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Volume 2 Issue 10 October 2013

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Tourism Potentiality in North East India

Authors: Ipsita Duarah, Bhaskar Mili
Country: India

A Survey on Global System of Mobile Communication (GSM) on Academic Performance in Nigeria Senior Secondary Schools

Authors: Faki A. Silas, Emmanuel J. Adejoke
Country: Nigeria

Effects of Unical Feed on Fecundity and Gonad Development of Clarias gariepinus; A Comparative Study with Coppens Commercial Feed in Earthen Pond

Authors: Ekanem, Albert Philip, Eyo, Victor Oscar, James Philip Udoh, Udo, Nsisong Emmanuel
Country: Nigeria

Randomized Geographic Routing with Guaranteed Delivery and Low Stretch

Authors: A. Felicia, K. Brindha
Country: India

Protein Structure Comparison and Classifications into Domains

Authors: Manish Kumar, Kapil Govil
Country: India

The FSSP database: Fold Classification based on Structure

Authors: Manish Kumar, Kapil Govil
Country: India

Phylogenetic Analysis Towards Structure Prediction: Influenza a Virus (A/India/m777/2007 (H5N1))

Authors: Manish Kumar
Country: India

Evaluation of Consumption of Mixed Diet of Garlic, Garden Egg and Groundnut on the Cytoarchitecture of the Spleen of Anaemic Wistar Rats

Authors: M. A. Eluwa, T. E. Isamoh, O. R. Asuquo, A. O. Akpantah, T. B. Ekanem
Country: Nigeria

An Extended Filter Design for Real Time Remote Tracking

Authors: Swetha.L, Nirmala S Guptha
Country: India

QSAR Studies of Some Novel Triazines Inhibiting Dihydrofolate Reductase

Authors: Lakshmi Gangwar, Mithilesh Tiwari, S. K. Singh
Country: India

Flat Plat Solar Collector Using Nanofluids

Authors: H. Vettrivel, P. Mathiaragan
Country: India

Differential Scanning Calorimetric Analysis of Phase Transition in LCD Materials

Authors: D. S. Kushwaha, Jyotsna Sinha
Country: India

Effect of Human Urine during Production of Methane from Boiled Rice

Authors: Subodh Kumar Sau, Tapas Kumar Manna, Apurba Giri, Prasanta Kumar Nandi
Country: India

Quantum Effects in Gravitation

Authors: Pradeep Kumar
Country: India

Ecology and Diversity of Zooplankton in the Great Kwa River, Cross River State, Nigeria

Authors: Eyo, Victor Oscar, Andem, Andem Bassey, Ekpo, Paul Bassey
Country: India

Exploring Job Satisfaction, Stress and Coping Strategies Employed by Engineering Faculty

Authors: Zoha A. Merchant, Shailaja Shastri
Country: India

Factors Affecting Service Delivery in the Judicial System in Kenya: A Case of Makadara Law courts

Authors: Leonard K. Kurgat, Kepha Ombui
Country: Kenya

Enhancement of Natural Convection Heat Transfer in a Square Enclosure with Localized Heating from Below

Authors: Onyango. O. M, Sigey. J. K, Okelo. J. A, Okwoyo. J. M
Country: Kenya

Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc Oxide Nanowires by Electro-Deposition Method

Authors: Naveen Kumar
Country: India

Concept of Ethiopian University Library Consortia: A Step toward the Information Society

Authors: Yogesh Bajpai
Country: Ethiopia

Infectious Keratitis in Present Scenario

Authors: Pervez Ahemed Siddiqui, Sarita Pandre
Country: India

Occupational Stress and Organizational Commitment of Employees in Virtual and Traditional Teams: A Comparative Study

Authors: Sneha Burman, Shailaja Shastri
Country: India

Managing the Expectations between the Regulatory Authority and Consultants in the Environmental Impact Assessment System in Zimbabwe

Authors: R. K. Machaka, L. Ganesh, J. Mapfumo
Country: India

Dietary Energy Intakes of Sudanese Pregnant Women

Authors: Sohair Ali Mohammed Shommo
Country: Saudi Arabia

Bridging Understanding in Medicare: Template for Effective Communication in Indigenous Languages

