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Volume 2 Issue 12 December 2013

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Material Follows Function: Nanotechnology and Sustainability in Steel Building Constructions

Authors: Farshad Kheiri
Country: Iran

Irradiation of Mushrooms

Authors: Kalyani. B, Manjula. K
Country: India

Autonomous Online Expansion for the Environmental Applications

Authors: Shweta S. Badgi, N. A. Dawande
Country: India

An Improved Method for Tanzania Number Plate Location and Segmentation Based on Mathematical Morphology and Regional Features of an Image

Authors: Isack Bulugu, Pei Zhijun
Country: China

Joint Forest Management for Decline off Villagers Migration Problem: A Case Study of Three Villages of Central India

Authors: Garima Tiwari
Country: India

Assessment of Dry Mass Loss of Stored Cereals Due to Increment of Stored Temperature in Line with Global Warming

Authors: N. M. G. S. B Navaratne, M. D. S Anjalo
Country: Srilanka

Encryption Algorithms Used for Secured Communication

Authors: Kulkarni Laxmi G., N. A. Dawande
Country: India

Study of Cases of Complications at Port Site

Authors: Deepak Sharma, Kavach Patel, M. M. Anchalia
Country: India

A Survey of Waste Sewage Water Recovery Process by Potential Methodology in Water Treatment

Authors: A. Punjab Singh, K. Ramadoss
Country: India

Practice in the Preparation, Handling and Storage of Street Food Vendors Women in Sinja City (Sudan)

Authors: Eshraga Abdallah Ali Elneim
Country: Saudi Arabia

Design and Analysis of Energy Efficient Semi-Serial Link for On-Chip Communication

Authors: M. Chennakesavulu, J. Raghu
Country: India

The NGO Research Culture in Zimbabwe: Its Anatomy, Architecture and Typology

Authors: Herbert Zimudzi, Jeevananda Sanjeevaiah, Samson B.M.Marume
Country: Zimbabwe

Biodeterioration of Cotton by Cellulolytic Fungi

Authors: Sivakumaran Sivaramanan
Country: Srilanka

Switching-Controllable of Operational Trance Resistance Amplifier (OTRA) based Bistable Multivibrators

Authors: G. Shravan Kumar, J. Chandrashekar
Country: India

Experimental Investigation on Flexural Behaviour of High Strength Concrete Beam by Using STAAD Pro.Concrete Model

Authors: N. Sivakumar, R. Manikandan
Country: India

Production of Exopolysaccharides in the Kenyan Fermented Milk, Mursik

Authors: Salome Chelagat Muigei, Anakalo Shitandi, Patrick Muliro, Ogata Rose Bitonga
Country: Kenya

Anaesthetic Management of a Large Atypical Antrochoanal Polyp for FESS

Authors: Ravi Prakash, V. K. Bhatia
Country: India

Semantic Similarity Using Web Search Engine

Authors: Meghana Raut, Nityaspandana Nalamari, Darshana Rane
Country: India

Sustainability of NACIL

Authors: Sarasvathi T A
Country: India

How Business Beneficial by Collaborating With Social Media

Authors: Aanchal Kakkar, Utkarsh Saxena, Rana Majumdar
Country: India

Mass Transfer Studies on Fluidized Bed Adsorption Column for Phenol Adsorption

Authors: Sunil J. Kulkarni, Ravi W. Tapre
Country: India

Review on Swarm Intelligence Routing Protocol in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network

Authors: Harish Gwalani, Avinash Wadhe
Country: India

Dental Fluorosis Prevalence among Children in Endemic Fluoride Areas of Chittoor District

Authors: V. Lakshmi
Country: India

Authentication of an Image over Wireless Channels Based on Secure Digital Signature Scheme

Authors: A. Swetha, P. Chenna Reddy
Country: India

Digital Image Compression and Analysis

Authors: P. Yakaiah, Ravinder Tirupati
Country: India

Design and Implementation of Wi-Fi Medium Access Control Layer for Transmitter with VHDL

Authors: CH. Neelima, Ravinder Tirupati, A. Deepthi
Country: India

Genetic Divergence, Principal Components and K-means Clustering Analyses of Some Agronomic Characteristics of Eleven Castor (Ricinus communis L.) Accessions

Authors: SALIHU, Bolaji. Z.; GANA, Andrew K.; AGBOIRE Samuel. A.; ISONG, Abasianyanga E., and SHAAHU, A.
Country: Nigeria

HVDC and Facts in Power System

Authors: S. Mohamed Yousuf, M. Siva Subramaniyan
Country: India

Performance Analysis of Heat Operated Ejector Refrigeration System with Natural Refrigerants R-717 and Propane

Authors: Jitender Kumar, Nitin Jain
Country: India

Effect of Yoga on Anxiety Levels in Working Women

Authors: Swati R. Gawali, Sunita S. Dhule
Country: India

Impact of E-Learning in Education

Authors: Himanshu Agarwal, G. N. Pandey
Country: India

A Study on Locus of Control and Its Impact on Employees

Authors: Vishal Mali
Country: India

Face Recognition in a Group Photograph using Haar Wavelet Coefficients and ED vector

