Authors: UmaMaheswari.C; M.N.Sushmitha
Country: India

Application of Just In Time (JIT) Manufacturing Concept in Aluminium Foundry Industry in Zimbabwe

Authors: Ignatio Madanhire; Lovemore Kagande; Chancellor Chidziva
Country: Zimbabwe

A Survey on Image Segmentation through Clustering Algorithm

Authors: M. Lalitha; M. Kiruthiga; C. Loganathan
Country: India

Analysis of Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey

Authors: J.Rethna Virgil Jeny; A. Dennis Ananth
Country: India

Low Cost Data Acquisition and Control using Arduino Prototyping Platform and LabVIEW

Authors: Naveenkumar R; Prasad Krishna
Country: India

A Decision Framework based on Aggregate Production Planning Strategies in a Multi Product Factory: A Furniture Industry Case Study

Authors: Simon Chinguwa; Ignatio Madanhire; Trust Musoma
Country: Zimbabwe

Microbial Production and Maximization of ?- Amylase by Submerged Fermentation

Authors: Baby Joseph; Sissy Charles
Country: India

A Comparison of Lion Home Range Sizes in Two Management Blocks in a Semi-Arid Savannah National Park of Zimbabwe

Authors: Mary M Ngwenya; Naison M Mkandhla; John V Muzvondiwa
Country: Zimbabwe

Fish Abundance and Species Composition between Fished and Non-fished Areas of Lake Chivero, Zimbabwe

Authors: John V Muzvondiwa; Joseph Chiwara; Mary M Ngwenya
Country: Zimbabwe

Sonographic Assessment of Endometrial Thickness in Different Menstrual Stages in Sudanese Normal Women in Khartoum State

Authors: Mahasin Gamal Al-ddin Yaqob Hassan
Country: Sudan

Comparison of Proactive and Reactive MANET Protocols for Delivery Ratio and Load with Changing Mobility

Authors: Patel Jitendra Jayantilal; Pankaj K.Dalal
Country: India

A Study on the Artificial Intelligence Supports in Medical Applications

Authors: Manoj Chopra
Country: India

Patient Monitoring System

Authors: Chanakya Mothukuri; K. CH. Prathap Kumar. M
Country: India

Comparison of Financial Performance of State Owned Commercial Banks: A Case Study of Bangladesh

Authors: Bishnu Pada Banik; Prahallad Chandra Das
Country: Bangladesh

Cellular Manufacturing Implementation: An Exploration of the Implementation Benefits

Authors: Mugwindiri K; Chinguwa S; Chikuku T
Country: Zimbabwe

An Efficient Approach for Preserving the Medical Data using Homo Morphic Encryption

Authors: P. Saranya; C. Usha Nandhini
Country: India

Data Mining Partition in Grid Computing

Authors: S.Murali; K. Raj Kumar; D. Renuga Devi; G. Jeya Sudha
Country: India

Spectral Analysis of Magnetic Data over Jalingo and Environs North

Authors: S. Kasidi; A. Nur
Country: Nigeria

Semantic Similarity Measures on Different Ontologies: Survey and a Proposal of Cross Ontology based Similarity Measure

Authors: D Jayasri; D Manimegalai
Country: India

Impact of Terrorism on the Psychology of Working Women in Pakistan: A Case Study of Sindh

Authors: Ayaz Ahmed Chachar; Aftab Ahmed Mangi; Zareen Abbasi; Zubair Ahmed Chachar
Country: Pakistan

A Study on the Effectiveness of Performance Appraisal in G. B. Engineering Enterprises [P] Ltd. Thuvakudi, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India

Authors: Renganayaki N
Country: India

Online Student Supervision Management System (OSSMS)

Authors: Mohammed Najah Mahdi; Abdul Rahim Ahmad; Roslan Ismail; Sherna Aziz
Country: Malaysia

Review of Artificial Intelligence

Authors: Jameela Ali Akrimi; Abdul Rahim Ahmad; Loay E. George; Sherna Aziz
Country: Malaysia

An Overview of Data Mining Techniques and Applications

Authors: R. Tamilselvi; S. Kalaiselvi
Country: India

Churg Strauss Syndrome presenting as an Eosinophilic Pleural Effusion

Authors: Deepak Nayak M; Sushma V. Belurkar; P. S. Srilatha; Indira Shastry; Girish Solanke
Country: India

Denoising and Reconstruction of Very Low Frequency Signal with Wavelet Thresholding

Authors: Deepak Kumar Sondhiya; Shivali Verma; A. K Gwal
Country: India

Food Safety Knowledge among Women in Selected Areas in Khartoum City

Authors: Somiya Gutbi Salim Mohammed
Country: Sudan

Yoga with Healthy Life

Authors: K. Kajavinthan
Country: Srilanka

On Fixed Point Theorem in Fuzzy2- Metric Spaces for Integral type Inequality

Authors: Rasik M. Patel; Ramakant Bhardwaj
Country: India

A Review on Diagnostic Procedures for the Cardiovascular System

Authors: Mohamed Yousef; Abdelmoneim Sulieman; Carolin Edward; Bushra Ahmed
Country: Saudi Arabia

Detection and Evaluation of Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma by using Tc99m and Iodinei 131 Scanning

Authors: Mohamed Yousef; Mohammed A. AliOmer; Abdelmoneim Sulieman
Country: Saudi Arabia

Reflection of Bloom

Authors: Iffat Naomee; Umme Mustari Tithi
Country: Bangladesh

Mobile Computing Application Design and Development Issues

Authors: Ankur O. Bang; Prabhakar L. Ramteke
Country: India

An Intelligent Gateway Scheme for Power Aware Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Authors: Dharam Vir; S. K. Agarwal; S. A. Imam
Country: India

Thyroid Nodules Evaluation with Sonography

Authors: Mohamed Yousef; Mohamed Adam; Mustafa Gaafar; Bushra Ahmed
Country: Saudi Arabia

Impact of Training in Pharmaceutical Industry: An Assessment on Square Pharmaceuticals Limited, Bangladesh

Authors: Mahbuba Sultana
Country: Bangladesh

Ultrasound Imaging in the Diagnosis and Assessment of Testicular Disease

Authors: Abdullah Hamda; Alsafi Abdulla; Mohamed Yousef
Country: Saudi Arabia

Occurrence and Antibiogram of Escherichia Coli O157:H7 in Locally Fermented Milk (Nono) Sold Under Market Conditions in Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Authors: C. R. Reuben; E.C. Okolocha; M. Bello; H. Tanimu
Country: Nigeria

Automatic Distribution of Documents into Different Categories using Active Learning

Authors: M. Jayaprakash; D. John Aravindhar; E. R. Naganathan
Country: India

Factors Responsible for High and Low Motivational Level of University Academicians

Authors: Mushtaq A. Sajid; Imrab Shaheen
Country: Pakistan

Ensuring Security Services for Data Storing and Data Sharing in Cloud Computing

Authors: D. Raman; Bojja Vamshikrishna
Country: India

FPGA Implementation of Codec Design for Optimal Code Rate Crosstalk Avoidance Codes

Authors: K. Ramesh; E. Srinivas
Country: India

Monitoring the Node due to the Effect of Packet Droppers and Modifiers in Wireless Sensor Network

Authors: D. Raman; V. Chandra Sekhar
Country: India