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Volume 1 Issue 2 November 2012

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A New Algorithm to Improve the Sharing of Bandwidth

Authors: Diakite Laye Hadji, Yu Li
Country: China

Performance Assessment of Control Loops

Authors: Partha Saha, Chinmoy Basak Mukta, M.A.A. Shoukat Choudhury
Country: Bangladesh

Faster and Resourceful Multi-core Web Crawling

Authors: Arun Kumar Dewangan, Asha Ambhaikar
Country: India

Extended Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm in Segmentation of Noisy Images

Authors: Omprakash Dewangan, Asha Ambhaikar
Country: India

Parallel Generators of Pseudo-random Numbers with Control of Calculation Errors

Authors: S. Dichenko, O. Finko
Country: Russia

Optimization of Routing Protocol in MANET using GA

Authors: Sankalp Bahadur Singh, Asha Ambhaikar
Country: India

Real Time Facial Expression Analysis Using PCA

Authors: Leelkanth Dewangan, Prof. Asha Ambhaikar
Country: India

An Adaptive Framework towards Analyzing the Parallel Merge Sort

Authors: Husain Ullah Khan, Rajesh Tiwari
Country: India

Congestion Control Mechanism using Network Border Protocol

Authors: Ashakiran.G.N, M.V.Panduranga Rao, S.Basavaraj Patil
Country: India

Survey of MIRP for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks in Urban Environments

Authors: Kavya, Dr. Basavaraj Patil S, Panduranga Rao M.V
Country: India

Continuous Query Processing for Mobile Users

Authors: Gangadhar Adepu, R. Sumalatha
Country: India

Audio Steganography using RPrime RSA and GA Based LSB Algorithm to Enhance Security

Authors: Juhi Saurabh, Asha Ambhaikar
Country: India

The Impact of Perceived Service Quality on Customer Loyalty in IT Sector of India

Authors: Monal Deshmukh, Girish Chourasia
Country: India