Authors: Simranpreet Kaur, Harshit Kaur
Country: India

Enhancing the Character Segmentation Accuracy of Bangla OCR using BPNN

Authors: Shamim Ahmed, Mohammod Abul Kashem
Country: Bangladesh

Economic Recession and Its Impact on the Bangladesh

Authors: Mohammad Ekramol Islam, Mahbuba Sultana, ASM Mahbubul Kamal
Country: Bangladesh

E-Tourism for Baan Pihuchang as a Cultural Tourism Destination

Authors: Niracharapa Tongdhamachart, Suparada Prapawong
Country: Thailand

Synthesis Fabrication and Characterization of ULSI

Authors: A. Napolean, S. Arunprathap
Country: India


Authors: Kiran. A. V, Bhaskar Babu . B. D, Jajee P. R
Country: India

Analysis of the Potential Contribution of the Distribution and Tourism Sector in the Economic Growth and Development Process: A Case Study of Zimbabwe (1980-2013)

Authors: Mhazo Simabarashe
Country: Zimbabwe

Accountability for Data Sharing in the Cloud

Authors: Anuja Musale, Chaitra Rane, Nikita Zambad, Anuja Birari
Country: India

Secure and Dependable Cloud Storage Services for CRM

Authors: U. Rama Govinda Reddy
Country: India

Eve Teasing and Molestation

Authors: Aadil Bashir, Shabana Khurshid
Country: India

Status of Human Rights in the Globalized Era

Authors: G. Hemalatha
Country: India

An Overview of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Opportunity for Women

Authors: Sreepada Hegde, Vijayalaxmi Hegde
Country: India

Technological Changes in Blast Furnace Iron Making in India since Last Few Decades

Authors: A. K. Mandal, O. P. Sinha
Country: India

Beta 2 Agonist: Therapeutic Use Exemption, Misuse in Sports and its Adverse Effect on Health

Authors: Jaipal
Country: India

Evaluation the Effect of In-Office Bleaching On Color Changes On Restorative Composite Resins

Authors: Ameer AL-Ameedee, Hala Ragab, Ziad Salameh, Essam Osman
Country: Iraq

Rheological Effect of Produced Water on Crude Oil Flow in Production Tubing String: A Case Study of Agbami Oil Field, Nigeria

Authors: Akinade Akinwumi
Country: Nigeria

Fostering Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Relationship Marketing in the Hospitality Industry: A Case of Hotels and Lodges in Masvingo City, Zimbabwe

Authors: Clay. Hutama Basera
Country: Zimbabwe

A Data Acquisition System for QRS Detections

Authors: Hoang ChuDuc, Kien NguyenPhan
Country: Vietnam

Modeling and Forecasting Nigerian Crude Oil Exportation: Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Approach

Authors: Kayode Ayinde, Habib Abdulwahab
Country: Nigeria

Image Encryption and Iterative Reconstruction of an Encrypted Image

Authors: N. Nagaraja Kumar, M. Sucharitha
Country: India

Corporate Governance for Future Corporate Governance Executives: A Comparative Study among CA and CS Professionals

Authors: T. Nagalakshmi, A. Sudhakar, K. Raghuveer, R. Jyosna Reddy
Country: India

Present Scenario of Teacher Education in India

Authors: Sukhvir Kaur
Country: India

Fingerprint Recognition using Texture Features

Authors: Manidipa Saha, Jyotismita Chaki, Ranjan Parekh
Country: India

Smoking and Alcoholic Beverages Use Among Students at University Level

Authors: Shiv Kant
Country: India

Fracture Toughness of Sugar Palm Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites

Authors: Parween Ali Khudhur, Omer S. Zaroog, Basim A. Khidhir, Zainab Shaker Radif
Country: Malaysia

The Application of Baker's Taxonomy on Translation of Literary Texts, A Case Study of George Orwell's Animal Farm

Authors: Amin Amir Dabbaghian, Sanaz Solimany
Country: Iran

Cloud Computing and E-Commerce in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME

Authors: Samer Jamal Abdulkader, Abdallah Mohammad Abualkishik
Country: Malaysia

Study on Neonatal Transport at Tertiary Care Centre

Authors: Ekta Dalal, Gaurav Vishal , Devang Solanki
Country: India

A Novel Approach of Modified Run Length Encoding Scheme for High Speed Data Communication Application

Authors: S. Joseph, N. Srikanth, J. E. N.Abhilash
Country: India

Threats in RFID Applications on Silent Commerce

Authors: J. Venkatesh
Country: India

Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) Design for 57 Ghz to 63 Ghz EHF Narrow Band Systems

Authors: Jitendra Pal Singh
Country: India

Implementing FC

Authors: V. K. Roshan, K. R. S. Kashyap
Country: India

A Survey of Digital Watermarking Techniques and its Applications

Authors: Kusuma Kumari B. M
Country: India

FPGA Implementation of Wallace Tree Multiplier using CSLA / CLA

Authors: Shruti Dixit, Praveen Kumar Pandey
Country: India

Quantification of Genotoxic Alkylating Impurity Butyl3-Methyl-3-(6-methoxy-2-naphtyl) Glycidate at ppm Level by LCMS/MS in Naproxen Drug Substance