Authors: Luqman Ayodele Yusuff, Yusuf Opeyemi Fadairo
Country: Nigeria

A Fibonacci Coding Technique to Avoid Crosstalk on On-Chip Data Bus

Authors: V. N. V. Sathya Prakash, P. R. Niharika
Country: India

Fingerprint Based Student Attendance System Using GSM

Authors: Pallavi Verma, Namit Gupta
Country: India

Guidance and Counseling Services in Schools of Bangladesh: An Exploratory Study

Authors: Saira Hossain, Rajib Ahmed Faisal
Country: Bangladesh

Automatic Game AI Design

Authors: Pranavkumar Pathak, Abu Sarwar Zamani, Dipthi Shah
Country: India

Zig Bee Technology and Sensor Network in Irrigation Control Monitoring System

Authors: Lewis Ndaro, Wang Liqiang
Country: China

Relationship Marketing: Literature Review

Authors: Hind Benouakrim, Fatima El Kandoussi
Country: Morocco

Social Values and Insecurity: Surmounting Obstacles to Girl-Child Education in Nigeria; A Sociological Perspective

Authors: Cletus Ikechukwu Anah
Country: Nigeria

Drowsiness Detection based on EEG Signal analysis using EMD and trained Neural Network

Authors: Rupinder Kaur, Karamjeet Singh
Country: India

Secondary Development of Solid works for Standard Components Based on Database

Authors: Avitus Titus, Liu Xue Bin
Country: China

Design of Cream Separator Machine Using Reverse Engineering Techniques

Authors: Vikash Kumar
Country: India

Turbulent Natural Convection of Heat with Localized Heating and Cooling on Adjacent Vertical Walls in an Enclosure

Authors: Christopher Onchaga, J.K.Sigey, J.A.Okelo, J.M.Okwoyo
Country: Kenya

Foreign Currency Exchange Rate (FOREX) using Neural Network

Authors: V. Lavanya, M. Parveentaj
Country: India

Removal of Impulse Noise Using Different Filters

Authors: Payas Rastogi
Country: India

Cache Consistency in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks with SSUM

Authors: Mahesh Akuthota, C.Srinivas
Country: India

Temporal Topic Summarization and Content Anatomy Based on Ontology Method

Authors: B. L. Prabhu, M. Parveentaj
Country: India

Comparative Study on Dysfunctional Attitudes among Parents having Children with Intellectual Disability and without Intellectual Disability

Authors: Manisha Akaram Yadav, Amit Dharmpal Wagde, Showkat Ahmad Ganaie
Country: India

Sentiment Analysis of Micro blogs using Opinion Mining Classification Algorithm

Authors: A. Tamilselvi, M. ParveenTaj
Country: India

Karanja Oil as an Alternative Fuel for Direct Injection CI Engine- A Review

Authors: Mukesh A. Mane
Country: India

Integrated Land and Ecosystem Management of Sindh River Catchment Area

Authors: Surendra Kumar Gupta
Country: India

Performance Evaluation of 1-Bit Full Adder using Hybridizing PTL and GDI Techniques

Authors: K. Mallikarjuna, V. LakshmiVasudha
Country: India

MHD Free Convection Flow Past a Vertical Infinite Porous Plate in the Presence of Transverse Magnetic Field with Constant Heat Flux

Authors: Rogers Omboga Amenya, Johanna Kibet Sigey, Jaconiah Abonyo Okelo, James Mariita Okwoyo
Country: Kenya

Critical Appraisal of the Disability Programs in Jammu and Kashmir with Special Reference to Children

Authors: Aadil Bashir, Zahoor Ahmed Ganie
Country: India

Students Failure, A Shared Blame in Zimbabwean Secondary Schools - The Way Forward

Authors: Audria Ncube
Country: Zimbabwe

Artificial Neural Network Model Based Estimation of Finite Population Total

Authors: Robert Kasisi, Romanus O. Odhiambo, Anthony G. Waititu
Country: Kenya

A Robust Graphical-Based Authentication for Knowledge Level Using Persuasive Cued Click Points

Authors: S. Subadra, S. Ushanandhini
Country: India