Authors: Narayana MBV, Chandrasekhar KB, Rao BM
Country: India

A Fuzzy Pattern Application in Multiple Disease Diagnosis on Large Database: Review

Authors: Namrata D. Ghuse, S. R. Gupta
Country: India

Making of Advanced Ontology Based Search and Standardization Engine using Type Convertor Algorithm

Authors: Rajalakshmi. A, Priya Radhika Devi. T
Country: India

An Effective Method to Predict the Accuracy of QoS by Using User Acceptance Rate

Authors: Saradhambal. G, Priya Radhika Devi. T
Country: India

Survey of E-Governance based Higher Education System in India with Data Mining

Authors: D. Karthika, R. RangaRaj
Country: India

Effect of Spirulina (Candies) Supplementation On Pre-School Children

Authors: R. Varalakshmi, Anangamathi. E
Country: India

A Study: Cryptology Techniques and Methodologies

Authors: Cutifa Safitri, Haroon Shoukat Ali, Jamaludin Bin Ibrahim
Country: Malaysia

Genetic Variability in Barley (Hordeum vulgare (L.)) Landrace Collections from Southern Ethiopia

Authors: Shegaw Derbew, Elias Urage, Hussein Mohammed
Country: Ethiopia

Effects of Lease Finance on Performance of SMEs in Bangladesh

Authors: Md. Abdus Salam
Country: Bangladesh

Testing on Weak Form Market Efficiency Hypothesis: The Evidence from Dhaka Stock Market Year 2004-2012

Authors: Md. Abdus Salam
Country: Bangladesh


Authors: Adegboyega Soliu B, Odusanya Ibrahim A, Popoola, R.O
Country: Nigeria

Multiview Face Recognition based on Canonical Correlated PCA

Authors: B. Mamatha
Country: India

Population Management Strategy Implementation Brown Planthopper Nilaparvata lugens Stal. (Homoptera: Delphacidae) Integrated

Authors: Nofa Ayu Prayana, Gatot Mudjiono, Bambang Tri Rahardjo
Country: Indonesia

Effect of Process Parameter of Stir Casting on Metal Matrix Composites

Authors: Shubham Mathur, Alok Barnawal
Country: India

An Implementation of Watershed based Image Segmentation Algorithm using FPGA Processor

Authors: R. Kiruthikaa
Country: India

An Improved Search Engine by Semantic Web using Ontology

Authors: P. Hema Priya, R. RangaRaj
Country: India

Academic Achievement in Relation to Achievement Motivation of High School Students

Authors: Sukhvir Kaur
Country: India

The Biochemical Analysis of the Carcass of Two West African Caridean Shrimps: Macrobrachium vollenhovenii (Herklot

Authors: Paul J. Udo, Patience B.Opeh
Country: Nigeria

A Study of Results of Seton Therapy as a Treatment for Complex Anal Fistulas: A Case Series

Authors: Suyog Bharambe, M. M. Anchalia
Country: India

Complementary Feeding Practices - A KAP* Study

Authors: Harshil Savalia, Anuya Chauhan, Gargi Pathak
Country: India

Correlation between Anthropometric Variable and Goal Shooting of Korfball Player

Authors: Parveen Dhayal, Tejpal, Ashok Kumar Sharma
Country: India

An Efficient Higher LSB Method for Hiding Encrypted Data into Guard Pixels Region of a Multicarrier Image Objects

Authors: Komal B.Bijwe, G. R. Bamnote
Country: India

Effects of Composition of Ral and Sesame Seed Oil on Burns

Authors: Surendra Kumar Gupta, Ankita Gupta
Country: India

Mental Stress Assessment of ECG Signal using Statistical Analysis of Bio-Orthogonal Wavelet Coefficients

Authors: Vikas Malhotra, Mahendra Kumar Patil
Country: India

Comparative Study on the Use of Widal Test and Stool Culture in the Laboratory Diagnosis of Salmonella Infection in Adult and Children in Jos Metropolis, Plateau State, Nigeria

Authors: Ramyil, MS; Ihuoma, OJ ; Ogundeko TO;Ameh JM; Olorundare F; Adeniyi OG; Amapu TY; Izam MM
Country: Nigeria

An overview on Erythropoietin use in Sport

Authors: Rajesh Kumar Siwach
Country: India

Design and Development of Model Predictive Controller for Binary Distillation Column

Authors: R. Sivakumar, Shennes Mathew
Country: India

Reliable ECG Signals Based on GMM for Body Area Network

Authors: Ahmed Shoeb Al Hasan, Md. Hasan Tareque
Country: Bangladesh

Clustering Techniques for Network lifetime Improvement: A Survey

Authors: Sanjay Madaan, Dinesh Kumar, Robin
Country: India